Bank Holiday Sunday in the Land of the Giants………





So another bank holiday weekend over, not long until the next one, no really it’s not long -try 3 weeks!! Not that we’ve done anything special. I’ve spent most of my extra day off washing, cleaning, ironing and studying, it’s my own fault really. Having spent Saturday cycling (no mishaps this week – we didn’t even get lost)  sunbathing and reading the papers, it was my intention to get all my jobs done on Sunday while Jack was over in Hull playing rugby -the lure of a trip out to East Hull proved too tempting though. Christ knows why. There were some right sights, and I don’t mean the docks and the Humber Bridge!! Why women wander around in nightie and dressing gowns beyond , but at quarter two in the afternoon complete with saggy knockers trailing on the floor -still it takes all sorts!!! Just to add to the ‘why have I come feeling’ Jack’s team lost. To be honest they never stood much of a chance, the opposition had clearly spent the winter break sat in a grow bag, and there was I thinking my son was finally catching up. They were huge, one had a beard (these are U14’s) and most were taller than two of the U16’s who had come to watch -it’s going to be a long season!!!

With the jobs done it was time to get my head in the maths books again, Construction Loci-always a favourite of mine (never bleeding heard of it!) Still now I know where Tommy can plant his tree, how far a dog can wa

nder on a lead and how to draw some random diagram that means absolutely sod all! Measures tomorrow, I can’t wait, hopefully it will be a measure of something alcoholic!!

had a lovely weekend

looks like a soggy sprint in the morning (the Bank Holiday weather has arrived)

Bring it on!

The Sun is Shinning and the Rugby is ………….

sunSo, as is the tradition on Good Friday, it was rugby league derby day with the not so mighty Wakefield Trinity (my team) taking on the currently in form Castleford. On the plus side the sun shone brightly……….that was about it really. We lost !!!! I suppose there are other positives to take from the game, we actually scored more than 6 points, we prevented the opposition from scoring more than fifty points (just!) and Daddy Cool, the club mascot, stuffed Cas’s strange-looking tiger thing in the half time race!!

It’s fair to say being a Wakey fan is somewhat depressing at the moment, we just can’t win. Don’t get  me wrong, for nearly 1/4 of the game we actually looked like we knew what we were doing – the rest of it. Well put it this way we won’t be wasting our hard-earned cash going to the Easter Monday game.

Still the day wasn’t a total let down with another 9 miles logged on the bike this morning, lots of uphills, not many downs and for the second time in 3 days I braved the funny fanny path -you blokes don’t know how lucky you are. Bouncing up and down over tree roots, branches and old train lines doesn’t make for the comfiest of rides -I pedaled the whole thing without stopping though, I am definitely getting better!

A beautiful day

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

Whatever the weather………

028_edited-1So Janathon day 26 and the end is in sight, hopefully that will mean the never-ending pile of muddy washing will end soon -or will it? The thing is the never-ending stream of outdoor clothes in the wash basket kind of signifies who I am, or more to the point who we are as a family. Between all 3 of us we golf, run, cycle, walk and play rugby, with or without Janathon we tend to always be on the go. I can’t see it changing anytime soon.

This morning saw us out in the pouring rain watching my son play rugby, the second game in a week, not bad to say we’re meant to be on a season break! If the conditions weren’t the best to begin with -they soon got a whole lot worse. Pouring rain became torrential rain and the pitch became a swamp, come half time the ref had little option but to abandon the game. Shame the opposition thought winning at all costs was more important than the health and safety of the kids on the pitch, but never mind!!!

With little sign of the whether improving it looked like it was going to be a wet and windy run for me this afternoon, not that I mind running in the rain but I am beginning to get webbed feet, my running shoes seem to be permanently soaked. Thankfully the running gods were kind and I didn’t get quite as wet as expected, not that I really noticed the weather I was trying to convince myself that I wasn’t about to get cramp, I have a real phobia about cramp I just can’t cope with having no control of it, anyway the cramp never materialised, just very tight calves -maybe yesterdays 30 day squat challenge didn’t help. Still another 2 miles in the bag and another running kit in the wash……

2 miles run

90 sit-ups

135 crunches

55 leg raises

80 seconds of planking

40 squats

22 push-ups

5 days to go

Bring it on

………..and relax!!!

So finally I’ve sat down – how did that happen. Where did the day go and what happened to my best laid plans.
Well for a start there was no way I was going to do the planned run home from Jacks rugby game, the various 30 day challenges meant I awoke with someone else’s legs. Great rugby game though, and I got to play with my new camera lens. I’m impressed!
We didn’t get home till early afternoon, I would like to say I then hung my washing out, alas my washer is back to having senior moments and turned itself off mid cycle. Joy!! Just what you want when you’ve another mud mountain to get rid off – thank god I don’t do the kit anymore. Jack’s stuff was bad enough.
So, in between reminding the washing machine what it was doing, cleaning the car (mud) bathroom (mud) and kitchen – yep you’ve guessed it – mud. I shopped, made the tea, packed lunches, edited the rugby photos and finally sneaked in a jog round the block before completing 65 sit-ups, 85 crunches 42 leg lifts, 55 seconds of planking and seven ( I’m pants at push-ups) push-ups. Time for a martini me thinks. Roll on work tomorrow I need a rest!!!

