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Remember these….

So I’m sat here feeling drained, absolutely exhausted – why? Have I run miles, cycled even further or been to the gym – nope. It’s been our Class trip, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it but boy do you feel tired once it’s all over. Still I can highly recommend the  Bradford Media Museum – it’s a fab place and probably even better if you go without 30 kids. I’ve got to admit to having the urge to wonder off with my camera and enjoy everything on show but I don’t think that would have gone down too well – I can’t think why!!

At least the kids seemed to enjoy it as well, from making movies to pretending to be a teletubby in front of the blue screen to the magic room they loved it all – still can’t believe that they had never heard of ‘Gordon the Gopher’ though! Yes there was definitely quite a few blasts from the pasts on show and not just T.V characters. I’d completely forgotten about those cube flashes we used to fasten on top of cameras, how big the first home video cameras were – you needed to be a weightlifter to hold one and as for the size of the video recorders -no wonder our TV unit used to be so flaming big…….

and these

A great day out

Friday Feeling tomorrow

Bring it on



So just a quick blog tonight as it’s the ‘end of year’ night out and I need to get ready. Not that I feel a bit like going out – but that”s another story.

So at the second attempt we managed to go on our school trip to Castleton. The mines were fab the swimming was good it pissed it down on and off all day – 2 kids were sick on the journey and I’m not surprised as we had the bus driver from hell – Still we made it back in one piece – Just, and I’ll give you the full story tomorrow.

Off to get Ready

Will I manage to complete the Westgate Run

Bring it On

Yaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwnn- The Countdown’s On

So firstly apologies for the lack of blog last night but I was too emotionally drained ( and totally knackered) to even think about writing one. I wasn’t feeling at my best anyway – the Iron infusion side effects were kicking in big style and the sleepless night hadn’t helped. Then there was a day of rehearsing for the leavers production and the mass panic over getting the power point etc finished ……………….I think you get the idea – I was done in.

But as things go ‘It was alright on the night’, the kids were awesome, they sang their hearts out and come the last song (the one I’ve sobbed my way through for the last fortnight!) There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Thankfully I managed to not make a holy show of myself and left the loudest sobs to the parents……………..Till I got home – 24 Hours in A&E ( the tv programme not that I was in A & E) finished me off. Why oh Why I watch these programmes I’ll never know – I’m hopeless. Diy SOS, One born every minute, children’s hospital. They all have the same effect – I am getting better though – when I was pregnant with Jack I used to sob my way through Neighbours……………….

So the countdowns on,  six days till Year Six leave for good (gulp) and the Big Holidays begin (wahoo). But the list of what needs doing before now and then seems to get longer by the hour and the biggest problem about last week of Summer Term is that the kids get in the way. We really need an out of school club for the whole school – any volunteers?

Production Finished

School Trip Tomorrow (2nd attempt)

Bring it on



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