Sleeping Beauty Wakes up Feeling Grumpy!!!!

Well when I said I was having a sleep in I wasn’t kidding – 13 hours I slept. So much for me nipping into town while it was quiet – waking at 11:30 doesn’t allow for that!! So did I awake feeling refreshed for the weekend ahead ……… er no. I awoke with the hangover from hell – only not a drop of alcohol crossed my lips last night – strange. Still everybody has told me I’ll feel better for it tomorrow – can’t wait!

So I haven’t done anything that I had planned other than sort out the rugby kit for tomorrows final – and that was a lot harder than it should have been – how the lads manage to lose so much kit between taking it off and putting it in the wash bag is beyond me, but they do. Some of them are going to have to breathe in tomorrow if they want their kit to fit.

Waking late meant I never got chance to run today either, which kind of means that Juneathon has gone out of the window as I’ve only run twice since we got home. But what with rugby, work, birthdays and forthcoming surgical procedures (that I won’t divulge – yet) June seems to be a busy month – maybe I’m going to have to do an ‘onmyownathon’ in July – watch this space!!

Lots of sleeping done

U12’s Challenge Cup Final tomorrow (If I’m up)

Bring it on



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