Another Moment to Shine………………….

So who shone today? Well the sun did for a start (two days in a row – wahoo!) – not that you would have thought so at 6 this morning when thick  fog was lingering – still at least no-one could see me huffing n puffing on my first early morning run for ages.

 So with the sunshine came school sports day – a miracle that it happened the first time of asking, but it did. This year – with it being Olympic year, it was World Sports Day. Come 9:30 the whole school was lined up on the school yard, 15 different countries proudly carrying their flags. Bless em.

Now at our school we no longer follow the traditional running races type sports day and instead have 15 different events that a whole team(mixed ages) take part in, gaining points for how many times they complete a different event. The emphasis more on having fun and working as a team than the actual winning. Now there are those who totally disagree with the ‘it’s the taking part that counts’ approach (usually the pushy parents whose little darlings win everything) but there is a lot to be said for children having fun  while getting fit. Don’t get me wrong, I do think kids need to learn about winning and losing and more importantly how to deal with both. But if a child is constantly deflated by coming last ( I was always last – I know how it feels!) how are you supposed to get them to love taking part?

Today, the smiley faces were there for all to see, in fact I took over 1000 photos of smiley faces, and it was great to see some parents really getting behind the teams and encouraging all in that team not just their own child. Not one glum face, because they’d come last or not made the final. The only glum faces were the pp’s*

So who shone most today – apart from the sun. Hate to say it but for the second day in a row ,the kids, from year six for organising the events through to the reception kids for giving it there all  – it really is their year to shine.

* pushy parents

World Sports Day Done

Inspired me so much I ran twice today

Cricket tomorrow

Bring it on



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