Queen of Quadratics – maybe not!!

This time last week we were BBQing, having spent a few hours sitting in the garden revising, as the weekend continued the weather got better. Fab, I thought, not only did I have 2 days off looming, I had 2 child free days off. Time to make the most of the dry weather and take the bike on a magical mystery tour………….Thursday morning the rain arrived, it still hasn’t stopped!! It hasn’t been light rain, it’s been non-stop wanging it down rain – typical!!
Still, every rain cloud has a silver lining, the Asda big shops done, the house is sparkling ( well it was until hubby game home from a soggy round of golf!) and I spent four hours this afternoon swotting for the getting ever closer Maths exams. In total contrast to last week the shorts and sun cream were replaced by fluffy socks and a cardi, I was freezing, On the plus side I’m finally getting to grips with quadratics, it’s taken long enough. I wonder if I’ll remember any of it tomorrow!?!?
Hoping the weather improves.
A soggy bike ride in the morning
Bring it on!!


Newland Discoveries……..

You can tell it’s the school holidays -it’s raining. I suppose it was too much to ask for, wall to wall sunshine all week. Still it hasn’t stopped us doing what we wanted, we’ve just had to get wet doing it. So with Jack off for a round of golf with his Grandma I took advantage of a bit of time for myself and headed out on Boris (I suppose most girls would head out for a bit of retail therapy -it’s really not my style!) It was probably the shortest ever cycle I’ve ever had, having failed to sort a dodgy tyre I was back home within 5 minutes – but needs must so I headed out on my other bike (which I hate) Morris or is it Mavis, I forgot what I called it now it’s that long since I last used it.

Still, despite it being harder work than usual, I really enjoyed it. I even braved the ‘funny fanny’ path (see Mondays blog) which was much easier as I didn’t have to worry about keeping up with hubby, who flies off at silly speed. Not having hubby also meant I got time to stop and look at some of the things I spot when we’re out and he has no interest in looking at. I just wish I’d taken my camera. First I saw a grouse (well I know it was now I’ve googled it -I’m crap at bird watching!!) then I went to look at what I was sure was the abandoned Newland Village, I’ve been trying to find it for sometime now and finally I have. I can’t believe I’ve been so close so many times. So I can go back with the camera now and have a proper look -watch this space.

Took  a few photos with my phone just to show you

Can’t wait to explore

Bring it on

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head……………

Guess what I’m doing – just for a change? Yep, you’ve got it. Sunbathing in the rain. We’re getting really good at it now. The plus side( if there is one) is that compared to yesterday there are some tiny bits of blue sky breaking through – finally things are looking up. How many days have we got left – one!!!

So back to yesterday, when we had to abandon the sunbeds due to the torrential downpour, thunder and lightning- fab. So we headed to the Mall for a bit of shopping the rain got heavier, the thunder louder and the lightning – well!!
I’m beginning to wonder if it’s the dodgy weather that’s bringing out the dodgy characters- cos if you’d have seen last nights taxi driver………Think back to the first Men in Black and that dodgy farmer dude who was infected with those beetle things- well he drove us home last night. No really- he did- the slurred speech, his jerky body movements. He had it all, either that or he was in the midst of a stroke and we didn’t realise!!!

Back to this morning, and our last visit to Universal( our favourite theme park) for this holidays anyway. Probably the driest morning we’ve had for a few days and we managed to dodge the downpours queueing for the rides. We only had to wear our ‘I look a right tit in this’ poncho once- thank god. Can’t wait to chuck them away when we leave!

It’s while queuing and people watching that I’ve been taking note of some of the fascinating parenting skills ( or lack of them) on show. Now being a parent isn’t easy – none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes- I’m no exception. But when you watch some parents in action you wonder which parenting book they get their ideas from. It baffles me how some parents have no control whatsoever, even standing in a line for 5 minutes is an impossibility for some families. Their kids terrorise the entire line and they stand there oblivious. Then there’s the ones who do the reasoning tactic – the if you do that then I will allow you this – fail, within 5 minutes havoc resumes! Then there are the parents who rant n rave over the slightest thing and continue ranting until their kids are reduced to a sobbing wreck, boy will they regret that when they’re older! But best of all are the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ gang. Yep, they push, shove shout and carry on – when their kids do the same- world war three!!!

Anyway, the sun came out briefly, I sneaked in another swim for Juneathon and then we headed to the cinema to see the newly released Madagascar 3D ( it’s well funny) Guess what it was doing when we came out of the cinema………

Hoping for a few final hours of sun tomorrow

Bring it on.

Photos below- what happens when you take your kid to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.
Jack trying to eat American portions of Pizza n cookies
And a strange yellow glow- I forget what its called!!!!!








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