Lake Side Story………….

Nothing to do with the blog -but soooo cute!!

Nothing to do with the blog -but soooo cute!!

I seem to have developed an attraction to mud, not sure what it is but every time I head out of the door I seem to end up covered in the stuff -cycling home from work was no different, in fact it was probably the worst yet. let me set the scene…..

Think West Side Story, The Jets v The Sharks, which side to take? Except I wasn’t on a Manhattan Street I was cycling near the lake at Pugneys Country Park (nowhere near the country but I suppose it sounds better than Pugneys – former open cast mine!!) and there weren’t two gangs of teenagers about to wage war on each other but two sets of birds -the Gulls v the Canadian Geese. One gang had clearly nicked the other gangs bread – all that was missing was the music! Thing is I’m not too keen on the killer geese,  they’re evil, gulls I can deal with, especially as they tend to fly off as you cycle towards them, but the killer geese – no chance.

Thing is, I foolishly assumed that now I’ve got a light on my bike so bright that I’m thinking of hiring it out as a floodlight, the evil ones might shift out of my way – they didn’t!! Hence a hasty retreat onto the grass banking, big mistake it was like a swamp -the bike sank, the bike tipped, I slid down the banking -splat. My cycling gear is in the wash again. Still another Janathon day done!!

Another 5 miles in the bag

School Hockey and Running tomorrow

Bring it on

A Strange Being in Asda……..Me!!!

Maybe we should change the name of Janathon to dodgyweatherathon, waking to torrential rain and howling winds was not what I wanted to hear when I had a bike ride planned -so much for setting the alarm for 8 o clock. Thankfully come lunchtime the rain had stopped and the sun was shinning, the wind was still blowing but in the name of Janathon I was going to risk managing to stay upright. Even better, why not kill two birds with one stone – I needed to nip to Asda for some art homework supplies for Jack (these collage creations are bloody expensive !!) so why not cycle there and back, only four miles not the eight I had planned but it all counts.

The good news is my iPhone mapped my route,I managed to stay upright and even better I now look ten years younger (slight exaggeration but any less is not funny!) such was the force of the wind my eyebrows are now in my hairline. Downside, the previous nights  non-stop rain meant I was cycling through a quagmire (it was bloody brilliant -had I have been a kid I would have ‘got well done’ as my 13-year-old would say, for being so mucky!) my bike weighed twice as much when I got back, I now have half of Pugneys (local water park) stuck to my wheels.

Still it was all good fun, though I could have done without the strange looks in Asda -have they never seen a woman in cycle gear shopping before. Granted I was a bit mud splattered and left a trail of muddy footprints as I walked but I was just shopping like the rest of them, glad I didn’t have a ‘Big Shop’ to do!!

Nearly four mile cycled

The knee seems to be coping

Bring it on



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