Homework Helper for Hire

So at 7:30 this morning I was frantically sorting homework out…………….but it wasn’t Jacks but one of his friends from school! Poor Megan didn’t understand the online probability task so she sent Jack a photo of the screen and asked for help -why? Because my dear darling son told her I was good at helping!!  Needless to say we ran out of time, but not to worry, Megan has got a reprieve until Friday meaning I could ‘help’ her out a little more this evening -like I’d nothing else to do. Have you ever tried to explain probability by text message? I think she got there in the end, but I’ve told her not to worry- it’s taken me 40 years to get the hang of it, and she’ll never use it anyway. Mmm, maybe I shouldn’t have said the last bit.

No bike ride today, it was well and truly banging it down this morning and I felt mean letting Jack walk for the bus just so I could burn a few extra calories. Plus after all the prodding and poking yesterday I think my knee needed a rest. So I had another go on the cross trainer instead. I think I’ve solved the reason why I’m finding it so hard – It seems to be stuck on the highest level. It doesn’t matter whether you have the dial on 1 or 8 ,it’s just the same – bloody hard work. Still I managed another 10 minutes before my legs turned to jelly – I think it’s time to get the spanner out (for the cross trainer not my legs)

Now I need to sneak in a couple of catch-up bike rides, so (and I know I’m going to regret this) I’ve done my ‘Asda Big Shop’ online – eek. So I don’t need to take the car tomorrow. The thing is I don’t have a lot of  luck with Asda Online shopping. Some of the substitutes you get when things are out of stock are unbelievable – frozen tuna steaks instead of tinned tuna – great for hubbys sandwiches,hot cross buns instead of malt loaf(well they are similar!) and fish fingers instead of fab lollies…….Just what you need to cool you down – a fish finger!!! Hopefully the bike ride will be worth the dodgy shopping.

Homework help finished

Maybe I should start a homework club

Bring it on!




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