Dry January

Day five of Janathon and ‘dry January’ took on a whole new meaning – nothing to do with giving up alcohol and more to do with finally completing some Janathon exercise without getting soaked, covered in mud or both it felt strange arriving home as dry and clean as when I’d set off!!!  I’d like to say I’d stayed clean all day – alas no!!! The  joys of turning the class room into a Greek temple saw me covered in white paint and PVA – the temples looking good – wish I could say the same for my new work dress.

6 Greek columns painted
1.1 miles run
The knees holding up
Bring it on!!!!


Running in the Rain

So I had planned a bike ride today, but then I slept in!! Typical!!! I’ve been trying to have a sleep in for the last fortnight with little success, I finally manage it when I don’t want to. On the plus side the changed plans meant going for another run, a run in the rain. Ive been stuck in the gym so long I’d forgotten just how enjoyable running in the rain was. Another mile logged and the knees holding up, fingers crossed it lasts.

A mile run

Slightly faster than yesterday

Bring it on!!!2b2ce2ce4c6575722aa5e77441b4a733


The One-Socked Wonder!!


So first week back at work and it’s fair to say we hit the ground running, no easing back into it gently, bang, welcome back. Still only tomorrow to go and then we’ve got a bank holiday to come – boy am I ready for it!!!
To be fair it’s probably exercise that’s left me tired I can’t just blame work ( though trying to explain the 5K’s of Sikhism to a class of nine and ten year old was exhausting – give me a nice bible story any day!!) I’ve done 2 early morning runs, and can now proudly say I’ve managed to run a mile in under 8 minutes, I’m not sure that was quite the steady pace my surgeon said I could run at but in my defence…….. Well I haven’t got one really, once I started I just couldn’t slow down. Then there’s been the daily cycle to work and back and a nice steady run tonight I suppose I haven’t eased myself in gently either!! On the plus side the weathers been lovely which always makes the cycle home easier – until today that is – not only did the temperature drop by about 20 degrees from morning to afternoon,but some muppet decided to hide one of my socks. By the time I got home I couldn’t feel my foot – I am out for revenge!!!!
Busy busy busy
Friday tomorrow
Bring it on!!!

A Short Situation!!


The weather must be confused, day two of the holidays and day two of sunshine, just what is going on??? Not that I’m complaining, I’ve been outside all day long, painting fences and walls, cutting and re- seeding lawns and sorting out the shed – it looks like the indoor jobs will have to wait!
With the jobs done it was time for a run and due to the weather the layers were finally shed – the shorts are out!! New shorts ( well 3/4 length). Alas the new shorts only lasted a mile before I had a wardrobe malfunction – I only pulled the string to tighten the top – it came off in my hand. Great!! Over a mile from home and baggy shorts. Bizarrely, other than the odd shuffle to pull the offending shorts up, I ran one of the best 3 miles for some time. I might wear them every run!

3 miles run in 27 minutes.
Taking the shorts back tomorrow
Bring it on!

Lost………Maybe Not!!!

I was alone, darkness was falling, I didn’t know where I was. How was I ever going to get home……….

So I had planned a run or cycle today, however my niggle free knee started to niggle. All because I caught my foot in my PJ bottoms (that’s what you get for buying a size too big cos they were cheap in the sale!!) as I carried the morning coffee/tea upstairs. Thankfully, and god knows how, I only spilt a little bit and squashed my Jaffa cakes, but other than that all was well until I started up the next staircase and felt a twinge. Plan B!

With the men in my life heading out to the rugby I decided on a walk, and thanks to an email last night asking about a railway relic I had photographed I decided to go back for another look -big mistake. Don’t get me wrong it was a lovely walk and a much longer walk than my gps would have you believe, but maybe not setting off until two wasn’t the best of ideas ,especially when I realised there was a building site through the middle of where I walk. Seemingly (so a nice lady dogwalker told me) they are replacing the old pit stacks, which they have discovered are poisonous ,with nice clean, non poisonous soil. Poisonous -eek. Jack and I have had life climbing up and down there -whoops.

The building site, threw me off track literally. I couldn’t find where I wanted to go, then when I did find it I couldn’t find my way back – I was starting to panic, but more because I didn’t want the chicken I’d left roasting to be overcooked than anything else -though I must confess it was a tad scary!!

Still, those regular readers of my blog will know that as good as I am at getting lost, I am also just as good at finding my way back. Today was no different and typically, having climbed muddy bankings and squelched my way through clay, dodgy soil and other things I came out on a path that would have taken me straight there. I would have been better running or cycling, it would have been easier on the knee.

By four o clock ish, I was nearly back at the car, and after a chat with some fishermen, who had been sat on the canal side for over eight hours (are they mad!) I headed home, caked in mud and clay. I certainly got some strange looks when I called in Tesco’s on the way home. I got some even stranger looks when I walked back in again five minutes later. You see I bought my loaf of bread and headed home, it was only when I went to get my house key out did I realise it was in the car -still parked at Tesco’s. I’d forgotten I’d gone in it and walked home -good job it’s only at the bottom of the street -what a Wally!!

