A great start and a little consellation………

Spotted in the night sky...

Spotted in the night sky…

So considering we didn’t get home until silly o clock on Sunday morning after a Saturday night at the local beer festival, I was pretty impressed when at 5:45 this morning I dragged myself out of bed to go for a run. By seven the washing was on the line, the bolognaise was in the slow cooker and I even cycled to work – great start to the week. Come ten o clock I was in desperate need of caffeine, and my healthy lunch was not really what the ‘you’ve over indulged doctor’, ordered!Still, I did get to spend the best part of an hour staring into space – literally! Yep the plus side of working in a school, you occasionally get the chance to just sit. Today we got the chance to lay -star spotting in a Planetarium. It was fab, I stayed awake -just and pretended that I really could see the bear and the swan and even the upside woman on a chair. Truth be told I could have laid there for the next month and still not made them out, I don’t think I ever will not unless the star fairy joins the dots up some time soon!!!

Not a bad start to the week

Off to spot some stars

Bring it on!



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