Where’s Poly Gone…….


I really didn’t mean to reduce my maths class to hysterical laughter, I just couldn’t help myself. I’d said it before I even realised. A whole lot louder than I thought.
I’m blaming the long day, the excitement of the snow ( all 3 flakes!!) the fact that it’s almost half term……
Well come on, it is the oldest joke in the book. So when the tutor asked me to define a polygon……..
Yep!!! I did!!
Is it a dead parrot!?!?
Thankfully the tutor laughed louder than anyone!!
I didn’t mean to be the class clown
I’ll be good tomorrow ūüėė
Bring it on!!!

A Virtual Reality……………

Funny Looking Tree

Funny Looking Tree

I thought I’d calmed down, I really did – how wrong can you be. I don’t know whats come over me of late -I¬†usually just let things go – anything for a quiet life. But seemingly no more. I don’t think last weeks rugby game helped -watching¬†someone nearly snuff it right in front of you (don’t worry he survived and is on the mend now) makes you question whats going on in life. Maybe thats what ended my ‘being a pushover’ days, in some ways it’s not before time.

Thankfully it was a virtual person who bore the brunt of my strop this evening -what¬†possessed¬†me to get the Wii fit back out I’ll never know -well¬†I do it’s the ‘I’m getting saggy¬†and flabby cos I’m not running’ syndrome that caused me to get it out. But I do like it because it makes you do things properly¬†and it lectures you and carries on if you don’t. Tonight it was definitely lecturing and carrying on and in no time at all the air was blue -that¬†was me not the virtual one. The¬†thing that naffed¬†me off was when the virtual one claimed I was a couch potato¬†with an estimated age of 61-¬†as if !! I go to the gym twice a week and when it’s not snowing¬† (will it ever stop snowing!) I cycle¬†to work. Then she started claiming I was leaning back which was a bit odd as I was touching my toes at the time -believe¬†me I’m no contortionist!!! Then the penny dropped – the wii fit board was back to front -whoops. So now I’m a finally tuned athlete with an estimated age of 32 -the¬†ranting has stopped -for now!!

Fighting the flab.

Easy when you know which is the back and which is the front

Bring it on

Snow Easily Distracted…………

Well today was well and truly a snow day, it started snowing last night and within ten minutes everything was covered. In fact it came down so heavy that at 10pm we were out throwing snowballs and making snow angels in the street -can¬†you tell it doesn’t snow very often!! Anyway we awoke this morning to deep snow and glorious sunshine -finally¬†some perfect conditions for some wintry photos. Well it would have been if I hadn’t¬†¬†got distracted by things that flap -yep¬†despite not really liking birds they were the main focus of my camera work today -totally¬†hogged the limelight. Still it was a great way to log some more Janathon¬†miles. Despite the knee injury there¬†is every chance that I am going to do the same mileage as last year -I’m well chuffed!!

5.2 miles walked

2 hours of fun in the snowy sunshine

Bring it on

Cabin Fever Kids…………….and Adults!

cartoon3907Well it’s fair to say it’s been a very long week -wintry¬†weather is all well and good until you’re stuck inside with 30 year 5¬†kids who are desperate to just play out -then¬†it becomes a nightmare. They all get fed up of one another, spend all day looking longingly at the snow and loose all focus (not sure if that’s the kids or the staff!). Anyway, seemingly the thaw is on its way and normal service will be resumed next week -wahoo!!

In the meantime there is a Janathon¬†to finish and today I finally made it to the gym, I was one of the only ones who did, I had the place to myself bar¬†one groaning¬†man doing the weights machines -is¬†there really any need to make such a noise -no. It doesn’t make lifting the weights any easier -I¬†tried it,all I got was a sore throat!! So I did the cross trainer, bike, weights, rowing machine and even had a sneaky go on the treadmill (shh) -it didn’t give me the same buzz as road running but it was the closest I’ve come in a long time. Maybe its time to become a gym junkie minus the dodgy vest…….

An hour in the gym

hoping to finish Janathon with a flourish

Bring it on

Snow Patrol Available……..

miffy bikeSo another Janathon¬†day and another power walk to and from work – is this snow ever going to clear so that I can be reunited with Boris and get pedalling again. Thankfully the forecast says a thaw is heading this way -it’s a good job to be honest because if we were to rely on the local council to clear the roads and paths it would never happen. Yes, our local council are, to quote the lady my mum spoke to today ‘only doing the main roads’. Well that the answer she got when she rang to ask if there was any chance the road they live on could be gritted. The nice lady on the phone did, however, suggest that my mum might like to join the¬† ‘Snow Patrol’ (not the one’s of ‘Chasing Cars’ fame) and clear her own road, and that if she could do this she’d get her own shovel and hi-viz vest!! All well and good except my mum’s 70 – the world really has gone mad!!


Another 4 miles logged

Hoping for a thaw tomorrow

Bring it on

Snow Bored…………..