Time lost -half an hour. Time walking -two hours

Three miles done, a few photos taken

Bring it on

A great start and a little consellation………

Spotted in the night sky...

Spotted in the night sky…

So considering we didn’t get home until silly o clock on Sunday morning after a Saturday night at the local beer festival, I was pretty impressed when at 5:45 this morning I dragged myself out of bed to go for a run. By seven the washing was on the line, the bolognaise was in the slow cooker and I even cycled to work – great start to the week. Come ten o clock I was in desperate need of caffeine, and my healthy lunch was not really what the ‘you’ve over indulged doctor’, ordered!Still, I did get to spend the best part of an hour staring into space – literally! Yep the plus side of working in a school, you occasionally get the chance to just sit. Today we got the chance to lay -star spotting in a Planetarium. It was fab, I stayed awake -just and pretended that I really could see the bear and the swan and even the upside woman on a chair. Truth be told I could have laid there for the next month and still not made them out, I don’t think I ever will not unless the star fairy joins the dots up some time soon!!!

Not a bad start to the week

Off to spot some stars

Bring it on!

Janathon and on and on………


Well firstly let me start by wishing you all a ‘Happy New Year’ and I know I promised you a review of all I did in 2012 but I didn’t get to bed until the early hours and I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. On the plus side although it was a late night it was a sober one – a night on diet coke meant I was fresh and raring to go for day one of Janathon (is it really a year since the last one!)

Maybe raring to go is a slight exaggeration but by 11 o clock I had done 3 miles and was busy cooking breakfast for the more hung over one in the house (Ernie not Jack) -it was much better weather to start this Janathon than the last one, last year it was pouring rain -today glorious sunshine. Lets hope it keeps up. I didn’t see many others out there this morning, apart from the few that were clearly just on their way home – it was the staggering and the smell of stale beer that gave it away. Mind you I didn’t see anyone when I went out for my walk this afternoon either everyone is clearly suffering or they prefer the sales to tramping through mud by the canal side. Give me a good old walk any day.

3 miles run, 2.2 miles walked

First day of Janathon done

Bring it on


Whatever the Weather……………

So despite the very busy weekend and feeling so tired that I could have rolled over when the alarm fired up and had another forty winks I still managed to drag myself out of the door and go for a run. Yep 5:45 saw me running down the street and into the fog – mad I know, but that’s runners for you. It was just short of 3 miles and I loved every minute of it- I’d forgotten just how much I like early morning running. Even better news was the fact that from a knee point of view, it was another pain free run. I’m feeling pretty chuffed.

So with my run done, it was time for a quick shower and breakfast before heading to work on my bike. Not sure when the fog turned to fog and lashing down rain – probably around the time I got my bike out of the shed. Exactly an hour after drying and straightening my hair I was drying and straightening again – I’m seriously considering wearing a shower cap under my helmet. It wouldn’t be so bad if once wet my hair dried into nice curls, but no. I turn into Crystal Tips (70’s cartoon character for those too young to remember!) I suppose I could have gone in the car and saved my hair but I really needed to get my legs moving. Saturday’s nearly 13 mile bike ride has caused my thighs to seize up. It’s a good job I’m not seeing my Physio this week, if he thought I was walking bad last week, this week -well!!

One run, two bike rides done

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

Fitting in Fitness and a Blind Referee……..

Strange really, but now I’m back at work its much easier to fit my runs etc in. You would think that having six weeks off would allow for loads of running but it just doesn’t work that way. I suppose I could have got up earlier to run before the start of everything else but then that’s not a holiday is it, and time with Jack is precious so I won’t put running before him either. But all in all I have clocked up a fair few miles running and we have walked swam and cycled nearly every week so its still exercise – it all must count towards the ‘getting my fitness back’ campaign.

So today I cycled to work – 1.5 miles, cycled home (the scenic route) – 4 miles and ran while Jack was at rugby training – 6.2 miles – not a bad day really. Now the real challenge – can I get up and run before work – I haven’t done that in a while – watch this space!

What with work and keeping fit there hasn’t been much time for paralympic watching today – however I did get a chance to watch the blind football – what a game. No rolling about feigning injury like some overpaid professionals I could mention, it’s fascinating to watch. Trouble is it led to another of Jack’s classic questions – ‘Is the referee blind as well?’ Mind you this is the kid who during the Paralympic opening ceremony asked ‘whats the point in signing  the songs’ – the blind people can’t see ……Er – she’s doing it for the deaf ones Jack. I think there’s more than one blonde in this house!!!

2 bike rides and a run logged

Early Morning Run – hopefully

Bring it on



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