A Sporty Day Out with the Darts n Dominoes Cup…………

3 days off - wahoo!!!

3 days off – wahoo!!!

It’s a good job I’m not a girlie girl who loves to ‘shop till u drop’ and pamper and preen because in our house there’s no chance. Sport, sport and more sport -it’s all we do. Yesterday was definitely no different.

The day started with Jack’s rugby, not that the poor kid got to play. He only lasted the warm up before he turned a whiter shade of pale and needed a lie down. Whatever he’s had/got is taking some getting over. Back to the doctors again on Tuesday – we might as well have our own chairs we’re there that often ! Anyway, on the plus side Crigg won, much to the disgust of the opposition parents who clearly thought they were going to come and turn us over -they didn’t. You would have thought the winner would get a million pounds not two league points the way they carried on. I’ve seen many things at junior rugby games and to be honest nothing comes as a real shock anymore but a police Van and a car!!!Alas the guilty party had made a quick getaway along with the rest of the team -still there were plenty and pie n peas left for the coppers.

So it was home to watch the football and hope and pray that Barnsley managed to stay up -they did. It was turning into a great day. All we needed now was for the mighty Wakey to beat Catalan and it would be a Saturday to remember. Not only did we have the rugby to enjoy but Jacks team were getting the chance to parade their silverware around the pitch at half time. The only problem was that one trophy had already been handed back so we had to improvise. It wasn’t that hard, like most rugby clubs we have a variety of silverware around the place – we picked the biggest………..Shame it was for a darts and dominoes league!! Still it’s amazing what you can do with a computer,printer and laminator -no one will ever know………

Wakefield Won

It’s a Bank Holiday

Bring it on!!!



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