So firstly, apologies for no blog last night, no excuses, I just couldn’t be arsed – not like me I know, but it was one of those days. I woke up shattered and grumpy, it was absolutely chucking it down and the only thing that kept me going was the fact it was non-uniform day – so I could wear my jeans to work. I love my jeans!!!

Alfie’s Steak

So after F & B’s it was up to the rugby club, the intention being that the lads could have a run round while we had a drink, unfortunately, rain stopped play. The deluge through the day was nothing compared to what we got in the evening – I expected Noah and his ark to float along the rugby pitch at any moment – rain rain rain rain – it never let up! Summer rugby – today’s game was well and truly off!

So to today, well thankfully we actually had something yellow glowing in the sky and for once  it wasn’t a weather warning triangle. In fact in-between the showers, I’ve managed to dry three loads of washing – yipee! What else have I done……………..well I’ve pottered all day and yet managed to do sod-all, I don’t think I’ve finished one job – oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

Now we’re watching Wendy- ball and frankly it’s crap.More diving than a submarine – boring!!! Glass of wine time – yes please.

Lazyish day today

Getting my jobs done tomorrow

Bring it on



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