Week to weak

I need a rest.

I need a rest.

I kind of knew it was going to be one of those weeks when come Monday morning I was trying to put my top on with the coat hanger still in it – not a good look. I got to work to find I was spending the day with the less happy of the seven dwarves (only joking Parky!) and things got no better when I nearly killed the ‘Asda Big Shop’ delivery man with an empty crate. Whoops!! Still he accepted my apologies – I didn’t realise he was on his way back with the next crate of shopping just at the same time as I was about to put my empty on the step for him to pick up. Oh well, maybe I should have given up there and then!!

From then on in things got no better, although Tuesday wasn’t too bad – I got full marks in my Maths test. Every time I cycled to work it wanged it down, Wednesday was a cabin fever indoor play day.Thursday and some of Friday was only survived thanks to Imodium, ginger biscuits and diet coke, Saturday saw me missing a family party due to feeling  crap and this morning I knew why I felt crap -furry tonsils the size of golf balls (slight exaggeration but they are definitely furry!) Joy -five days to half term, hurry up.

Still, there have been some plus points. Weekend cycling was back with  a vengeance and loads of mud, I managed to run a sneaky mile (though if my consultants reading this – I didn’t!) and Jack and his team mates played some great rugby this morning to get through to the next round of the cup.  Go Crigg! It’s the first game I’ve been to in a while and I really enjoyed it though I could have done without the female ref who I am sorry to say did nothing to promote the women’s side of rugby league. I have seen some very good female refs, (well two) in fact one was one of the best refs we’ve ever had. Todays ref wasn’t. She did her best to bring some sort of order into the game and in the end caused chaos, a 40 minute game lasted the best part of an hour and half -thank god I hadn’t put the beef in!!

Hope to feel a bit healthier tomorrow

Half term is nearly here

Bring it on

Proud to be A Groovy Gang Mum…………….

groovyIt’s fair to say I was well chuffed with my son’s rugby this morning. Defensively he had a great game and put in some good tackles, I wish I could say he had a great attacking game as well, alas I think he only got his hands on the ball once. That in itself is annoying enough. But when I tell you he is actually the half back and should, with the exception of  the hooker, probably handle the ball more than any one else, you will probably understand why I am annoyed. It was, by far, the most frustrating game of rugby league I have ever watched and at that we won.

Seemingly team is spelt with more than one  ‘I’, or it is in our case. The cool gang, only pass to one another, regardless of whether there are players around them who could do a better job or not -all in the name of impressing the ‘rugby league scout’. Except they’re impressing no one,they are missing the point (or more to the point -a certain pushy parent is. The one who stands there telling the kids to to do the total opposite to the coach.)  Rugby League is a team game, always has been, always will be. Individual players don’t make for a good team and you can’t have two teams in one -the cool gang and the groovy gang. So are these players about to embark on a super league career ………….? Er no, not at the ripe old age of 12 and 13 they’re not. Yep this is Junior Rugby, surely it should be about having fun, having mates and learning all there is to know about our great game -obviously not!!

The joys of Junior Rugby….

It can only get better

Bring it on

The Game That Never Was and the Game That Was a Whole Lot Better Than it Should Have Been…..


At last, blue skies, wall to wall sunshine, not a rain cloud to be seen. This Summer Rugby League marlakey was finally going to live up to what we were promised. Basking in the sunshine

Comebacks on!!!

Comebacks on!!!

watching our kids play. Then the telephone rang. Due to a monumental cock-up there was no game, half the opposition team were on their jolly hols, and rightly so -it is half term after all. Trouble is despite them cancelling 2 weeks ago no one thought to tell us, then when they did let’s just say that instead of crossed wires we had crossed Emails and unfortunately the one that said ‘the games off’ didn’t appear until today. Oh well, people are only human and mistakes are easily made, though looking at some of the posts on a local rugby forum you’d think it was a matter of life and death -yes the keyboard warrior strikes again!! There are some really sad people out there!

So with no game yesterday we had to wait  until today for our rugby fix, trouble is it was Wakefield v Wigan and our form in recent weeks meant we didn’t have a hope in hell. ………..Wrong!! We nearly caused the upset of the season and won -and to think I very nearly stayed home to finish topping off the tan. Yep at long last Wakefield played with a bit of pride and passion  – if only you got points for effort. Hopefully the corner has been turned and Wakefield’s form is returning -watch this space!!

Beautiful Weather

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on!!

A Sporty Day Out with the Darts n Dominoes Cup…………

3 days off - wahoo!!!

3 days off – wahoo!!!

It’s a good job I’m not a girlie girl who loves to ‘shop till u drop’ and pamper and preen because in our house there’s no chance. Sport, sport and more sport -it’s all we do. Yesterday was definitely no different.

