New Shoe Syndrome and a Sodding Useless Sportswatch

So another run in the new Nike’s and its fair to say they need another few runs before they’re totally broken in. I have a love hate relationship with new running shoes. I love the fact they look all shiny and new and hate the fact they don’t feel instantly like my old ones when I put them on. To be fair my old Nike’s have done slightly more miles than they should of done, in fact a lot more, they’re like a pair of slippers but it’s time to send them to running shoe heaven. My amazing Nike+ sportswatch (never works) might well be joining them.

I had planned a quickish 4 miles tonight but as new shoe syndrome was causing a few niggles I decided to make it slightly shorter. To be honest I was starting to get fed-up, while I wasn’t absolutely clogging it, I felt like I was going a fair old pace yet my watch said I was doing 9 minute miles and I was sure I was going faster – I was – Try race pace faster! ┬áNot only had I gone 0.4 miles further than the flaming thing said I’d run a minute a mile faster as well. Technology – great when it works. I wonder if I can get away with having my birthday 2 months early so I can get a Garmin!!

3.2 miles done in 25 minutes 26 seconds

breaking the new shoes in tomorrow

bring it on



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