Watch out there’s a swamp monster about …………maybe not!!!!

So I’d just kissed the hubby goodnight and then the alarm went off, at least that’s what it felt like – the 5:45am starts were back. Yep school term has started again, it’s like we’ve never been away. Still, all in all, it wasn’t a bad first day back, I even managed to cycle to work and back – I’d forgotten how heavy a rucksack containing a laptap, Hudl, portable memory, work clothes,  shoes, PE kit and packed lunch was!! I’d also forgotten how much the rain turned my cycle route into a mud bath – I arrived at work splattered, but on the plus side it wasn’t raining and I’d only had to detour twice due to flooding. Coming home was a different story, for one thing it was raining – heavily, secondly it was dark and my route home is unlit, thirdly the rain had turned my already muddy route into a quagmire and even with my mega bike lights I didn’t see the muddy puddles till I was knee deep in them – I arrived home looking like a swamp monster and once he’s stopped laughing hubby offered to spray me down with the hose pipe – I declined!!!
7 miles cycled -The bikes drying out
Short run in the morning
Bring it on


The Twists and Turns of Janathon Day 8!


So after a successful physio session, I now know exactly what I can and can’t do with my ‘on the mend knee’, low impact is fine, try not to exercise every day (whoops!)  no running, no over doing the weights and no twisting round on one leg (like I’d do that at my age…..) I remembered for all of almost 24 hours. It’s the kids fault – during P.E, whilst demonstrating how to pivot in netball, I remembered I shouldn’t,so I asked the kids to not let me get carried away when we started playing the game (I tend to forget I’m meant to be ref!!). Did they remind me….Well they are only kids, I can’t really put my knee in their hands, though having seen some of the catching skills I’m not that sure I want to!!!!  Still all in all, despite the icy wind howling across the playground, it was a good lesson – my team won!!! (only joking!)

40 minutes of netball (counting it as a rest day 😉 )

swimming in the morning

Bring it on

The One-Socked Wonder!!


So first week back at work and it’s fair to say we hit the ground running, no easing back into it gently, bang, welcome back. Still only tomorrow to go and then we’ve got a bank holiday to come – boy am I ready for it!!!
To be fair it’s probably exercise that’s left me tired I can’t just blame work ( though trying to explain the 5K’s of Sikhism to a class of nine and ten year old was exhausting – give me a nice bible story any day!!) I’ve done 2 early morning runs, and can now proudly say I’ve managed to run a mile in under 8 minutes, I’m not sure that was quite the steady pace my surgeon said I could run at but in my defence…….. Well I haven’t got one really, once I started I just couldn’t slow down. Then there’s been the daily cycle to work and back and a nice steady run tonight I suppose I haven’t eased myself in gently either!! On the plus side the weathers been lovely which always makes the cycle home easier – until today that is – not only did the temperature drop by about 20 degrees from morning to afternoon,but some muppet decided to hide one of my socks. By the time I got home I couldn’t feel my foot – I am out for revenge!!!!
Busy busy busy
Friday tomorrow
Bring it on!!!

The Snot Monsters Coming

So despite Janathon being well and truly over, I was still out the door running at 5:45 this morning, I did intend doing a couple of miles but it was a tad slippy to say the least. I made do with a quick trot round the block. Still at least it cleared the head, if only for a short time.
Yes, the joys of working in a school means I am trying to fight off the school lurgy. This time it’s the ‘what’s green and travels 90 miles backwards’ lurgy!! The snot monster is back in school, I’m surrounded by kids sniffing up green candles hanging from each nostrils, coughing like a sixty a day smoker!!! I love my job – I’m taking no chances, double zinc and vitamin c, sudafed, cold n flu remedies. I rattle when I walk. It’s just about preventing the ‘I feel like I’ve been punched in the face headache’ but only just!!
Mind you I don’t suppose 3 hours of GCSE maths helped. Brain ache and headache – time for an early night!!
1.2 miles run.
3 hours of quadratic god knows what.
Rest day tomorrow
Bring it on!!!


Snow Way to Carry On……………..

So the weather did as predicted, it snowed, causing the majority of Wakefield to come to a grinding halt -why?  If we’d had 6ft of snow fair enough but I don’t think we reached 6 inches. By half six this morning we’d had the ‘school is shut’ text for Jack – due to there being no buses -er, what!! We live near a main road, with a bus depot very close by -no buses? But sure enough Arriva buses had called back every bus due to the treacherous conditions which seems very strange when Ernie managed to get his Audi off our snowy road and to work with no problem whatsoever!

So with Jacks school shut I waited with baited breath for news of my schools closure -by eight o clock I was still waiting, looked like Jack was the lucky one. I left him getting ready to go sledging and set off on the snowy walk to work – 100m from work I got the message we were shut – Lord Farquaad of Thornes (private Joke) had shut the school. I could have gone sledging after all!!

Still, on the plus side it gave me chance to get some snowy shots with my camera and fit an extra walk in – I’ve got to keep my Janathon mileage up, I really can’t bike in this. Hoping for some normality tomorrow and another snowy walk to work.

2 walks done – 6+ miles in total

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

R.h.i.n.o Rant…………..

So due to it being Jack’s review day today and hubby and I having an appointment with his tutor after work I changed  my day around. By 6am I was in the supermarket doing the ‘Asda Big Shop’, mad I know but boy was it quiet. Then I got petrol and did the ‘milk n stuff for work’ shop at Sainsburys (nicer coffee!!) before heading home to get ready for work and get Jack up before I left – busy busy. Now I’m wishing I hadn’t bothered dashing around quite as much because Jack’s review was A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!!

