The Beasts of Heath Strike Again……Oh and a Dead Cow!

So Janathon day 29 dawned frosty and dull and as I sat waiting for my running mate to turn up I did wonder if I could really be bothered, my friend turned up with the same frame of mind, CBA syndrome strikes again.  Still, determined to complete Janathon we set off. To be fair, once we got going it wasn’t too bad and strangely we managed the uphills easier than the downs. Even better we managed a good old natter for longer periods than we have done recentlyand at last I did a steady run. If I’d have gone by my ammazing Nike+ sportswatch (never works) it would have been an amazingly steady run, 2.14 miles in an hour and 20 minutes apparently. Now its gone blank and I’m considering smashing it to pieces with a hammer. I know it won’t help it to work but it will make me feel a whole lot better.

We took the Pineapple Hill route again today and for once survived the roaming horses and enjoyed a pretty uneventful 5 miles and then……..’Killer dog alert’ I jokingly said as we reached the point where we met the Beasts of  Heath last time. Spoke too soon. Down the driveway  they charged, snarling and snapping after us. Time for another ‘101 ways to look a tit while running’ moves. The robotic leg lift -did we run on as fast as we could or stop -undecided we kept randomly  lifting a leg while moving nowhere. Don’t know if it was the shit dancing or the fact the beasts realised we were close to performing the’ boot up the dogs arse’ move, but they gave in, phew. To think we came this way to avoid the bloody big swans.



      Still, we laughed about it afterwards, flaming Yorkshire Terriers!!!

       Nice steady run home via the railway path after that and another run in the bag, only 2 to go wahoo.

And finally nothing to with running but I felt the need to share this: My son (Year 7) has been completing his R.E homework this afternoon, his task, to create a poster about the Ten Plagues. I get really annoyed with the amount of R.E homework he gets, especially when all they do in the lesson is watch religious DVD’s while his teachers plays Sudoko on the laptop. So I’ve got to say I was very tempted to allow this……… There he was busily searching google images for clipart of the ten plagues and when he searched ten plagues – the cattle died, this came up, anyone think she’ll see the funny side? Nah, me neither.

The Plague of Dead Cattle

Day 29 done, 9.54 miles in 1:33:03. 146 miles now done.

Janathon Day 30
Bring it on.

Day 7……………..Lost!!

Wahoo, its the weekend, chance for a lie in and time to do a longer run. (11 miles)  Plans changed early on today when my running partner picked up an injury on the dreadmill and was unable to run. (Fingers crossed she recovers soon). So just me and my ipod today.

Plans changed again when I decided not to run where I’d planned but in the opposite direction in search of a new route. I soon realised I’d picked the wrong route (lost my sense of direction if I’m totally honest) when I found myself at the bottom of the dreaded Pineapple Hill. Pineapple Hill is one of those hills that goes on forever, its hard work in a car and in nearly six years of running I’ve given up at every attempt. But today I made it, my new motto, ‘if you don’t give up you cannot fail’ got me to the top. Unfortunately once i’d made it to the top I kind of forgot where I was, so apologies to any driver who wondered why some mad woman was jumping up and down and punching the air, but I was chuffed. Downside of making it up the hill was that I’d still another 6 miles to go and I was knackered. Oh well!

So I plodded on, and decided to run back through the village of Heath, thats when I got lost again. Mainly because I expected the view of Wakefield to be in front of me and it was to my right, thankfully a nice villager pointed me in the right direction and I was back on track in no time.  Running out of town makes for better views and at times traffic free roads not to mention the roaming horses and had I realised the horses were attached to long leads I probably wouldn’t have screamed quite so loudly when one galloped towards me. Whoops.

Janthon Day 7, 12.1 miles in 1:48:05. Bring on Day 8 if you need some inspiration.



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