Whatever the weather………

028_edited-1So Janathon day 26 and the end is in sight, hopefully that will mean the never-ending pile of muddy washing will end soon -or will it? The thing is the never-ending stream of outdoor clothes in the wash basket kind of signifies who I am, or more to the point who we are as a family. Between all 3 of us we golf, run, cycle, walk and play rugby, with or without Janathon we tend to always be on the go. I can’t see it changing anytime soon.

This morning saw us out in the pouring rain watching my son play rugby, the second game in a week, not bad to say we’re meant to be on a season break! If the conditions weren’t the best to begin with -they soon got a whole lot worse. Pouring rain became torrential rain and the pitch became a swamp, come half time the ref had little option but to abandon the game. Shame the opposition thought winning at all costs was more important than the health and safety of the kids on the pitch, but never mind!!!

With little sign of the whether improving it looked like it was going to be a wet and windy run for me this afternoon, not that I mind running in the rain but I am beginning to get webbed feet, my running shoes seem to be permanently soaked. Thankfully the running gods were kind and I didn’t get quite as wet as expected, not that I really noticed the weather I was trying to convince myself that I wasn’t about to get cramp, I have a real phobia about cramp I just can’t cope with having no control of it, anyway the cramp never materialised, just very tight calves -maybe yesterdays 30 day squat challenge didn’t help. Still another 2 miles in the bag and another running kit in the wash……

2 miles run

90 sit-ups

135 crunches

55 leg raises

80 seconds of planking

40 squats

22 push-ups

5 days to go

Bring it on

A Bike Ride For One Can Be Fun……..

So with the boys out paintballing for the day it was a bike ride for one this morning. A very muddy bike ride as it turned out. Much as I love cycling with hubby it does make a nice change to not go at breakneck speed and actually have a chance to take in the surroundings. It also gave me a chance to follow some different paths and as usual,  gave me the chance to get lost. Don’t get me wrong I’m not actually lost as in the sense of ‘I’ve no idea where I am’, but more ‘so how do I get out of here then?’ To add to todays fun, not only could I not find my way back onto the path I wanted to be on but I was also pedalling in a quagmire – I was covered from head to toe in mud. It was ace.

The other good thing about heading off into the unknown was finding another abandoned building – an old farmhouse from what I can gather – I can’t wait to go back with my camera. I can’t believe I’ve cycled past it week in, week out and never noticed it, I told you cycling slower had its plus points!!!!

So what with cycling and paintballing, the kitchen is once again a muddy the mess, the washer that’s now forgotten it’s not working,  is on overtime again and due to this afternoons torrential downpour, the nearly dry washing is now dripping , and there’s still junior rugby to come tomorrow which means even more mud – joy!!!

15 miles cycled

120 squats

18 push-ups

4 loads of washing

kitchen floor washed twice

More washing tomorrow

Bring it on

F F F F F freezing……………….and a little bit busy!!


I’m freezing, I’ve spent the day freezing. The cycle to work was freezing, work was freezing, the wind chill on the cycle home was freezing, college was freezing, I’m so cold I could pass for a fish finger, well maybe not but you  get the idea!! Still, I love the great outdoors,whatever the weather which is a good job because when I left college it was wanging it down, I may be rowing to work not cycling tomorrow!!

5 ish miles cycled

90 squats

14 push-up type things


work done

3 hours of ‘nth term’ at college

I love never having a minute

Bring it on!!!


Day 18 and the Mud Mountains Growing…..


So if the weekends are meant to be a time of rest, how come I never seem to get any? Don’t get me wrong I didn’t have to do a 13 mile bike ride in the rain, or the ab challenge, squat challenge or push up challenge (I love a challenge!) but a girls got to have some pleasures to help the mundane tasks seem easier – where’s the housework fairy when you need her?
A muddy Janathon is creating some right mess in our house and to add to the fun Jacks rugby training is currently taking place in a swamp – I have swept so much mud up this week I could bag it and sell it as top soil. Thankfully cleanliness reigns at last – it will last for all of 24 hours. Jacks got a rugby game tomorrow, in the same swamp as training – joy!!

Bike ride done

Rugby and Running tomorrow

Bring it on

Stay Perfect Foundation ………Don’t Think So!!!!

I'll never get my helmet over that!!!

I’ll never get my helmet over that!!!

