On the Hunt for The Big Black Jumper……….

Well I managed to fit the run and the swim in, don’t ask me how because it really has been a busy busy day. If yesterday I was grumpy today I’ve been speedy. I just don’t seem to have stopped, running at six, quick Sainsburys shop at 8, home in my dinner break to put the washing in and the sainsburys quick shop (stuff for tea) in the fridge back to work – ‘Big Ben’ rehearsals, joy. Swimming , home, tea then out on the hunt for…….Black Jumpers!! Yep. with the lads in the finals we need new matchday clothes. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were all the same size but with sizes ranging from age 12 (little Jack) to Large men’s (Big Jack) it hasn’t been the easiest of tasks. Still, its all sorted now, but a word of warning to anyone in Wakefield needing a black school jumper tomorrow – you’ve no chance – they’re all hanging in my cellar.

Run done, Swim Done

Asda Big shop at 6 in the morning (!)

Bring it on



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