Just a quickie…….

A quick blog as another night of study looms, the science revision is done so it’s on to reading about a creative curriculum next – who’d be a student, the to do list is never ending.
Fortunately I squeezed in another pre work swim this morning, I’m just about managing to fit everything into one day!!
Swim done
Off to meet a real life swimmer, Rebecca Addlington tomorrow
Bring it on


N.R.T , S.H.T and R.C.B or in English – I’m Bored…………..

I’m Bored

Well it’s only my second full day of no exercise and to be honest I’ve lost the will to live (slight exaggeration but you get the idea!) I can’t do ‘doing nothing’, I’m rubbish at it. I’m an ‘always on the go’ type of girl and I don’t think I’ll ever change. By 10:30 I’d stripped and washed the beds, put the beef in for tea (I like to cook it slowly)  and cleaned out two cupboards .But was it the same as going for a run or a bike ride. Erm let me think…………….No!!

To be fair we’d already decided to miss this mornings cycle as we were going to look at ‘more’ bikes. With the death of trusty ‘Boris’ on Wednesday and the horrible ride on ‘Mavis’ on Thursday the hunt for a replacement is urgently on. We were pondering me having hubby’s bike (the one I fell of on Friday) and hubby getting an all singing all dancing souped up number (don’t ask). However my cries of ‘why can’t they sell new Boris’s?’ in Halfords yesterday must have struck a chord with Hubby – we never made the trip to the ‘all singing all dancing’ bike shop – he’s found me a new Boris on the internet – he’ll be here later this week. At least the N.R.T (no running tension) lifted for a while.

Trouble is this afternoon I got hit by S.H.T (shit homework tension). Yep Jack’s school is at it again, meaningless projects that have little or nothing to do with the subject or even worse projects when they need info they haven’t been taught yet – what’s going on. “So what have you learnt about vitamins so far?” I asked (this is science – make a leaflet for a doctor’s surgery on vitamins!!) Er, we haven’t actually done anything on it yet Mum, came the reply – Brill!! Geography – list your favourite things then find out where they were made, what the work and living conditions are like in those places and compare them to similar work environments in different countries, er……………? What the capital of Sweden Jack – not a bleeding clue – now that’s Geography!!

Now I’ve been hit with R.C.B (Ryder Cup Boredom) just how many different rounds of golf can we have. We’ve had two-ball, four-ball, fore-play, doubles and singles (guess which one I made up) and still it goes on. To make it worse the smarmy Americans are winning, Hubby’s on the edge of his seat and Jack’s letting me down badly by showing an interest. God I need a run.

I’ve been a good girl and rested

Back on the bike tomorrow

Bring it on!!!

One Sit up and a Reflective Debate

So I dived out of bed this morning (sort of), fully intenet on another washboard workout. I failed! One lousy sit up was all I could manage – Mmm, think I may of overdone the abs bit of the workout. Still no pain no gain, but I don’t seem to be gaining much at the moment. Did the weights work though, and I’m sure the bingo wings will be flying away anytime soon. (please)

So to work, best job in the world, working with kids, makes for fun, frustration and days when you realise how much you forgotten of what you learnt at school. It soon comes back though – most days! Science test today, not my best subject, unless I’ve got the answer book near me, but today the answer book was worse than useless, or the teacher and I are extremely thick. It showed  a picture of someone looking over their shoulder and four pictures, one which was the reflection in a mirror. The one the answer book said was right was definately not, don’t get me wrong I find reflection in a mirror confusing as I don’t know my left from right and looking in a mirror makes it even worse because its the opposite way round. But blonde as I am, the book was wrong……………….No really!

Work finished, Asda Big Shop done, time for Jack’s rugby training and my running time. It was a great run tonight, lots more chatter,putting the world to rights, so much so we failed to notice we’d upped  the pace a notch,a whole minute and 25 seconds of a notch, well chuffed. Going to give the abs a rest tomorrow, let the pain ease a bit. Laughing is no fun when it hurts.

7 miles in 1:04:12

It’s Friday tomorrow

Bring it on



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