Review Day hasn’t happened for a long time at Jack’s school but due to an OFSTED recommendation ( you know the OFSTED I mean – the one that’s ruining kids education) they’ve brought it back. Worst idea ever. Seemingly the kids get the whole day of school while the teachers have 10 minute appointments with the parents to discuss little Jill or Johnnies progress or lack of it. Now I don’t like to knock schools or teachers, I work in a school and I know just how tough things are at the minute but today proved all what is wrong in schools, it was all about targets and figures and nothing to do with my child.

Today I realised that my child is a RHINO, something I learnt about on a behavioural course a few years ago.              Really Here In Name Only.       Sad thing is, about 75% of kids are Rhino’s. They’re not the highest or lowest ability, they’re not the ones that kick off or mess about they’re just generally hard-working middle of the road kids who don’t fit into Government figures or Initiatives. Sad that.

So we arrived at Jacks review and his class teacher shoved a piece of paper under our noses and declared that the figures on it weren’t accurate as they hadn’t been updated properly yet – erm!!! Anyway seemingly Jack’s doing well but bizarrely despite him doing exceptionally well in Art  he’s not putting any effort in….erm. So after much head scratching by his teacher he declared there must be an error! By this point hubby was doing his ‘are you for real’ face, not a good sign. So then we got onto setting targets for the year ahead – the whole point of the review – they had already been filled in….Erm weren’t we supposed to do them together!!!  Not one target meant anything worthwhile, one of them was I’m going to work harder in Art, Erm………It was my turn to pull a face. Hence the distraction techniques from his Teacher.

 “so, just think Jack, this time next year we’ll be thinking about options – what do you want to do when you leave school?” His teacher asked.

” Maybe a P.E Teacher” Jack replied.

” Ah, that’s right, his teacher said. ” Don’t you play rugby for school?”

“Erm, I’m the school captain Sir” Jack said.

‘How come I didn’t know that?” his teacher spluttered.

I rest my case!!!

Rant Over

Proud to be Mum to a R.H.I.N.O

Bring it on


WARNING – Ranting Again……………………Only a little one – for now!

Apologies for the late blog but I’ve been finishing off my son’s epic homework – yep you remember, the Life n Times of Muhammad Pbuh. To be honest any one who’s daft enough to stand in a cave claiming to hear voices doesn’t deserve much of a write up – but then that’s my opinion. So what has my son learnt tonight – sod all!! Sorry I’m ranting again, but I would happily spend hours helping Jack with English, Science or any other subject that he sometimes struggles with. But the best part of three hours researching and writing about a guy who’s story changes from one the website to the next is a joke………

Deep breath, thankfully I’d had a run tonight, not a very good one, I felt knackered, don’t think Juneathon is going quite as well as Janathon, but a run’s a run. Without it I think I’d have been writing a three hour letter to Jack’s R.E teacher instead of complying and doing the task in hand.

Anyway, sorry for the short blog but it’s way past my bedtime, I’ll never be up at six in the morning if I don’t get some ZZZZ’s in soon.

Homework Finished

Any R.E homework sent home tomorrow

Bring it on

(but we won’t be doing it!!)


Big Dance………….Done

It’s days like today when I know that not only do I have the right job but I have a job I love. Working with kids is the best job in the world. It’s been a long week all in all, what with the SAT’s and all the stresses and strains that come with them.  But today was a great way to finish a tough week.

For year Six, the morning started with bacon and sausages sandwiches, celebrating the end of SAT’s, then some  of us spent playtime putting the finishing touches to the ‘Big Dance’, ready for the main event at One o Clock. Post playtime saw me in year 2 – more finishing touches. They were definately ready.

Thankfully the rain stayed away so the whole school were all able to go out onto the playground and take part, together, and take part they did. From nursery through to year Six and some bigger kids of varying ages (the staff!) they all joined in. So now, fingers crossed, we’re World Record Breakers -‘The Largest Simultaneous Dance Routine – Multi Venue’. And I’ve loved every minute of it, wonder what we can do next……………………………………

Big Dance Done

Looking for something else to now!

Bring it on

Whole School Dance

Taking the Lead

One Sit up and a Reflective Debate

So I dived out of bed this morning (sort of), fully intenet on another washboard workout. I failed! One lousy sit up was all I could manage – Mmm, think I may of overdone the abs bit of the workout. Still no pain no gain, but I don’t seem to be gaining much at the moment. Did the weights work though, and I’m sure the bingo wings will be flying away anytime soon. (please)

So to work, best job in the world, working with kids, makes for fun, frustration and days when you realise how much you forgotten of what you learnt at school. It soon comes back though – most days! Science test today, not my best subject, unless I’ve got the answer book near me, but today the answer book was worse than useless, or the teacher and I are extremely thick. It showed  a picture of someone looking over their shoulder and four pictures, one which was the reflection in a mirror. The one the answer book said was right was definately not, don’t get me wrong I find reflection in a mirror confusing as I don’t know my left from right and looking in a mirror makes it even worse because its the opposite way round. But blonde as I am, the book was wrong……………….No really!

Work finished, Asda Big Shop done, time for Jack’s rugby training and my running time. It was a great run tonight, lots more chatter,putting the world to rights, so much so we failed to notice we’d upped  the pace a notch,a whole minute and 25 seconds of a notch, well chuffed. Going to give the abs a rest tomorrow, let the pain ease a bit. Laughing is no fun when it hurts.

7 miles in 1:04:12

It’s Friday tomorrow

Bring it on



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