It’s bad enough that I¬†¬†can’t run -I’m¬†seriously¬† fed-up with my stupid knee. By the time I get past the ‘evil receptionist’ to get a docs appointment to sort out a scan it will be christmas!!! I can’t go on like this I was born to run (well actually I was born to be dead clumsy and trip up and fall over a lot-¬†a girl can dream!) I need to be out there pounding the pavements – I’m going mad!! I suppose the situation is not helped by not being able to get on the bike thanks to the dodgy weather – I know other people are risking it¬† but I’m a wuss (a clumsy wuss). So at the moment I’m walking everywhere and anywhere. To be honest it’s more of a march than a walk, in fact some might call it a slow run ( I know what my physio¬†would call it – suicide!!) I walked to work in 20 minutes this morning – over a mile and a half in the snow and I did a similar pace coming home ( the long way round!) but it’s still not running! Oh well at least I am doing something -I wonder if they do snow tyres for the bike……………………..

More Janathon miles logged

Mmm -what will I do for Janathon tomorrow

Bring it on

Snow Way to Carry On……………..

So the weather did as predicted, it snowed, causing the majority of Wakefield to come to a grinding halt -why? ¬†If we’d had 6ft of snow fair enough but I don’t think we reached 6 inches. By half six this morning we’d had the ‘school is shut’ text for Jack – due to there being no buses -er, what!! We live near a main road, with a bus depot very close by -no buses? But sure enough Arriva buses had called back every bus due to the treacherous conditions which seems very strange when Ernie managed to get his Audi off our snowy road and to work with no problem whatsoever!

So with Jacks school shut I waited with baited breath for news of my schools closure -by eight o clock I was still waiting, looked like Jack was the lucky one. I left him getting ready to go sledging and set off on the snowy walk to work – 100m from work I got the message we were shut – Lord Farquaad of Thornes (private Joke) had shut the school. I could have gone sledging after all!!

Still, on the plus side it gave me chance to get some snowy shots with my camera and fit an extra walk in – I’ve got to keep my Janathon mileage up, I really can’t bike in this. Hoping for some normality tomorrow and another snowy walk to work.

2 walks done – 6+ miles in total

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

Snow Point Going…………..


Well in the end it had to be the gym, I almost went on the bike this morning but although conditions would have been manageable¬†going, coming home was a different story. The forecasted snow had¬†arrived¬†earlier than expected. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a ‘bring the roads to a standstill’ flurry but it was a ‘I’m not chancing my luck on my bike in that’¬† sort of flurry. With running still a no¬†no (yes I would have run in the snow, I really am that mad) I headed to the gym. It’s the first time I’ve been in a while, it was interesting to say the least. A bit like the swimming yesterday (don’t worry I’m not going to start ranting) But I do wonder why some people actually go -they¬†don’t do anything. As I¬†furiously pedaled¬†away on the bike doing my best ‘Wiggo’ impression -only¬†slower and the lady opposite pounded away on the treadmill everyone else sort of milled about doing, well-doing¬†naff all really.

Take the pretty boy gang Рtight (way too tight)vests, trackies hanging three-foot below their crotch, black pumps (they were called indoor shoes when I went to school) and woolly hats Рthey occasionally lifted some weights in between removing their hats to sweep their fringe to one side then left. Fair enough. Then there was the mega weights gang -mahoosive muscles sticking out the top of ridiculous looking string vests that cut just under their nipples -nice. Lots of grunting and groaning and slurping of protein shakes -then they left. Two young girls plastered in make-up, perfect hair, leggings vest and converse boots Рtwo minutes on the bike two minutes on the treadmill, 2 lifts of the kettlebell then they were gone. Just me and the lady on the treadmill left. Still, people watching passed the time as I flew up the virtual mountain РI got bored with the virtual velodrome!! My indoor cycling was done in no time.

10 miles in 32 minutes

Hope the snow stops or looks like being the gym again tomorrow

Bring it on.

Snowy Standstill…..Maybe not

Here we go again -3 flakes of snow and the whole country comes to a standstill, every news bulletin is full of¬†reports of just how bad things are -except¬†they’re not! Granted here in West Yorkshire we’ve had more than 3 flakes, more of a light covering but it’s no major issue. Had it not been for my dodgy knee I’d have been out running as usual and the only reason I took the car instead of Boris this morning was because I needed to buy 10 x 4 pints of milk for work and I don’t think I could have pedaled¬†with all that hanging on my handle bars. People need to get a grip!! My only real issue with the snow was the fact it came down on a work day -why¬†couldn’t it have come on my day off so I would have time to take lots of snowy pictures!! So I had to make the best of the time I had. No doubt my neighbour opened her curtains and wondered what the ‘loony next door’ was up to now, as I stood on the garden bench in my jim jams taking pictures of a snowy bush, but 6:30 this morning was the only chance. Well apart from this evening when I was hanging out of the attic window intending to take pictures of the snowy rooftops -but¬†I got distracted by the moon…..oh well!!

No running or cycling but had a great swim

Hopefully not snowed in tomorrow (a-hem!)

Bring it on

Mud,Glorious Mud…..

Participant-LogoThankfully the weatherman got it wrong (again) meaning hubby and I had a chance to fit a sneaky 7 mile bike ride in,¬† not a flake of snow or a dusting of frost to be seen. Although it was somewhat chilly and has got colder as the day as gone on it wasn’t chilly enough for the huge muddy puddles to harden -boy were we in a state when we got back -loved every minute of it and managed to make it through all the mud without stopping -it was bloody hard work and my legs are like jelly (so are hubbys!) but still glad we took that route all the same. Thats 41 miles I’ve cycled this week and I am so chuffed –¬†Janathon continues despite my dodgy knee.

7 miles cycled

81 miles logged so far

Bring it on

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