Jack the Gymnast and the Over-worked Camera

So whose turn was it to have a moment to shine today? Well…….no, I need to change the topic now, can’t  really do three days of the same thing – or can I. Come Friday it might be Jack’s moment to shine – yep my sport  loving son has been picked for the Schools Olympic football team Gymnastic Team. Well he was on the football team until the female P.E teacher asked for a boy volunteer to join the girls in the gymnastic team – now he didn’t exactly volunteer his services, more acted the goat doing his best hand stands – that was all it took – he was in. He’s not happy! I suppose it doesn’t help when I keep telling him he’ll get extra points if he pulls his leotard out of his bum – poor kid! God knows what he’ll be doing come Friday – I can’t wait, might have to turn up with my camera!!

Mind you, I think I’ve overdone the camera this week, over 1500 pictures already and we’re only on Wednesday. What with the Olympic Flame, Sports Day and Cricket, I’ve plenty to go at and if that’s not enough I came home and took some pictures of clouds – no really. They we’re interesting clouds and I wanted to play about with the white balance – I failed. More practise needed. Mmmm, wonder what I can photograph tomorrow……………………

Square Eyes from viewing all the photos

Finish cropping the tomorrow

Bring it on

Another Moment to Shine………………….

So who shone today? Well the sun did for a start (two days in a row – wahoo!) – not that you would have thought so at 6 this morning when thick  fog was lingering – still at least no-one could see me huffing n puffing on my first early morning run for ages.

 So with the sunshine came school sports day – a miracle that it happened the first time of asking, but it did. This year – with it being Olympic year, it was World Sports Day. Come 9:30 the whole school was lined up on the school yard, 15 different countries proudly carrying their flags. Bless em.

Now at our school we no longer follow the traditional running races type sports day and instead have 15 different events that a whole team(mixed ages) take part in, gaining points for how many times they complete a different event. The emphasis more on having fun and working as a team than the actual winning. Now there are those who totally disagree with the ‘it’s the taking part that counts’ approach (usually the pushy parents whose little darlings win everything) but there is a lot to be said for children having fun  while getting fit. Don’t get me wrong, I do think kids need to learn about winning and losing and more importantly how to deal with both. But if a child is constantly deflated by coming last ( I was always last – I know how it feels!) how are you supposed to get them to love taking part?

Today, the smiley faces were there for all to see, in fact I took over 1000 photos of smiley faces, and it was great to see some parents really getting behind the teams and encouraging all in that team not just their own child. Not one glum face, because they’d come last or not made the final. The only glum faces were the pp’s*

So who shone most today – apart from the sun. Hate to say it but for the second day in a row ,the kids, from year six for organising the events through to the reception kids for giving it there all  – it really is their year to shine.

* pushy parents

World Sports Day Done

Inspired me so much I ran twice today

Cricket tomorrow

Bring it on

Rugby, Wendy-Ball, Golf and a few photos………………

Well if it was big coat weather yesterday, today thermals were required.( It’s May – please warm up) Why is it when you stand at the side of a junior rugby league pitch to watch a game, a howling wind appears!!!

Instead of a walk this morning we decided to go watch some of the older age groups play up at Crigglestone – a walk would definately have been the warmer option – Summer Rugby – who are they kidding – it was warmer in November!!! On the plus side watching the rugby meant more practise with my camera – 3000 pictures I’ve taken this weekend- got some cracking shots, even if I do say so myself, and some bleeding awful ones – still practise makes perfect. Trouble is I think some people are starting to get a little bit sick of me taking random photos when they least expect – but they’re the best ones to take. They’ll thank me when I’m famous and photos of them are on show for all to see (A girl can dream)

Junior Games over it was back into the warmth to watch………………….Rugby – yep Challenge cup weekend – loads of games on. Wish I’d have taken a picture of hubby though as he watched the rugby while watching both Wendy-ball games on Sky go -one on the ipad and one on his phone – Saddo!! Apparently the blue Wendy-ballers won and so did the the red ones – but the blues won the league – Yaawwnnn ( Don’t worry I know the blues were Man City and the red team Liverpool Man Utd!!!).

Now the golf’s on – never ending fun in the Earnshaw household………………..Think I may have a photo or 3000 to edit.

Lots of sport watched – none done

SAT’s start tomorrow (Eek)

Bring it On


So another day, another sport – cricket today – yaaaaaaawwwwn – or so I thought. Hate to say it but I really enjoyed it. Other than quick cricket, I’ve never really played it before and I find watching it an absolute bore. No matter how many times hubby explains it I just don’t get the rules – so many balls an over – what!!! But today was different – today we had some real life Sri-Lankan cricketers teaching us. It was ace – now I know how to catch a ball without chipping a nail!! I think I impressed the Sri Lankans to be honest – if only because I know how to do the Sprinkler (dodgy dance cricketers do when they win). I’m sure they’ll be marvelling at my cricket skills some time soon!!!  Can’t wait for next week.


