Technofogies and Flowers…….

A bit of a mish mash of things going on today what with running playing with my camera, sorting out the old folks netbook (well it’s Jacks netbook actually) and going out for tea -busy busy!!

Thankfully there was some blue sky and a tiny bit of sunshine today along with the howling winds and showers. I knew my only way to get out there with my camera and take advantage of the bright sky was to abandon my usual walks and head for somewhere closer to home……the cemetery. Yes we live across the road from our cities main cemetery – a bit creepy you may think. But actually, apart from the days when there’s a funeral on, it’s a lovely place to look out onto -especially this time of year when beautiful flowers, holly wreaths and even a full set of fairy lights (I’m not kidding) fill the view. So  I headed there, to be honest I will definitely be going back, hopefully on a less windy day. I got some lovely shots, the only downside was that to get the best view I had to all but lay down – I thought crawling through bushes was bad enough, laying on graves is a new one on me. I must confess to getting a few strange looks and when a police car drove in the cemetry gates I thought some one had rung to say there was a loony on the loose. Still the lady I spoke to didn’t seem to mind when I told her what I was doing – hopefully most other people will be the same.

So with the camera work done for the day I headed round to my mums to sort the laptop out -she killed hers last week and it’s heading back to Samsung as we speak. To keep her going I lent her Jack’s netbook, showed her how to use it and left it with her. 24 hours later she’d killed that as well…….Well she thought she had, but she’d got a bit confused with the on switch thinking you had to use it to turn it off as well. By the time both my mum and dad had done pressing the button the netbook had clearly thought ‘sod it’ and refused to come on at all!!

It’s all sorted now- silver surfers,you’ve got to love them!!

With the laptop sorted I’d just time to fit in a sneaky 3 miles before tea, it was bloody hard going if I’m honest the wind was howling and my knee didn’t want to play – still I did it and I can still walk -just!!

Busy day done

Wondering what to photograph tomorrow

Bring it on



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