Honest,It Wheelie Looked Like Him…………………………

So I did it, despite nearly rolling over and hitting the snooze button, I managed a pre-work, 6 a.m run. All 2.7 miles of it. It’s been a while since I’ve been out so early, I’d forgotten just how hard it is getting out there.I’d also forgotten how blind I am running without my contact lenses. So blind I’m pretty sure I could qualify for this Paralympic blind football thing – some of them are partially sighted, in fact as I’m sat writing this the guided running is on Channel 4 – I think that’s what I need – a guide.

 For those who read my blog back in January you’ll probably remembering me chasing an athlete that turned out to be a pelican crossing , tripping over a dog and falling flat out on a pavement while running blind. Today I took it to a whole new level, I confused my hubby with a wheelie bin!! I ran the last few metres up the street and saw what I thought was hubby sorting his bike out (yes he’s cycling to work too) so I waved to him and he didn’t wave back -‘ miserable git’, I thought, fancy ignoring me!! About four doors from home (yes my eyesight is that bad) realisation dawned – it wasn’t him it was next door but one’s flowery painted wheelie bin – whoops. Even before his weight loss he wasn’t wheelie bin shaped. Oh well at least I made it round without falling over.

Early morning run done

Running with eyesight tomorrow

Bring it on!

Two trots in one day…………………….

First for the really good news, until I started typing this I had actually got it in my head that today was day five of Janathon. A bit like the first time I did the Marathon when I lost mile 19, never saw it, so I was pretty chuffed at the  20 mile banner, I’m pretty chuffed now. Only 25 more runs to go.

So did I make it out for my 6 a.m trot………….Well I had all my stuff ready and everything, buuutttttttttttt. To be honest the ‘urghh its the end of the week feeling’ hit me and I hit the snooze button. Five days of running and working seems to have caught up with me, plenty of poly filler needed this morrning to make me look anything like presentable.

So to my first encounter with a short trot today. Not the sort of trot I intended to be honest. Bit of a dodgy stomach bug at school meant it was rubber glove time, cleaning up a pebble-dashed toilet (I get all the good jobs). Thought I’d left all the dodgy bits of the job back in year one. What with that and a pee wee accident in Y2 P.E it made for a great day. I love my job!!

My failure this morning to get my running gear on meant I had to fit a short run in between my Asda big shop and getting Jack from my mum’s. I had kind of hoped my other half might pick him up  but it seemed he was suffering from the friday feeling more than me- it was the glass of red that gave it away.

It is fair to say though that my little run went well. 1.694 miles in 13 minutes 11 secs is pretty impressive for me and I’m pretty sure I wouldnt have managed that at 6 a.m. this morning, with or without the poly filler.



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