Whoa oh oh, My Thighs Are on Fire………

20140105-203946.jpgSo having felt like a real runner again yesterday, today I woke up to the downside of geting back to running -jelly legs. You’d have thought I’d run a marathon not a mile and a bit! Still there was a nice bike ride to look forward to -joy. Actually I really did enjoy, once I’d gotten through the pain barrier – think that was mile ten!! Thankfully I was not the only one in pain, Hubby, who is recovering from a broken elbow was also feeling the pain -just somewhere else.

To say my thigh muscles were on fire is an understatement, but I plodded on (not sure that’s the correct cycling term but you know what I mean) lagging way behind hubby, but then that was a relief -he looked a right t*t in his new cycling balaclava type thing – it was like being out with a robber. still it kept his chin warm. There was also plenty to take my mind of my burning thighs -every man and his dog/bike/wife/kids were out. Our usual quite cycle route was like the M1 at rush hour. Ramblers, the husky dog walkers team (no really -I’ve never seen so many huskys in one place) the family walkers fun day out -complete with kids who clearly didn’t want to walk, the old cyclists the new cyclist, the father and son team and the my ‘head is so far up my own arse I don’t know how I manage to see where I’m cycling’ team. Honestly there are some bloody snotty cyclists out there -ok so I may not be mega fast or leap over tree roots or weave in and out of gravely bits at breakneck speed but so what,there’s no need for the pained looks of ‘what are you doing?’ I’m cycling just like you so do one fatso. Give me a nice friendly runner any day.

13.2 miles cycled (that’s what hubby’s phone said!)

Will I be able to move tomorrow?

Bring it on


The things you see and the things you do……….

Well I’ve seen some  running sights in my time pounding the streets, camels,trees, rhinos, the lady in a sequined dress. (London Marathon) Runners in so many layers of clothing I don’t know how they move, barefoot runners, bare arse  runners (London again!) but todays sight was a new one on me. Now I know it was raining this morning, in fact it was more than raining – waders were definitely required – but running with an umbrella!!! No really, the lady runner I passed this morning (she was a real runner -tights, trainers, the whole lot!!) had her brolly up. Not only that but she was clinging on to it for dear life as it was also blowing a gale……..Er, new one on me – maybe she was hoping, well I don’t really know what she was hoping for – still by the time I’d done wondering I was back home again. Another 2 miles in the bag.

It’s been a bit of a sporty dayall round really, running before work, swimming after and then table tennis. But not any old table tennis Jack and I did it paralympic style -no really. But instead of wheelchairs we had bar stools – height adjustable bar stools no less. Hours  of endless fun trying to hit a ball while moving a stool up and down – a right workout. Just how the hell do the Paralympians do it!!!

2 miles run and a nice little swim

Back on the bike tomorrow

Bring it  on

Swimming, Dancing, Raining, Running, Flashing

So I finally seem to have shaken off the school lurgy – having the trots all weekend was not really what I intended, another wasted weekend with no running – well not the running I wanted to do. Still sometimes it’s a case of getting on with it. So today, despite feeling a bit drained I still made it to school – can’t let the kids down, especially on my favourite day of the week – swimming day. To be fair I’m starting to get quite attached to my little group of swimmimg bricks – they really are starting to become less brick more breeze block – there’s a definate improvement and I’m chuffed with them. So chuffed that I nearly came to blows with a know it all instuctor/lifeguard who dared criticise. I haven’t had her before and she sat up on her perch rolling her eyes and tutting at everything I did. Even having a go for one of my group not getting her head in the water- it took weeks to get her in the water – I’m not pushing  it. So at the end of the lesson I explained to ‘perch woman’ why I was happy for said swimmer to not have her head in the water. Her reply ‘ I teach swimming every day of every week I know what I’m talking about’ My reply I teach these kids every day every week, I think I know them better than you’ One to me I think – she’ll be off her perch if she starts next week!!!

I felt much better after swimming , and happier, as feeling better meant more chance of me finally getting a run in. Hurrah. So it was early tea then an hours dancing – yep I finished teaching myself the Big Dance – Yay, and I’ve re- jigged it – no more skidding on my knees and rolling round like a beached whale – well be fair-  by the time I get my niggly knees back up the Olympics will be over!!! 

