Your shoulder Bones Connected to………Maybe Not

Mmmmm, Maybe the physio overdid the tape

Well Boris is back all shiny and new and straightened out, now I need to get straightened out and we can be reunited. Thankfully, due to my physio that reunion will be sooner rather than later. However had I chosen to stick to the hospital advice – well who knows. You see their advice -take pain-killers and rest was never going to cure my sore shoulder, not while by tendon was trapped in my shoulder joint. Make no wonder it was so flaming painful!

Still good old Physio’s saved the day…..well he’s made the pain bearable. After much tugging and stretching my tendon is free and I no longer feel like passing out when I move. It’s still sore mind but I’m sure this nice blue tape that’s now plastered all over me will do the trick (!?!?!) What with my shoulder and knee I’ve more tape on me than B & Q.

I’ve got to say this physio malarkey really makes you think about how you muscles and joints connect  and how if you press one area you can feel movement in others (a-hem) More to the point I now know I have an extremely strong core – I didnt even take an apple with me! A lazy arse, an out of line knee cap, I wouldn’t catch a pig in a ginnel,and I have massive shoulders – and I’m paying to get these compliments. But the best one was today seemingly my elbows are in the wrong place……..Yep – but thankfully so, cos if they had have been in the right place apparently I’d have smashed by elbow to smithereens when I flew off the bike. You see  every dodgy joint has a silver lining – or something like that!

At a bit of pain relief

Might Sleep tonight

Bring it on



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