Things Are Looking Swell……………



So I’m sat here with a bag of frozen Smartprice Rice (Peas are far too expensive nowadays!!) on my knee, that currently looks like it’s about to give birth -brill! First day back at work and my knee has decided it doesn’t like me standing on it. Amazing really, I’ve cycled -no swelling. Walked – no swelling. Stand still -swollen. Though to be fair it has been giving me some real pain the last week or so, in fact I seem to be in more pain now than before I had it done. I’m blaming the never-ending stairs in the London tube stations – having seen the physio, she says the pain is to be expected, the more I do the more it will hurt. She’s not wrong! She also said it’s going to be at least another 10 -12 weeks before I can think about running. So as long as I just run and don’t think about it I can start back tomorrow……

Enjoyed the first day back

The Kids are in Tomorrow

Bring it On

Oh I Do Like to Be Beside The Seaside and a Few Other Things……..

Firstly, top tip. If you’re recovering from knee surgery don’t drink lager – why you may ask? Well the thing is you all know that I am a hopeless drinker as it is, a couple of halves of lager and anything can happen, a couple of lagers on an empty stomach spells disaster – it very nearly was. You see in my euphoric state, after Jacks team stuffed the local rivals in the Wakefield Cup and having had a sneaky lager or two while watching, I totally forgot that I still can’t kneel down properly -whoops. I was fine while I was knelt down taking photos, then I realised I couldn’t get up. Bit embarassing having to be helped up by Jack’s coach (thanks Lance) So now Jack and I look a right pair, he’s hobbling (badly) on his recently mended broken ankle  and I’m walking like I’m ninety -just what you want when you’ve a day at the seaside planned!!!

Yes, today we’ve been to Whitby, somewhere I haven’t been for years. It’s a great place and seems to have a much better class of visitor than some other seaside towns we’ve visited of late -they all have teeth for a start. Don’t get me wrong there are the occasional ‘scratter families’ around, but there wasn’t a can of Special brew or oversized tattooed belly to be seen.

First up, after the mile hobble down the hill from the car-park near the Abbey, was fish and chips from Magpie Cafe – rumoured to be the best fish and chips around. The rumour wasn’t wrong though next time I’m having a kids portion -they were huge!! Next we headed for a walk on the pier, well Jack and I did, Ernie bottled it -being able to see through the wooden floor did nothing to help his fear of heights, we left him clinging to the fence.  After that we headed onto the beach, I could have sat there all afternoon, I don’t know which was best people watching, or watching the gulls terrorize the beach, they where huge!!! A bit disappointed with my photos today though, I think I need to stop reading the books and magazines -I’m getting worse not better.

I didn’t take any photos on the boat ride around the harbour, mainly because we were squashed in like sardines, I didn’t have room to move (might try a different boat next time!!) plus some random women with yellow teeth and hairy legs (scratter alert!) sat on my knee -my sore knee, I wasn’t amused!!! Still a ‘rum n raisin’ Ice-cream calmed me down before we hobbled back up the hill to go home – what a fab place though. I think we’ll be back for a few days next time…..

Fun in the sun

Sleep in tomorrow

Bring it on.

Dr No Running, Dr No Way………….

Will a Bandage Help….

People in medical waiting rooms will be getting sick of me. If it wasn’t bad enough that I took more than enough of the A & E Doctors time up (well it’s not my fault he thought I had a good-looking knee-joint!) I more than over-stayed my ten minutes max GP appointment by nearly 20 minutes – not my fault either.

 When I checked in at the doctors and the name Dr Pedro Welch popped up, I did wonder who he was. Thinking  the name sounded Europeanish I decided I must be seeing the Seve Ballesteros lookalike who kept calling people  through – how wrong can you be. You don’t really expect a big coloured dude to be called Pedro – but there you go. On the plus side Pedro knew what he was on about. So I reeled the whole tale off. My knee saga, the running, cycling and falling off (did he really need to laugh so loudly!) and A&E’s request for a scan – hence the appointment. 

The good news is Pedro knew what he was on about the bad news is he gave me some news I didn’t really want to hear. Yep, Pedro specialized in orthopedics before becoming a GP so if I thought A& E doc managed to put my leg in some weird positions Pedro bet him hands down – did he really need to stick his fingers under my kneecap though. At least he understood my need to run, he used to run. I nearly fell off my chair when he said he used to be a 400m runner – he’s built like a prop-forward -only brainier!!

Anyway Doc Pedro thinks I’ve damaged my medial meniscus or something so I need to rest (is this guy for real!!) He showed me loads of pics on google of dodgy MM’s. No running for at least a week (or six – ahem!) So looks like cycling for miles instead. In reality if it doesn’t recover in the next six weeks I’m looking at surgery/physio or both -unless it locks in the meantime, then, well then your guess is as good as mine.So I’m off to see a physio now -a third opinion might help……….

Not a happy bunny

 Not giving up without a fight 

Bring it on

Mounted Mountain Bike……………..


Well if pedalling Mavis was a nightmare, hubby’s bike- lets call him Arthur, though easier to pedal, is a risk to life and limb – mainly limb. Toe clips are all well and good but if you need to get off your bike sharpish you’ve no chance. Mind you, you don’t really expect a dog to try to mount your mountain bike (thank god it wasn’t the Great Dane I normally see when running down by the railway!)

To be fair to the dog there wasn’t really room for either of us on the path but did it really need to jump up. I tried my best to keep my balance, but no chance. In a scene similar to ‘Only Fools n Horses’ when Del Boy fell behind the bar -one minute I was upright the next I was laying on my side with the bike still attached – my sore knee side!! I’ll give the dog owner his due though – he couldn’t apologise enough and it wasn’t really the dogs fault it was the bikes. So I rolled from under the bike, muttered something about….well I can’t really remember what I said and pedaled off, once round the corner I burst into a mixture of hysterical laughter and tears.

So now my sore knee is even sorer, I’ve got one ankle bigger than the other, I’ve cut the bottom of my leg and somehow I’ve bumped my nose – its throbbing. I’m running out of bags of ’emergency peas’ looks like using the chicken nuggets or Ikea meatballs next!! I thought this cycling m’larkey was meant to keep you healthy!!!

nearly 5 miles pedaled

Taking Boris for mending……..

Bring it on



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