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So, having missed out on Janathon last year due to recovering from knee surgery, I’m back for another go. I’d like to say the knee is fully recovered and I’m back to long runs – but I’m not. After a year of heeding the surgeons advice and avoiding running altogether, I’ve had enough. The gym is not for me,varying reasons, not least because when it comes down to it, I’m an outdoor kind of girl. So 2016 is the year I get my runners back on, granted my long distance days are over but I’d rather run a mile every other day than not at all. So that’s my aim – to run, walk or cycle everyday in January – bring it on.

One mile run – no stopping – it’s a start.  



So I’m sat here feeling drained exhausted and……… a bit like last night really except last night I could move my left shoulder, and didn’t have grazes and bruises forming on certain parts of my anatomy. And to think the day started so well .

Yes, I battled CBA Syndrome and was out running by quarter six, quite a good run despite not having the comfiest of running shoes – finding a replacement for my Nike Free Runners is not going to be easy- not a niggle to be felt in my knee and 2.2 miles done in 18 minutes -fab. Back in plenty of time for a shower and change before heading to work on Boris (my bike) I got there in near record time despite the wind trying to slow me down. Work went well, year 2 dance was great – we’re doing a stomp this half-term and they loved it. All was going great until we went swimming.

First we had the ‘how to squash 60 kids on one bus’ (the other forgot to come!) without having any H & S issues – good job 6 were off ill. Then we had ‘how to get through Wakefield in less than 5 minutes’  – things weren’t going well!! We arrived at the new all singing all dancing leisure centre with only 15 minutes of our lesson left, so it was ‘changed, in – out, changed’. Quickest swim ever – still the afternoon flew by. Bring on the weekend.

Alas the weekend hasn’t got off to the best of starts – with most of Wakefield getting gridlocked due to a serious road accident I was quite relieved to be on the bike knowing that when the queues started I could cycle by – well that was the plan. Shame some moron knocked me off before I got a chance to do that – nice that they thought to drive off and leave me there as well. Thankfully someone else came to my rescue and got Boris and I home in one piece – see there are nice people out there.  So a bit of TLC and Boris and I will be in full working order in no time at all and thank god for my cycling helmet – yes it makes me look a right wally but boy did it do its job today!!


Less ouch tomorrow

Bring it on!

Rest Day………….. Sofa not so Good

So the second day of my non running rest day got off to a later start than planned, mainly due to not going to bed until 2:30 this morning. Now I know Wakefield and Wales have similar letters in them but I still fail to understand how last nights Billy Bus Driver managed to take us the long way round coming back from Widnes. (Thank god we didn’t play tonight, we’d have never have made it back) So glad the club was open when we got back, cos boy did I need another ‘ickle drink’.

So this morning a ‘lie in’ was called for. Tiredness however has not done much to prevent me from wanting to run. I’ve only missed one day and already I’m desperate to get the running shoes back on. Even the snow hasn’t put me off cos I’ve got some nice new yak trax that I never gotthe chance to test last year. I Can’t see me lasting another day without a little run.  However if the snow carries on falling at the current rate I’ll need more than Yak Trax to help me round.

Last Day Of Rest

Bring it On

Its Not How You Start its How You Finish…………Does on Your Knees Count?

So Day 30 of Janathon dawned cold and frosty and it was a very tired Jacksmumontherun that rolled out of bed. To be fair I knew I was going to be tired when last nightI fell asleep before I’d even managed to press the on button  on the TV remote . Hubby thought it was hilarious when he came up an hour later to find me fast asleep,remote in hand, TV off. Git.

The one thing that kept me going today was the fact that I was going to reach my target of 150 miles running in a month a whole day early. But nothing was going to stop the Monday morning  feeling being in full force today.Still I had year 6 swimming to look forward to, thats always a joy on a Monday morning. We have 3 different ability swimming groups. Guess who’s got ‘the bouyancy  of a brick’ group, yep, you’ve got it, me! Any top tips on how to teach someone to swim when your on the side of the pool and they’re in it will be greatfully recieved. It wouldn’t be so bad if they we’re at a similar level but they range from swimming with one foot on the bottom while holding the hand rail to ploughing through the water like Free willy making a bid for freedom, more water out of the pool than in. All in a days work !!

Despite the tiredness todays run went pretty well, yes the niggly knee is starting to throb a bit but it’s not niggly for nothing. I suppose running through the mud didn’t help but I thought the temperature dropping would mean the puddles freezing over a bit,nah, wrong again. Time for another ‘101 ways to look a tit while running’ moves. Now had there been no one about I would have walked but no such luck. So I did my best Bambi on Ice impression and just about managed to stay upright. Running shoes and tights are a lovely colour though. Still, only one Janathon run left and then 3 more running days after that and then I’m having the weekend off. Wahoo.

Janathon Day 30. 4.28 miles in 36 minutes and 38 seconds. 150.7 miles done and only ONE day left.



Bring it on



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