The wonder of waterproofs!!

At last, a longer bike ride, granted it was a long way from the 25+ miles hubby and I used to do, but 14.2 miles is a start and this year I will not be letting Uni or work get in my way ( well that’s the plan!!!). Another plus side to today’s ride was my very dry bottom – despite the copious amounts of mud and huge puddles my shiny new mega waterproof shorts did the trick – for the first time in 9 days my backside was just as dry when I got home as when I left – its only taken 4 pairs to find some that actually work.


My new cycling gear

14.2 miles logged
A short run tomorrow
Bring it on ūüėä

A Quiet weekend -maybe not!!!


So a rather quiet weekend in the Earnshaw¬†household , a chance for a bit of a slob about. Something we rarely get a chance to do (well I don’t). Its been the perfect slobbing¬†about weather, windy, wanging¬†it down and in comparison to recent temperatures – a tad chilly. Funny thing is we haven’t spent that long in front of the fire. Jacks spent most of the weekend rolling round the garden with his rugby ball and tackle bag (he loves this time of year – he can’t stand it when its warm) now the grass that we nutured¬†all summer long¬†as disappeared under a mud bath -just¬†how many times can you re-seed one lawn!! I’ve been out on the bike both days, got lost both day and got wet both days -I loved it!

Yesterday I should have been out cycling with the hubby but as his tyre was as flat as a pancake I set off without him and as is always the case when I’m on my own I decided to try a different path -whoops. The path seemed to be up a never-ending hill. My¬†‘recovering from surgery’ knee, really loved me. But where there’s an up, there’s always a down. Think Julie Andrews singing the hills are alive, only on a bike. You get the idea. Though I don’t recall her screaming “Arrgghh, ‘F**ing Hell” at the top of her voice! It took twenty minutes to get up that hill and two seconds to get down -so¬†unfair!! Still I survived -time for another path. The ‘trick puddle’ path! It really didn’t look like a deep puddle, it didn’t look like much of anything until I was stuck in it. Think Dr Foster (you know, that dude in the Nursery rhyme who went to Gloucester) , that was me (there’s some right comparisons on this blog today!) one minute I was skimming the top of the puddle next minute I was knee-deep….

So you would have thought that today when I headed out (hubby was recovering from the lads night out -wuss!) I might have learnt my lesson. Well in my defence it was only a little path. A path to bloody nowhere (again) Just to add to the fun I had to battle my way through the brambles. Bikes and brambles don’t mix, bloody things were wound round the pedals and everything. I had to carry my bike above me to get through. I came to a fence which said “ELECTRIC FENCE DO NOT TOUCH”¬† Mmmm,I thought,¬†I don’t think so -it¬†was made of wood. I¬†may be blonde but I’m not stupid! (Didn’t stop me poking it with a stick first to check though!!) So under the fence I went, through more brambles and came to…..A field of horses -real ones that jump fences (!). Bugger, it was the horses or death by wooden electric fence and brambles. The brambles won!

Loving exploring

Survived electrocution

Bring it on

Busy Weekend When the Fun Never Ends……………….

Well I fared slightly better than Hubby and have had a relatively hangover free day today, maybe having to be home before the clock struck twelve and the babysitters turned into pumpkins helped. It’s a good job really because one more drink and I would have been out for the duration- not good for a nearly non-drinker!

So time for a catch-up on yesterday before going on to today. It was an early start as the online race entry for January’s Brass Monkey half marathon opened at 7a.m. So 6:30 saw me glued to the laptop frantically pressing the refresh button just incase the lines opened early, but no it was 7 before it opened -thats when things started to go wrong. My name is Dawn, it’s been Dawn all my life but the online entry was having none of it ‘we cannot verify your name’ it kept telling me. More frantic refreshing, then it decided I don’t belong to a running club – I do. I might not go very often but I am definitely a member. So now I’m a non-club runner called Mavis- but hey at least I’m in!!

