Boris Mega Bike and the Attack of the Mozzies…………..

Well I got to the end of the road where school is this morning and nearly (very,very nearly) pedaled on by. Not only was it a beautiful morning ,but Boris mega bike is awesome, even the sore knee went unnoticed – until I stopped. Yep the new bike is a huge success, just needs the seat tightening (Ernie forgot) thought I was sliding about a bit, and some winter tyres- no really. I thought Ernie was kidding when he mentioned it last night, but (and I hate to admit it) he’s right. Not that there’s anything wrong with the new tyres but they’re no good in the mud and it doesn’t matter which way home I go – I hit the mud at some point.

The cycle home was split in two by a school rugby match, yesterdays- which I was meant to go watch was cancelled, so as I pass Jacks school on my way home anyway, I decided to call in and see how they were doing. I was glad I did – they played some half decent stuff with only 11 players and thrashed the opposition – not bad for a team that have yet to train together and a P.E teacher who doesn’t know the rules!! Downside of calling in to watch the rugby game – you can now draw a dot to dot on my face. The school field is next to a beck and maybe it was due to the improtu sunshine but the whole place was swarming with mozzies – now I look like I’ve been eaten alive – hopefully the piriton kicks in by morning or Ill be going to work with a bag on my head.

Nearly seven miles cycled

Year 2 P.E in the morning

Bring it on

A Knocked Knee and Vibration White Finger……………………

So as the fiasco that is Yorkshire Junior Rugby continues the attention today moved to school rugby – nearly as much of a fiasco if I’m honest. We never seem to know whats happening till it’s too late. Today was the first game of year 8 and how many times have the school team trained together this term – they haven’t. But then again if todays result is anything to go by they don’t need to – they won 62-4. The quality of rugby is a world away from what we are used to on a weekend but then so are the stress levels  nice not to stand there feeling a nervous wreck. Sadly some parents(well at least one!) think School rugby and league rugby should be played at the same level and carry on to such an extent at the side of the pitch that they are now banned!! So how did said parent overcome this predicament – he hid in the bushes at the side of the school field, complete with camouflage coat -we only spotted him when he rang to say where he was and even then it was only the glint of his binoculars and haze of cig  smoke that gave him away!!

With the school rugby done it was time to head to ‘real rugby’ training. Sadly Jack couldn’t go – well I wouldn’t let him go. He’d taken a knock in the school game and had one knee cap twice the size of the other – I’ll just watch he said. Yea right,soon as I set off running he’d be on the pitch training – I’m not that daft!  So I left him sat with a bag of peas (garden not mushy) on his knee and told him to rest. It’s nearly back to normal size now.

So I went up to training without him so I could run with my mate, its was a fab run but you can definitely feel the change in temperature. So much so that our ‘Vibration White Finger’ syndrome is back! Yep my hand was fine while I was running, by the time I drove home I couldn’t feel my it.It tock half an hour in a hot bath for the feeling to come back. Why oh why I get it god only knows but I’m not a rarity because my mate gets it too. Time to get the gloves back out.

Rugby game won and run done

Off to report the dodgy bloke in the bushes

Bring it On



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