Flowers, Bumps and a Quick Look at Spike Island.

Today was a day for getting nowhere fast, I should have known it was going to be one of those days when Jack didn’t wake until ten – I thought he would have grown out of the needing ten hours sleep by now – but no. Still it gave me a chance to potter round and get stuff done – I seem to have been pottering ever since. So is the house spotless and my list of jobs done…………….No!!!

Maybe my first mistake was starting in the spare room , in fact my first mistake was deciding to use the computer while tidying the spare room. And what did I use the computer for, well if it isn’t bad enough that I recently spent a night googling breeds of sheep after seeing a strange breed while out running.Today I became a total square googling types of wild flower after yesterdays ‘picture of the day’ caused some curiosity (Thanks Hils) Do you know how many types of white wildflower there are. Anyhow I thought it looked like Queen Anne’s Lace, but now I’m not so sure, so if anyone can help…?






So it’s fair to say I was totally distracted by the wildflowers and didn’t give the spare room the clear out it deserves, but it’s started – that’s something. At least one search proved succesful – I have found Spike Island at the third time of trying – I convinced Hubby to head out on the bikes after tea and pedaled straight to it – I’m getting good at this map reading lark. Now I’ve found it I can head back with the camera, but for now you can have the picture from my phone.


It was a bit of a bumpy ride though, the path up to it wasn’t bad, the path back down – eek!! I love good old Boris but he hasn’t got suspension like my other bike, or hubby’s bike who flew off down the hill without a thought for me, so although overall it’s an easier ride you flaming while know about it on the bumpy bits – downhill bumpy bits are even worse!! Still all adds to the fun – thank god for the padded shorts.I may look a right tit but at least I’m comfy!!!

Another 6+ miles pedalled

finish the spare room tomorrow (maybe!)

Bring it on


On the Hunt for Spike Island with the Catapult Kids……………….

The Catapult Kids

So with another walk and run under my belt my CBA syndrome has definitely been kicked into touch – for the time being at any rate. However my new-found love of cycling and walking is now causing me to suffer from ‘my legs don’t belong to me’ syndrome – not a good look. It’s pretty similar to the feeling you get the day after running after a marathon – you know your feet are on the floor but you can’t actually feel them – I’m sure it will ease off in a few days!!

Todays walk was with a nearly 11 and a 12 year old in tow, Jack had his friend round for the day and I decided a picnic in the local nature park was a good way of splitting the day up. It was also a good excuse for me to try and find Spike Island, a monument that must be well hidden as I’ve yet to find it.

  When we called to pick Alfie up he had something new and amazing to show us. Ipad, Xbox PS3……………..? Nope nothing new or fangled just a good old-fashioned CATAPULT. Now Jack had hours of fun at a recent BBQ with a catapult, its amazing how far overBBQ’d sausages fly. He was so impressed that he was going to stick one on his Crimbo List – hell of a lot cheaper than last years iPhone – he’ll do for me. After today I think we’ll be buying one a lot sooner than christmas.

Once I’d made the picnic we headed of on the mileish walk to the park, Alfie with his catapult and Jack with his recently acquired rope (see last weeks blog) that stinks of sheep, wrapped over his shoulder and round his waist – they looked like the lost boys!! I followed on behind, dragging the cool bag (have you tried filling 2 growing rugby lads – loads of snap needed!) my camera and the waterproofs! The plan to split the day up went out of the window – we spent nearly all day there. Catapulting anything and everything in sight and trying to lasso what they missed with the rope – who needs technology. Get your kids outside!

So with the kids engrossed I played with my camera – more practise is still needed but I did get a shot off the day – well I think it’s good.

My ‘Shot of the Day’

After all the fun,it was time for tea – a well-earned one before I dropped the lads at rugby training and went for a run with my mate – a bloody good run it was too.

A great day out -we never found Spike Island!!!

A visit to the catapult shop tomorrow

Bring it on



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