Janathon day 8 and come ten past eight this morning I was straightening my hair and applying my make-up for the second time in an hour. Quite why I bothered doing my hair and make-up before cycling to work, I don’t know but believe me it was a waste of time. Don’t get me wrong I always do my hair, I have to, I look like crystal tips first thing on a morning and it takes some straightening, I’d be late doing the register if I left it until I’d got to work and I usually apply foundation and add the rest when I get there but today the weather spoiled my pre-cycle preparations.

To say it was windy when I set off is an understatement ,it was also raining which meant wearing my waterproof stuff which I hate because I overheat but needs must -I can’t spend all day with a soggy (soggy not saggy) bum and its no fun putting wet cycling tights on for the reverse journey. The wind made it bloody hard work which meant I was overheating more than usual -joy!! By the time I got to work my hair was wetter than when I’d washed it and my make-up( stay perfect foundation -who are they trying to kid!) had slid off my face and down my cycle jacket – it wasn’t my best my best look.

The good news is come home time the wind had dropped which meant cycling home was a whole lot easier than going which is a good job really as most of the routes uphill. I’ve just got the 30 day ab challenge done (rest day tomorrow -wahoo) the   done, snaps(packed lunches) are made and tomorrows tea is organised just my homework to get done and I can sit down, and there was me thinking Janathon and working was going to be hard …….How many dayzzzzz are left!!!

5 miles cycled

Running tomorrow

Bring it on

Janathon Day Six and the Suicidal Cheese Sauce

So the first full week of Janathon commences, as does work, college, a training course, the healthy eating plan and the 30 day ab challenge (what was I thinking!!) and the other million and one jobs that a working mum has to do -easy!! Come six this morning, I was up and getting ready and come six thirty the tea was all but ready to go in the slow-coCleaningClipArtoker – I am trying to be organised. Alas there are always things to get in the way, not least the jar of dolmio lasagne cheese sauce that picked today of all day to have a suicidal moment and dive of the pantry shelf – before I could yell noooo (like a jar of cheese sauce is really going to take any notice!) there was glass everywhere and sauce splattering every surface -fab!!

Come 7:15 I was frantically sweeping up broken glass, mopping stone steps and cleaning the walls of quickly congealing cheese sauce, still the steps are lovely and clean now and the lasagne became bolognaise which has fewer calories anyway -every cloud has a silver lining and all that ………….rubbish!?!?

I did think about logging ‘frantically mopping’ as todays Janathon activity and not bothering with a run but after the first day back at work I was ready for it. I’m so glad I went -it may have been p**sing it down (again), blowing a gale (again) and my thighs were still on fire (again) but I loved every minute of it. Keep everything crossed that my need holds out because I think my running mojo is making a comeback!

2.5 miles in 22:41 minutes

Early run in the morning

Bring it on

So here we go again…..have you got any waders?

So here we go again, Janathon time. my third go and in true Janathon style it looks like the good old January weather is not going to be kind. Past Janathons have seen snow, sleet,  ice, howling winds and today, just to start things off on the right foot (or is my left -I always get the two mixed up!) we had, what can best be described as ‘well and truly pissing it down’ weather(sorry Mum.x) Still I love a bit of rain.

Janathon is all about motivation and this year it is hopefully going to get me back to some quality running. This time last year I was really struggling with the running, after many visits to the physio and ridiculous amounts of money spent I still had a knee that didn’t want to play, mid January it died. 2013 was my injured year (sort of) I still cycled, swam, went to the gym and did anything else that I could get away with, right up until the end of July when I finally had surgery. So now the comebacks on. I’ve got to confess I’ve not been very patient. I was back cycling within three weeks of surgery and started running again in October time, a whole month before I was told to, I think I mis-heard!! Anyway the running wasn’t going too bad but then  3 weeks before christmas I got struck by the school lurgy and that was my early morning runs done with…….until today.

Nothing early about todays run, more of a lunch time jog. Still I was good and listened to my surgeon’s advice (first time for everything -New Year and all that rubbish!) and headed for some softer ground to run on -right idea -not. A pair of waders would have been more helpful. I must have looked a right wally slipping and sliding along the riverside. Just to add to the fun my fully charged phone (I checked before I left) died mid run -all that effort and I don’t know exactly how far I’d run. Mind you it wouldn’t have been accurate – GPS signals and I do not get on. I must radiate some sort of blocking system as it never says the same from one run/cycle to the next!!!

