Cats, Dogs and Clever Ducks………………

So in total contrast to yesterdays mountaineering in the sunshine, today was a ‘waders required’ kind of run, think raining cats and dogs only worse!  Not that I’m complaining as rain is my favourite running weather. The only thing I don’t like about running in rain is wearing a waterproof jacket – no matter what the temperature I feel like I’m running wrapped in bacofoil- I just get too hot. By mile 3  tonight I’d abandoned it before I over-heated!

So while I ran with steam coming off me, the only other runner I passed tonight (glad I’m not the only one daft enought to head out in the rain) was dressed for a day out in the Artic. Gloves, hat, big coat and full length tights – me, I had t-shirt and three-quarters on. How people run with so many layers on is beyond me, I just can’t do it.

So I splashed happily through the puddles, laughed ( with 2 fingers raised in the air) as moronic drivers drove full pelt, doing their best to soak me and thoroughly enjoyed the run. So did the ducks, in the nearby park – the nearby pondless park. Well it’s normally pondless – the recent drought (!) has allowed a huge lake to form. The baffling thing is how did the ducks find it. Did their flying duck mates spot it and then fly back to tell them all about it. Do they have ‘pond radar’ Was it the ‘five little ducks  who went swimming one day over the hills and far away’  who found it. Who knows – but swimming in a pond at the side of a main road probably isn’t the best idea they’ve ever had – no wonder ‘no little ducks’ went swimming back!

5.1 miles in 42 minutes 40 seconds

Waders at the ready for tomorrow

Bring it on




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