A little Quickie…….

Just a very quick blog as we ‘re heading out for a few drinks and a bite to eat soon and I may not be fit to write anything later………
So a quick run down of all that’s gone on today and you can have the full story tomorrow.
Jacks rugby team just scraped through to the next round if the cup…..74-0. A first for us we had a female Ref- and boy was she good! Girl Power anyone?
Hubby cycled to and from the rugby and got covered in mud.
I managed to squeeze full kitbag and water bottles into Archie Aygo- it wasn’t easy.
Hubby and Jack went to watch the open age play ( they lost, not as good as us!) and I headed out on my bike got covered in mud and went through a puddle so deep I needed my waders!!!

Very busy day
Hangover Free tomorrow
Bring it on

Weather Men get it Wrong…….Again!!

Despite it being a Monday morning within 5 minutes of the alarm going off I had stripped the bed and loaded it in the washer – I was definitely on the ball. Alas the weatherman was not  and last nights forecast was a complete balls up – not once did he mention rain or even a ‘ickle chance’ of it. So why 10 minutes after loading the washing machine was it hammering it down…….Great. Still there were signs of blue sky, shame they didn’t appear until after I’d cycled to work!!

Mind you I got just as wet on the ride home – another’ hoseasons bike ride’, it was ace.I don’t think the passing dog walker could believe what he was seeing – a grown woman pedalling through puddles at breakneck speed – I suppose me ‘wahooing’ didn’t help. But we all need to let off steam now and then….

Once home I re-draped the almost dry washing over the soon to come on radiators and had another attempt on the cross trainer….Well I was no worse than yesterday, but no better either. Maybe it just needs breaking in a bit – I can’t have lost all my fitness so quickly – or maybe I should have let my legs recover from the bike ride before jumping on. But I wanted it out of the way so I could get on with the housework. I’d just lugged my Hoover up 2 flights of stairs when Jack uttered my favourite word in the whole wide world ‘homework’.

To be fair he’d  done most of it (online Maths!!) but was stuck on the challenge- which they don’t have to do but he seems to be after brownie points (swot) He didn’t tell me it was probability – whats the probability of me ever understanding probability – zilch. But wait…….I got it, no idea how and I will  probably never do it again but for once I was a homework help not a hinderance. Now whats the probability of me finishing the housework…..

7+ miles of puddles splashed through

A steady walk tomorrow

Bring it on!!



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