Tour de Waterways………………

So no sun today but it was still warm, dry and slightly less muggy than yesterday – perfect conditions for a bike ride and picnic. Well it was once ‘sleeping beauty’ surfaced. Still with Jack snoring in his pit it gave me time to do a few house wifey things (booorrrinnng!) without any distractions.

By 11:30 we were finally ready to go then we bumped into one of the neighbours – By 12:00 we were ready to go…… It was a bit of a bumpy ride in parts to start with – mainly as I missed the turn off for the nice flat bit but on the plus side we had a better view of the river. It was when we came to the bridge where  I had to carry the bikes up the stairs that I realised that carrying a backpack containing 2 jumpers, 2 rain coats, 1 bottle of suncream (well you just never know what the weathers going to do) 2 bottles of , 2 bottles of water, sandwiches, crisps,some caramel shortbread, a bike lock and a pack of chewing gum – oh and my emergency pound – was making it hard going. In fact as I sit here now with my stomach muscles throbbing I know it was hard going. Still I’m all for a workout without trying!!!! 

Anyway, by then we were nearly at the ‘stop for lunch’ point. A wall near the Navigation Pub, a great place to watch the canal boats go by. Unfortunately, for us, we also got to watch several dead fish float by – now I’m no fish expert but they looked like goldfish to me – I’m sure goldfish don’t do canals! Still it didn’t put me off my tuna sandwich.

All in all it was a great ride and finding the right path on the way back made it much easier – still can’t quite believe it was eight miles though – sleeping beauty will never get up in the morning!!!

A fab afternoon by the waterways of Wakefield

A longer route next time

Bring it on

On my Walk I Saw…………..

So for once I took the doctors ‘run in moderation’ advice, and having run 5 times this week (!), decided not to bother – I went for a five and a half mile walk instead. The walk was linked to running as I wanted to see if I could get along the canal  from where we normally come off at the Navigation Pub (no we don’t stop of a sneaky beer) to the river that then takes me to the road near where I live. Can’t believe how easy it is to get through, not one but two options … Typical, we’ve been running the long way round for months.

Anyway, I persuaded Jack n Ernie to go watch the rugby (didn’t take much doing) so I could go for a walk in relative peace, give me chance to play with some of the artistic bits on my camera. Don’t get me wrong, I love walking with Jack but it’s a nightmare trying to concentrate on close up shots. Especially when he usually ends up standing on what I’m zooming in on!!!! So first stop was my Brothers house to drop his birthday card off (Happy Birthday Big Bro) a quick coffee and chat then off on my travels – the river is near mt brothers house as well.

It wasn’t long before I had my first close up shot’s in the bag (well camera!) Did quite well – I think so anyway, felt a bit of a tit laying down in the middle of a field but needs must!!!

So I carried on along the riverside until I came to the old bridge my brother told me about – apparently this would take me over the river to the canal, where I needed to be. Thing is, it is the dodgiest looking bridge you’ve ever seen. The trains run over the top bit and there’s a wooden tunnel that runs under it – with a wooden pier like floor that you can see the river flowing beneath you – no thanks. So I wandered on in hope of another way over – no such luck – dodgy bridge it was. Never been as scared in my life – from one end you couldn’t see the other – the iffy lighting didn’t help!! I just kept telling myself I wasn’t scared – out loud- and made a run for it!!!

The good news was the bridge meant there was a way through, bad news was in reality I don’t need to go that way, there’s an easier option on the other side – I’d scared myself to death for nothing – pft. So I carried on a little way taking in many different views and lots of different things to try my camera on. The running water shot went well, the plastic bag tree shot wasn’t too bad – no really, next time you let a plastic bag blow away just think about where it could end up!!! The shot of the Loch Ness Monster was awesome – Nessie is alive and well and living in Wakey. It was just the shot of the bee in flight that didn’t seem to work – probably due to the 2 killer geese that were up my arse as I tried to take it – all in a days walk for a photographer.

Lovely weather, a great walk, and another play with my camera.

5.5 miles walked

A gentle run tomorrow

Bring it on



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