Cricket over, time for a run through of the ‘Big Dance’ which is coming together very nicely – a few legs still to untangle but we’ve all stopped crashing into one another now, which has to be a good thing. Only two weeks to go now and despite my initial OMG we’ll never do that, we are going to do it. Kids are ace – they always prove you wrong!!!

All in all it’s been a very sporty day -jelly belly weights work out before work, cricket and dance during work and a sneaky five mile run after work- and now – now I’m doing a hubby impression and lounging on the sofa. In all honesty I can’t get up off the sofa – think I over did the weights…………….

5.15 miles in 42:56

Up off the sofa tomorrow

Bring it on.

Wendy-Ball and The Lost Village…………

So its fair to say an afternoon playing wendy-ball – yep me playing football on a full size astro- turf pitch – not bad for a oval-ball kinda girl – meant come running time I was a little puffed out. To be fair it wasn’t the football or the game of Bulldog (best game in the world) that wore me out, it was being the goalkeeper in the penalty shoot out that did it. I was tempted to dive all over trying to stop the ball – but to be honest I really didn’t want to make an absolute tit of myself. Plus, I didn’t fancy a broken arm  or two for Florida – but I almost gave it my best shot – even saved one or two.

To make the running situation even worse, I didn’t have my trusty partner (currently on hospital watch!) to drag me round and by the time I set of the sky was dull grey and somewhat misty -it’s May!!! So I dropped Jack at rugby and trudged out of the carpark telling myself I would be fine once I got going – two miles in I was sat at the side of the road giving myself a good talking to -I was running like a right drip – had my amazing Nike+ sportswatch ( never works) been doing it’s job properly  then I should have been telling myself that I’d just run uphill like a mad woman and needed to slow down – but it didn’t say that, it said I was running at snails pace- how many more days to my birthday so I can have a Garmin?! Anyway, the talking to worked and I ran steady away after that.

I had another nice route planned tonight- apart from the 2 mile uphill bit – I’d checked out where we’d gone wrong last week and had found the right road, or I thought I had…………….Some how I lost Woolley Village, It should have been there at the end of the windy country type road – it had gone, vanished, it was nowhere to be seen!!! God, I’d done it again – I was lost – these flaming roads all look the same. Strangely though they all seem to take you in the same direction – I plodded on, ten minutes later I was back in civilization and even better somewhere I knew. Only a mile and a half further than planned – not too bad really. Thursday it will be third time lucky as I try the route again – no blog means I’m lost – again!!!

7.46 miles in 1:05:53

I know which way I’m going tomorrow (!!)

Bring it on

More Facts and Figures…………….

No run today, decided to save myself for a run back from the rugby tomorrow, plus when I got home from work I was suffering from CBA syndrome – probably caused by ‘first week of half term’ syndrome. Still I have done loads of dancing (Olympic Big Dance) so not a totally exerciseless day.

So time to add up a few totals and see what else has happened since my last review back in March.

  • I have run 454 miles so far this year.
  • According to my amazing Nike+ sports watch (never works) I have run 430 miles.
  • I have already run 68% of the mileage I did last year
  • I have run on 90 occasions, cycled 10 times and walked 5+ miles seven times, a total of 490 miles.
  • I think its more likely that I will achieve 2012 km in 2012 than 2012 miles (1223km to go!!!)
  • I am now in my second pair ofNike+ running shoes.
  • I’ve worn out 2 more pairs of socks
  • I’ve taken to googling historic monuments, signs, bridges, breeds of sheep!! Anything I pass on a run.
  • I now know keeping a key in your running shorts is great till you fall and land on it – Yale tattoo anybody….
  • I’m still getting rained, hailed and snowed on.
  • I’m still getting lost when I try a new route.
  • I’m still getting chased by various animals.
  • I’m still getting new PB’s
  • I’ve managed to blog everyday.
  • I’m still addicted to running.
  • And best of all – Ive now run in the Olympic Stadium.


More running tomorow

Bring it on

We Only Went and Won…………….

No running today, rest day, but between washing, tidying and cooking I don’t recall having much of a rest! The afternoon was reserved for game day.Wakefield took on the Catalan Dragons. Hard to believe we had warmer weather here than when we travelled to supposedly sunny Catalan for the away fixture ( it was freezing, only sunshine we had was at the airport coming home!) Also hard to believe I had shin beef braising in the oven for after the game, a BBQ would have been more suitable. Got to love the British weather.