Still it was a great run, a very scenic route and I’ve even added some nice photos of the route for you to look at, some taken with my phone just before death and the others taken when I’ve been out with my camera.Day one is over and done with.

1.5ish miles run

Knees holding up

Bring it on!!

Death by Moth at Midnight………………..sort of!!!

Killer Moth

Killer Moth

Well actually it wasn’t midnight it was one thirty if I’m to be exact, but whatever the time, for the third night in a row I couldn’t sleep. I don’t know why. I can’t blame the unbearable heat or the rain, the random digger or the singing drunk, I could blame Hubby’s ridiculous snoring ( and he claims I’m the loudest snorer!) or the crime drama that had me engrossed until 12:30 but for whatever reason come half one I abandoned the bed and got up for a coffee. Five minutes later I was stood in the front room, panic-stricken, frantically waving the paper around in the hope of killing a huge, and I mean huge, moth. There aren’t many things I fear. I hate snakes, loathe getting cramp in my legs (don’t ask) and I am absolutely terrified of moths. Thing is this was no ordinary moth, it was a mentally deranged one that clearly didn’t take too kindly to me turning on the light that it must have been sleeping on. What followed can only be described as a war as the flaming thing dive bombed me again and again, nothing could stop  it, not even getting swatted by the Wakefield Express. Just when I thought the evil thing had given up and skulked off to a darkened corner it came back for more. That was the final straw -I gave up and legged it to the kitchen, chased from the comfort of my own sofa by a minging moth -brill!!!

I will not mention getting a good night sleep

and then maybe I will

Bring it on!!!

A Night Under The Stars……………….Getting Wet Through!!!

Ok, Ok, I know I said it was wanging it down. I didn’t realise the wanging it down was going to get a whole lot worse and turn into a storm. Yep instead of some random digger waking me up at silly o clock (see yesterdays blog) I awoke to find my feet getting wet -the rain was blowing in, in all directions, bliss. For the second night in a row I did my ‘wander round the house starkers’ routine. This time to shut all the windows to stop everything from getting soaked. Not so much a balmy summers evening, more bleeding bonkers. Still it finally cooled down -sort of.

No bike ride today due to the still healing nicely knee (if it still feels like this next week I might try a sneaky few miles!!) so I had a little play with my camera instead, I haven’t done it in a while. I was quite pleased with some of the shots, all taken of flowers I received for my wedding anniversary. But I seem to be confusing my aperture from my f-stop etc and  I’m beginning to wonder if I need to re-read the various books I have or just not bother- maybe finding my own way is best. Practise makes perfect and all that.

I might shut the windows tonight

and maybe get some sleep……

Bring it on!


A Sort of Rest…………….I tried, honest

Yum Yum …….Yuck!!

Well the good news is I’m feeling loads better, my head now feels like it actually belongs to me and I’m no longer seeing double -always a good sign. I didn’t quite manage the complete rest thing (well come on, when do I ever listen?) but it was a fairly steady sort of weekend.

Saturday was, as always a junior rugby day, and just for a change it was p***ing it down. I’m loving this Summer Rugby malarkey -not quite the image they sold us a couple of seasons ago, sitting basking in the sunshine watching our favourite sport. It’s more a ‘waders and waterproofs’ kind of thing. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve put the winter wear away -I  had the gloves back on this week. Even Sammy the Snail looked nafffed off as he slid across the pitch, though I’m not too sure whether it was the downpour or the realisation that the yummy grass he was trying to eat was actually plastic that was upsetting him the most. Yes this weeks opponents play on a revolutionary 4g pitch -thats plastic to you and me -not good for rugby or the local wildlife -still we won.

In complete contrast to Saturday, Sunday started with glorious sunshine and much warmer temperatures. Great cycling weather, our longest cycle to date and possibly our muddiest for a while -the recent rain had certainly softened the paths and I for one was extremely grateful. As much as I love this off- road stuff, even with padded shorts and a gel seat, some paths are downright painful. And it’s all well and good hubby saying stand up, lean back, forwards, sideways but how the hell can I hang on to the handlebars for dear life while doing all that…..I love it really!!

I sort of rested

Back to feeling normal

Bring it on

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