The day started with Jack’s rugby, not that the poor kid got to play. He only lasted the warm up before he turned a whiter shade of pale and needed a lie down. Whatever he’s had/got is taking some getting over. Back to the doctors again on Tuesday – we might as well have our own chairs we’re there that often ! Anyway, on the plus side Crigg won, much to the disgust of the opposition parents who clearly thought they were going to come and turn us over -they didn’t. You would have thought the winner would get a million pounds not two league points the way they carried on. I’ve seen many things at junior rugby games and to be honest nothing comes as a real shock anymore but a police Van and a car!!!Alas the guilty party had made a quick getaway along with the rest of the team -still there were plenty and pie n peas left for the coppers.

So it was home to watch the football and hope and pray that Barnsley managed to stay up -they did. It was turning into a great day. All we needed now was for the mighty Wakey to beat Catalan and it would be a Saturday to remember. Not only did we have the rugby to enjoy but Jacks team were getting the chance to parade their silverware around the pitch at half time. The only problem was that one trophy had already been handed back so we had to improvise. It wasn’t that hard, like most rugby clubs we have a variety of silverware around the place – we picked the biggest………..Shame it was for a darts and dominoes league!! Still it’s amazing what you can do with a computer,printer and laminator -no one will ever know………

Wakefield Won

It’s a Bank Holiday

Bring it on!!!

Value for money………………

The Nerves didn't last long.....

The Nerves didn’t last long…..

So I’ve paid to watch two games of Rugby League this weekend. One cost two quid to get in and the program was a £1, the other cost twenty quid (or would have done if I didn’t have a season ticket) and the program cost £2.50. One game was played with pride, passion and had a huge amount of talent on show the other was lack-lustre -bordering on boring and their was no pride,passion or to be brutally honest, give or take a couple of players, effort to be seen. I’m proud to say my son played in the first game.

Yep -yesterday was a bit of a deja vu moment for me. Exactly a year to the day since I had spent the morning feeling sick with nervous anticipation and here I was feeling the same way. The only difference was last year I was about to embark on a 5 mile run in and around the Olympic stadium this time I was waiting for Jack’s rugby game to kick-off. I don’t know why I get so nervous before his games, I just do. Especially when the games are finals or special events (todays game saw Jacks team representing Yorkshire) – I think it’s a sort of sympathy nerves – a bit like when men get strange cravings when their wives are pregnant, I get Jack’s vibes (poor kid can’t eat before a game) and feel just as nervous as he does. Once again the nerves weren’t called for – despite the constant disruption to training and match days due to the ridiculous weather ,the lads did all that was asked of them and more. They wore their Yorkshire Rose’s with pride and stuffed the Lancastrians big style – the ‘War of the Roses’ was well and truly won. Get in -shame the slightly more expensive game didn’t live up to its Junior game.

A cracking Easter Weekend

Two weeks off to enjoy

Bring it on

Back on Boris (again)

Well Done Impact.

Well Done Impact.

Finally we did it, back out on the bikes for our Sunday morning mystery tour. For varying reasons, rugby, snow and even CBA Syndrome, Hubby and I  haven’t made it out for the last few weeks, I haven’t hit the gym in over a week either, it’s fair to say I was getting desperate to get back on the exercise wheel -it felt good. So we headed out and found yet another new route to follow, I can’t believe that I’ve lived here all my life and have never been to some of these places,either that or I’m getting to that age where I’ve forgotten. Through the woods we went, onto the lake -past the sailing club that I didn’t know existed and then back along what we thought was a cycle path -you know what thought did!! Imagine that lovely green mountain where Julie Andrews sang ‘the hills are alive’. Well it was like that only it wasn’t the sound of music they were alive with, more like me screaming as we bolted downhill through grassy field -I loved it.

It’s fair to say it’s been a busy weekend, but then when is it ever anything else? Friday night saw me out to support some of our year 5’s as they competed in the final of the ‘Future Stars’ talent show – an initiative organised by the community police, putting money retrieved from dodgy folk to good use. Bless them (our year 5’s not the dodgy folk),they’d already won £500 for the school in the heats and had a chance to win £3000 in the final but sadly it was not to be. It wasn’t for lack of trying -they’ve practised every break and lunchtime for weeks and in my totally unbiased opinion they along with 2 other acts were far better than the act that won -still what do I know. Mind you what did one of the judges know -he can’t even run our local council properly never mind judge a talent show and he had a manbag……I rest my case.

Saturday dawned bright and beautiful – at last some Rugby in the sunshine. I still had 4 layers on but it’s definitely getting warmer!! Jack’s season has now started and despite the team being rusty to say the least,they managed to win -this time last year they’d have blown the opposition out of the water but I’m sure to they’ll be back to form in no time at all. To be honest if you’d seen the size of todays opposition you wouldn’t have fancied our chances, don’t get me wrong we’ve got some bigger than average players but they were man mountains, one of them needed a shave -guess who’s shorter than short son was marking him. He’s braver than me -I’d have run in the other direction!

So now we’re back to Sunday evening -just how do we get here so quick? I still haven’t done all the jobs I planed to do but at least I’ve managed to fit a blog in, I thought I’d better. I’ve had some complaints about the lack of it (there you go Alison -you’ve got your mention!) I will try harder this week, honestly I will.

At last a bike ride

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

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