Anyway back to the game, I wasn’t that confident of a win, Catalan are top of the table and we’re not. I know we put up a great fight last week and we would have won if  ‘une tosser’ of a referee knew how to count, but I still wasn’t over confident.

We were 18 -0 up in no time, granted Catalan came back into the game but with just 2 minutes remaining I was confident of a win……………… When you’re a Wakey fan you can never be certain.

A lovely couple of pints in the sunshine

Countdown to race day tomorrow

Bring it on

Paper Aeroplanes, Wendy Ball and a Sudden Realisation!

Well the day started better than yesterday, I made it to work without killing anyone, always a good start and I remembered to call for petrol. No more flashing red light. It was definately going to be a better day………….Then I marked the Maths Homework, can’t wait for the day some of our kids get the train, they’re going to be on it for days, more work on reading timetables is definately needed. All they had to say was the train doesn’t go to Perth, but no. A full on essay explaining why you would have to stay on the train until sometime the following day when the train has re-visited all the stations (at least twice!) before calling at Perth seemed to be the order of the day. Mind you who am I to criticise, I couldn’t make a paper aeroplane this afternoon! Mainly because I failed to the one thing we are always telling the kids to do…….Listen! I pre-empted what the teacher was going to do- wrongly and encouraged the kid I was sat with to the same. Whoops. Thankfully I know where the spare paper is kept – perfect plane (eventually).

Another thing that made for a better day was extra P.E, wahoo, shame it was Wendy-Ball we were playing- but then you can’t have everything. (wendy ball is a rugby league term for football) I had to resist the chance to get stuck in too much though, don’t want to miss my Olympic Run with a wendy ball injury!!!

So a great day, ended with a great run. Another hour of putting the world to rights while running – fairly fast. That’s when it happened, the realisation that I’d got something terribly wrong …….. Yesterday I opened my Olympic Running pack, took one look at the red dot on my running number and assigned myself to the red start. I couldn’t understand why no one else had the same colour. Tonight it dawned on me. The red dot means allergy!! White start anyone? Explains why the spectator bands are white not red. Oh well, I’m not blonde for nothing.

7.5 miles in 1:07:10

Brain switched on tomorrow

Bring it on

Horse + Owner + Jockey = Athletes Foot…………………!

So I’m sat here with itchy feet (no I haven’t got athletes foot!) trying my best to resist the temptation to sneak out for a ‘ickle’ run. I know, I know its a rest day, but a Sunday rest day usually means a longish walk with Jack. However todays rotten weather and the amount of homework (my favourite word) Jack still needed to finish meant it never happened.It didn’t stop raining till four o clock by which time I was in the throws of making a full on Sunday dinner, now I am full of Sunday dinner so I won’t be going out anytime soon.I really need to resist as yesterday was one very busy day.

Rugby in the morning, running in the afternoon then race night at the rugby club in the evening made for a very late bedtime.If you’ve never been to a Race night before, you really should give it a go. To be honest, the first time I was asked to organise one when we were raising money to take the lads to Catalan, I was slightly confused as to how it worked. Especially when the club chairman started talking about horses, jockeys and owners. ‘Blimey’ I thought, ‘the pitch will be a right mess by the time that lots trampled on it!’ Well how was I supposed to know you watch it on a big screen in the safety of the clubhouse – not a real horse in sight. In my defense I wasn’t the only one who thought Crigg was going to become Aintree for the night. So did we win……………Oh aye, a huge £2 having spent nearly £30. Jack on the other hand spent 50p and won £2.50, jammy little sod. Still the hot pork sandwiches were nice and the Crigg Beer (worst beer in the world but its cheap!) went down well.  Glad of a lie in this morning though.

So, to run or not to run – you decide.

No miles yet – but watch this space

‘ickle’ run tomorrow

Bring it on

Lost on the Trans Pennine Trail…………

Well alright, we wasn’t exactly lost, we knew where we were, but looking at the map we couldn’t work out which way to go next. More than one path and not a clue which one would add the extra miles needed to make a ten mile run, we gave up and headed the way we did know (wish I’d listened in Geography now!).  Yep, another Saturday magical mystery tour. More research needed before we venture out again next week especially as we are attempting to make our way back from Castleford………… Still it was a lovely run and the weather was glorious – a far cry from earlier today when we were freezing our wotsits off watching Junior Rugby League. The first official game of the new SUMMER season, I might add.

9.43 miles in 1:30:31

Rest day Tomorrow

Bring it On

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