So finally. after three days, I was free, running  – like a real runner -in the rain enjoying every minute of it – well nearly every minute of it. Only in Wakefield, on a main road in broad daylight can you run past some fat chuffer happily flashing his jelly belly at passing traffic while swigging on his special brew – who needs the Hepworth to look at!!!

4.175 mile in 34 minutes and 14 secs

Not bad for a pretend runner!!

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

In My Marathon Opinion……………

So today I sat and watched the London Marathon from start to finish – something, for various reasons, I haven’t done for a long time. Last year I ran it, the year prior to that I was at the Sheffield Half Marathon and I ran it in 2006 and 2007. In 2008 and 2009 and I couldn’t bare to watch – 2008 saw me with cracked ribs a few weeks prior to race day ( I have worked with some lovely kids!!) so I defered my place  until 2009 – in February of that year I discovered I had a severe iron deficiency that made me really ill for a time, still at least I knew training had been tiring for a reason! Dream over again.

I decided to have a year off from the marathon this year as I really wanted to have a go at the Edinburgh one – sadly this falls when we’re on our Jolly Hols and I don’t think Jack n Ernie would be too chuffed if I said sorry guys Florida’s off!!  There’s always next year! So I sat with my mug of coffee watching the race start and to be honest I didn’t really wish I was there. It still brought a tear to my eye when the music played though and I think some who ran today deserve more than a medal – truly inspirational people.

By cup of coffee number two I was starting to get annoyed. I understand why the elite athletes are called that – any one who can run that speed for 26 miles is definately elite, but why do commentators feel the need to refer to the slower runners as fun runners. I wasn’t the only one to be annoyed- seems a few facebook friends feel the same. When I was younger Steve Cram was one of my heroes, today I think he’s a prat! According to Mr Cram running a marathon under 3 hours is real running…………So what the hell are the rest of us doing  – pretending!!

According to the dictionary an athlete is someone who trains or excels at exercise, yep thats me and thousands of others. I try and run 5 times a week sometimes more. I run before work, after work, to and from rugby games. I fit it in whenever I can- its not always fun but when I get a PB, have a good race or just enjoy the running I’m glad I’ve made the effort to get out and do it. I think every other ‘fun runner’ does exactly the same. I once ran the Great North Run dressed as a blood cell (don’t ask) It was bloody hard work. When I’ve been over taken by a camel down the Mall I don’t think’ oh there’s a fun runner’, I think how the hell has he run 26 miles in that and is he mad?  (bloody annoying to get beat by a camel though, had a tree one year, even worse!!!)

Anyway, rant over. To all who finished today, Congratulations on your fantastic achievements.Enjoy all your memories from today and  I promise you you’ll start walking normally by about Wednesday.

A pretend runner!!!

Real Running tomorrow

Bring it on

One Blonde Moment or Two

So just for a change……….Change of plan.

No rugby training  so I ended up going out on my own. No gossip to help me round tonight. Still the drop in temperature meant running conditions were good and I set off with almost a spring in my step ,intending to do a one hour steady six mile run – Yeah right.

So a mile and a half in, I paused my amazing Nike+watch (well it said a mile n half but its still playing up!!!) while I crossed a bad bend in the road. Only then did I realise I hadn’t pressed pause when it flashed up ‘Great Run’. Bugger I’d pressed stop. Oh well I’d just have to re-start it and add them together at the end, easy enough…….

So off I set again and turned down a road I haven’t run down at night for a while, it soon became obvious why. No street lights. I was 100% certain there was, looked like I was 100% wrong. So I ran the best I could, praying for some car headlights, not one car!!! In the end I had to walk before I fell.

Finally the lights re-appeared and I picked up the pace only to be overtaken on the bend by one of those real runner types, whoosh and he was gone. I did give it my best shot to keep up with him and fairplay to him he gave me the thumbs up at the top of the hill before he whizzed of across the road (Well I think it was a thumbs up).

When I got to the four mile point and I felt like I’d been running an age I remembered something, the other one and a half miles. So there I was, a good 3 mile from home and only another half mile to run to do my planned six. (didn’t even have my emergency £1 to get the bus back – don’t think my emergency £1 would be enough to get the bus back!) So there was nothing to do but run for it . And run I did, even overtook one of those real runner types, whoosh and I was gone. 8.7 miles in 1 hour 16 mins and 33 secs, Change of plan anyone…………..

Janathon Day 13

Bring it on!



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