The Highs and Lows of a Premier Inn……

So that’s our first night over in Premier Inn Wembley. We’ve stayed in many Premier Inns over the years with running and Rugby events and they serve their purpose very well. They are reasonably priced, except when there’s an event on, then the price trebles- luckily we always book a year in advance for this weekend so we’re ok.But some people have paid £189 to stay tonight after the game- are they mad. Yes the rooms are spotless, spacious and you can’t go wrong at £60ish in London but £189- and that doesn’t include breakfast.
Breakfast is one of the highs in this place, in fact all the food is. Reasonably priced, good quality snap. Drinks are a rip off though- but that tends to be the norm in London!! Another high is how welcoming the staff are to the rowdy rabble of rugby fans that descend on them every year- they could ask them to be quiet or leave- not that they can be quiet. Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that RL fans are tone deaf- and that’s just the women!!
Anyway back to this place, downside is that no matter which Premier inn I stay at- I wake feeling like my sinuses have been ripped out- I think it’s the air con/heating system. Or maybe it’s last nights lager!!! The there’s the pillow situation- apparently, acording to the label they put on them (that makes a fab pirate hat by the way) ones firm and ones soft. Ermmmm. Think they forgot the firm ones in here, soft and flat as a pancake but no firm in sight!!!!!
Probably my only gripe really, that and Ernie snoring and Jack tutting and sighing at Ernie snoring- but I don’t suppose there’s much Premier Inn can do about that!!
Now I just waiting for sleepy. Grumpy to wake up and we can head for breakfast – hope they hurry up- I’m starving!!
First night over
We’ll be on ‘Wembley Way’ soon
Bring it on


London Calling………….Again!!

So for the 3rd time in a month I’m in London, only this time we’re all here and we’re staying for 4 days. God help my bank balance. Yep, it’s our annual pilgrimage to the Rugby League Challenge Cup. I think this is our fifth year now and you never know, one day Wakefield might get here. Well a girl can dream!!!
We did really well getting here and were at the ever reliable Premier Inn within 3 hours of leaving home. It would of been a pretty uneventful trip had it not have been for the moaning whinge bag sitting opposite. He had obviously never come across a Rugby League fan before, so a whole group of them singing and dare I say it ‘drinking alcohol’ Poor fella nearly had a heart attack. Granted we were supposedly in the quiet coach but they didn’t book the quiet coach by choice – it’s the seats they were given!! So snivelling whinge-bag grassed them up for being loud and offensive- 3 times and so up his own arse was he that he failed to notice that the fat chuffer in a Leeds shirt who he bragged to about grassing up ‘those rowdy sport fans’ was actually one of those ‘rowdy sports fans’ what a knob!!! Thankfully he left the train with his arms and legs still attached- don’t ask me how!!!
So we’re relaxing now after a night in the bar with even more ‘rowdy rugby fans’, it’s been great – fans from all sides getting on together, well apart from the Hull KR fan who got the right ‘tit on’ when someone suggested that they’re not playing very well at the moment. Hopefully he’ll have stopped sulking by breakfast time.

In London again
Wembley tomorrow
Bring it On



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