Lost in a Musical Melody……………

The last strains of ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ finished, I raised my arms and was engulfed in rapturous applause from the audience. Amazing – except for just one thing or maybe two. Firstly, I know many a song from a musical, I know how to sing them what expressions to make, how to use my arms for added effect and how to change the tone of my voice – sadly I can’t sing a note in tune- if only! Secondly, I wasn’t on stage – I’d done it again. Engrossed in a musical melody i’d completely forgotten where I was and found myself flinging my arms in the air while running down Oakenshaw Lane – another of my ‘101 ways to look a tit’ while out running moves- whoops. You see in my head I am a musical star – a tone-deaf one. Sadly the people I pass when out running don’t seem to share my enthusiasm – or like the sound of my voice!!Still there’s nowt like a good sing a long , even an out of tune one, to pass seven miles!

To be honest my iPod playlist is pretty embarrassing, mixed in with the Killers,Keane Kylie and dare I say S Club 7 is a who’s who of West end musicals – from Elaine Paige to Alain Boublil – I’ve got the lot!  I’ve always loved musicals and song and dance – not really sure where it came from. While my mates were all reading Jackie I was reading Fred Astaire’s biography  and while my friends were all buying chart music I was taping ‘songs from the shows’ LP’s loaned from the music library (right saddo) Still without my playlist I probably wouldn’t get round some of my runs – I just need to remember where I am.

7.1 miles run in 1:04:39

Number of people that laughed at my dodgy singing…….

Bring it on



Watch out- bear with sore head’s about!!!

Like a bear with a sore head!!!

Why is it when some days you really need a run, you haven’t a chance of fitting one in. I wish I’d have sneaked a couple of miles in before work now, but hindsight is a wonderful thing! Now I’m Ratty as hell. To be honest I shouldn’t be complaining as the reason I’m so busy is because our family holiday is looming so I’m frantically trying to get everything done before Friday – but there’s so much to do.

Take today for example – the car was in for it’s MOT (it failed!) and the nice MOT man (not) smeared his greasy paws all over my seats making my car smell like a workshop – great. So first job when I got home- cleaning the car. That meant the rest of the jobs- window washing, gardening etc got put back an hour.So I’ve now had to move my indoor cleaning jobs to tomorrow – or do I just leave it till Thursday as it will want doing again by then anyway…………..Yep, I’m one of life’s saddo’s – when I go on holiday I have to leave the house spotless – well come on I don’t want the burglars thinking I’m a scratter. To be honest I’m the same when Santa and the Easter Bunny are on the way – OK we don’t really believe anymore now we’re nearly twelve, but the same principle applies – in my book anyway!!!

Then there’s the clothes situation, fast as I wash them for thr holidays Jack puts them on – my only saving grace was it’s been too cold to wear shorts- guess What?? Yep, you’ve got it. a heatwave hit Wakefield at teatime, aaarrrggghhh!!!!

And then there’s good ol hubby, he’s working over an hour or two tomorrow so he can finish early Friday – aw bless him I thought, he’ll be able to do a few last minute jobs before we leave…………….Well he will if he gets round the golf course in time – Men – there ace………………..

No run today

Running tomorrow


Bring it on



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