With online entry done it was time to finally get my running shoes on – a whole 3 miles my physio said. I managed it pain-free until I stood on my front step – twang! Thankfully the pain was pretty short-lived and I’m hoping for more of the same tomorrow. The comeback is on! Not a bad time either to say I haven’t run for 4 weeks.Running out of the way it was time to head off for Jacks rugby game – the 1st round of the BARLA Cup which they won last year. They couldn’t have got off to a better start 74-0 against the team they beat 24 – 0 last week, I nearly ran out of room on the score sheet. Fairplay to the opposition they never gave up and I can’t believe how sad their coach was refusing to hand out a Man of The Match award because they were rubbish – his words. Real positive coaching that!!

Afternoon time saw me cycling along the local canal, weir and marshland 12.7 miles of amazing views, mud and mega deep puddles – bliss! Though my thigh muscles don’t think so today -bit sore. A very busy day finished with a great night out, great food with great friends.

Time for rest and recovery today……maybe not, we headed up to Crigg to watch some of our other teams in action, we started with glorious sunshine and finished in the thickest of fog. Maybe it was fog that brought the loonies out in force – rugby is well-known for a bit of argy bargy, even full on fisticuffs – but leaving your teeth imprints on someones cheek is a new one on me. To add to the fun the ref sin sinned the bitten one and left the biter on the pitch. Carnage and chaos reigned. The ref didn’t know who he’d sin-binned, sent off or how long they’d been on, off or whether they could come back on or not…. Still at least we won!

A great weekend doing all the things we love best

Running and cycling tomorrow

Bring it on



It Asda be a Fail…………….

So the online ‘Asda Big Shop’, was a huge success…not!! More out of stock than in and what was delivered was either out of date or covered in Smartprice¬†Bubble Bath¬† -fab. Then they tried to rip me off sending 1L¬†bottles of liquid soap powder instead of the nearly 2L ones I paid for. But it’s all sorted now – the Nice Asda Lady from India (!) well she clearly wasn’t English, I could¬†have¬†¬†told her the entire shopping list was missing and she’d have refunded it, has refunded, the damaged,out of date and rip off stock.

Still the bike ride, my reason for not actually going to Asda in person was well worth it. Lots of mud and puddles and I even overtook 2 other cyclists – my competitive streak is kicking in again. Hubby clearly found the same mud and puddles as I did so now we’ve got two mud splattered bikes and have invested in a jet wash. I wonder if I could use it to spray Jack down when he gets home from rugby training……..

No food in

But I’ve logged another 6 miles

Bring it on

Cats, Dogs and Clever Ducks………………

So in total contrast to yesterdays mountaineering in the sunshine, today was a ‘waders required’ kind of run,¬†think raining cats and dogs only worse! ¬†Not that I’m complaining as rain is my favourite running weather. The only thing I don’t like about running in rain is wearing a waterproof jacket – no matter what the temperature I feel like I’m running wrapped in bacofoil- I just get too hot. By mile¬†3 ¬†tonight I’d abandoned it before I over-heated!

So while I ran with steam coming off me, the only other runner I passed tonight (glad I’m not the only one daft enought to head out in the rain) was dressed¬†for a day out in the¬†Artic. Gloves, hat, big coat and full length tights – me, I had t-shirt and three-quarters on. How people run with so many layers on is beyond me, I just can’t do it.

So I splashed happily through the puddles, laughed ( with 2 fingers raised in the air) as moronic drivers drove full pelt, doing their best to soak me and thoroughly enjoyed the run. So did the ducks, in the nearby park – the nearby pondless park. Well it’s normally pondless – the recent drought (!) has allowed a huge lake to form. The baffling thing is how did the ducks find it. Did their flying duck mates spot it and then fly back to tell them all about it. Do they have ‘pond radar’ Was it the ‘five little ducks¬† who went swimming one day over the hills and far away’¬† who found it. Who knows – but swimming in a pond at the side of a main road probably isn’t the best idea they’ve ever had – no wonder ‘no little ducks’ went swimming back!

5.1 miles in 42 minutes 40 seconds

Waders at the ready for tomorrow

Bring it on




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