I Stand Corrected and a Cry Fest…………….

Ok, so I admit it I got it wrong. In  fact, I got two things wrong!

  • Firstly, the ready rolled pastry that I never even knew supermarkets sold, was actually extremely nice – I stand corrected!
  • Secondly, the e-mail from Asda about the photo’s was clearly a wapping mistake as when I called in at the local store to see what was going on. Not only were the photo’s there a whole day early, but they also seem to have printed a whole load of pictures I didn’t ask for. I thanked them for their help and pegged it before they realised I owed them another £7 – well come on, it’s not like the photos are any good for any one else. I’m still not sure how they managed to print them. Yes I uploaded them but I never,ever added them to my basket!!
  • So, we’ve eaten the Quiche (yum), and the photo’s are all sorted for tomorrow’s school gala. So all in all a better day – granted the ‘I’m going to keep you awake fairy’ (close relation to ‘hot sweat fairy’) kept me up half the night so I was still dog tired (why do we say that?) but it was definitely a better day.

Maybe me being so tired was the reason for me starting a ‘Cry Fest’ this afternoon. I didn’t mean to reduce half of year six ( slight exaggeration but it wasn’t far off!) to tears, but I just couldn’t help it. We are currently in full throe rehearsing for next weeks leavers production ‘Blast from the Past’ . It’s a fun look back at school days gone by – think Navy Blue Knickers and warm bottles of milk – most of it’s hilarious. Until that is, we get to the last song – a moving little number about growing and moving on. If I’m honest, the song gets me every time, but today one of the girls, with a voice of an angel, just blew me away and I lost it and sat there with tears rolling down my cheeks. Whoops, singing turned to wailing  and then loud sobbing and that was just the lads. Bless them, I think the reality of moving to High School is getting to us all.  There’s only one thing for it, next week I’ll just have to sit there with a paper bag on my head – that way we’ll all hold it together  – or I’ll suffocate. Either way at least we’ll make it to the end without crying!!! 

Photos sorted at last

School Gala Tomorrow

Bring it On

Fairy Tired………………………

So, the photos finally uploaded, only for me to realise that it had got to number 347 and decided to give up. I set it going again and went to bed in the hope the ‘photo fairy’ would come and it would be finished by the morning. While the ‘photo fairy’ didn’t arrive, the ‘hot sweat  fairy’ did. Meaning that at half two this morning I finally finished the job, paid online and went back to bed. At tea time I got an e-mail telling me I had successfully ordered and paid for NO photos, not one ARRGGHHHHH!

A great end to a great day. Thanks to the ‘hot sweat fairy’ I’ve spent half of the day in a trance, tired doesn’t come into it. However, on the plus side,  being in a trance means I’ve avoided getting into a conversation with ‘Rain Man Kid’ (see yesterday) I didn’t even crack up when he started playing Laurel and Hardy tunes again – well, I didn’t crack up as much as yesterday – come on it’s not that easy!!!!

So, I’ve just got Jack’s cookery stuff to sort – yes I’ve had some notice this time – and then I’m having an early night – not that Jack’s cookery stuff is going to take much doing. Ready made pastry?!?!?! What sort of cookery lesson is that – £3.50 for a block of pastry, so I bought ready rolled ( no, they really do sell ready rolled pastry – has the world finally gone mad!) it’s cheaper!! Quiche for tea tomorrow – might be nice – bet the pastrys bleeding awful!!!

Don’t think I’ll take much rocking

A ‘hot sweat fairy’ free night

Bring it On





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