Love is…………………A Seven mile run and an Ice Pack

So Valentines Day dawned and was I overwhelmed with the cards,flowers and chocolates……………….Er no, not quite. But in fairness to hubby, we decided a few years ago – when we were skint, that we could no longer justify spending daft amounts  and stopped the meals out and prezzies and as this years Valentines Day clashed with Jack’s rugby training there was no chance of an M & S meal for two either – unless we made it a meal for 3 once training had finished!!! So just like any other rugby night I went out running with the coaches Mrs. 

Finally tonight, after weeks of trying, we finally managed a steady paced run. Maybe it was the fact we didn’t run together last week so had loads to chat about but it’s fair to say seven miles passed by pretty much unnoticed, a really enjoyable run no twinges to be felt. Then I stopped running. I felt a little twinge in the ankle and thought nothing of it, by the time I had driven home it was throbbing. So on the most romantic night of the year I’m sat here with an Ice pack on my foot and hubby’s gone to bed to watch Shameless. Who says romance is dead……………..

7 miles in a nice steady (at last) 1:07:57

Twinge free running/walking tomorrow

Bring it On



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