The Twists and Turns of Janathon Day 8!


So after a successful physio session, I now know exactly what I can and can’t do with my ‘on the mend knee’, low impact is fine, try not to exercise every day (whoops!)  no running, no over doing the weights and no twisting round on one leg (like I’d do that at my age…..) I remembered for all of almost 24 hours. It’s the kids fault – during P.E, whilst demonstrating how to pivot in netball, I remembered I shouldn’t,so I asked the kids to not let me get carried away when we started playing the game (I tend to forget I’m meant to be ref!!). Did they remind me….Well they are only kids, I can’t really put my knee in their hands, though having seen some of the catching skills I’m not that sure I want to!!!!  Still all in all, despite the icy wind howling across the playground, it was a good lesson – my team won!!! (only joking!)

40 minutes of netball (counting it as a rest day 😉 )

swimming in the morning

Bring it on




I keep looking at it longingly, all shiny and new and desperate to be ridden. Yep, Boris the third finally turned up (I’m sure it turned up the minute I left the shop on Friday but that’s for the Halfords Customer Complaints dept to sort!) and now I can’t ride it thanks to my knee. I did hope I’d be back on it once I’d seen the Physio but that appointment isn’t for another month, I’m not waiting that long. The letter says I haven’t to return to strenuous exercise until I’ve seen the Physio and consultant – but what do they mean by strenuous? Bike riding is not that strenuous is it, you just pedal, and it’s not like running when you’re impacting on the road (unless you fall off -I’m quite good at that) So now I’m in a bit of a dilemma -do I  just use my own judgement or wait for the experts……….

On the knee side of things, all seems to be well. It’s a lot less painful now  -though it didn’t take too kindly to doing the ironing and I am actually managing to use it on some of the stairs (come on I’ve got three flights in my house -going up one step at a time will take forever!!) There’s no nasty stuff coming from the wounds and I’m surviving without painkillers. Word of advice -if a doctor gives you Tramadol -bin it. I spent two days feeling as high as the characters in trainspotting and two days suffering from withdrawal symptoms. I’d rather have pain thanks very much!! So now I’m hoping the weather picks up -sittings all well and good in the garden but daytime telly is definitely not for me.

On the mend

Back on my feet sooner rather than later

Bring it on!!!

Through The Key Hole…..

key hole

Two weeks ago I finally got a letter from the local hospital for my referral appointment to see the surgeon about my knee, it has already taken me months to get to this point. So you can imagine my disappointment when all the letter said was that I would get an appointment within 18 weeks. EIGHTEEN WEEKS!  Ok, So I know my knee injury isn’t life threatening but it is stopping me from doing everything that keeps me fit, healthy and most importantly – sane! I have done everything the doctors have asked and even paid for 10 weeks of physio out of my own pocket, believe me it wasn’t cheap. So after nearly 7 months of waiting, another 18 weeks was just a step too far.

Thankfully, I have a friend in the know (cheers Gill) and after a few strong words with the secretary at my doctors I was allowed to use the new ‘choose and book’ system.  What an amazing system -I had an appointment within the week and today was the day…………..

At last, the end is in sight. Some time in the next 6 – 8 weeks I will be having keyhole surgery to sort my dodgy knee, I refrained from flinging my arms around the surgeon and kissing him, just. But it was just so nice to finally speak to someone who actually cared that my knee was stopping me from running and understood my need to get back out there pounding the pavements. Granted  he’s not promising I’ll be back doing marathons in no time but he’s hopeful I’ll get back to doing something. That little bit of hope is all I need.

Very very chuffed

The end is really in sight

Bring it on!!

Snow Bored…………..




It’s bad enough that I  can’t run -I’m seriously  fed-up with my stupid knee. By the time I get past the ‘evil receptionist’ to get a docs appointment to sort out a scan it will be christmas!!! I can’t go on like this I was born to run (well actually I was born to be dead clumsy and trip up and fall over a lot- a girl can dream!) I need to be out there pounding the pavements – I’m going mad!! I suppose the situation is not helped by not being able to get on the bike thanks to the dodgy weather – I know other people are risking it  but I’m a wuss (a clumsy wuss). So at the moment I’m walking everywhere and anywhere. To be honest it’s more of a march than a walk, in fact some might call it a slow run ( I know what my physio would call it – suicide!!) I walked to work in 20 minutes this morning – over a mile and a half in the snow and I did a similar pace coming home ( the long way round!) but it’s still not running! Oh well at least I am doing something -I wonder if they do snow tyres for the bike……………………..

More Janathon miles logged

Mmm -what will I do for Janathon tomorrow

Bring it on

The Year of the Blog……


What a day…..

I think I’ve done quite a lot in the last year -I’ll give a full run down tomorrow. But in a nutshell, despite everything that’s come my way I’ve still made it to the end of the year smiling and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve done. I never thought at the beginning of 2012 that by the end of the year I would be cycling daily – the Olympics has a lot to answer for. But then again I didn’t expect to be dancing on the playground trying to break a world record (Olympics again) or Running ridiculous amounts of laps of the school field (sport relief) and then there was the cricket,Jack’s rugby (Yorkshire Champion again)  oh and a little race in the Olympic Stadium – what a day. So you can have my full review tomorrow.

In the meantime I hope I haven’t bored you all too much and that you have enjoyed some of my ramblings and rants – have a great new year see you in 2013.

What a year

Here come’s 2013

Bring it on

The Careful Comeback……..Maybe Not

Well I made it to work, clothes and all today – mainly because I went in the car. It was bucketing it down this morning, not that I mind getting wet but I really couldn’t face having to re-do my hair n stuff when I got there- I just wasn’t in the mood!! Thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Typical that come hometime there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, why couldn’t it have been the other way round- getting wet on the way home is not a problem.

Now, in full contrast to this morning it’s starting to freeze out there. Much as I love cold and frost it’s not really the weather I wanted to deal with today – not on my comeback run ( 3rd attempt) and especially after my run of recent luck (it seems to have run off). Yes, today was the day to test my knee out, I’ve been good, done my exercises and waited like my physio said. I even planned a route that was only slightly over the 2 miles physio said I could do – my intention was  to run a mile walk for 1/4 of a mile and then run another mile – erm whoops!!

All was going well until I paused to tie my lace, that’s when I noticed another runner at the bottom of the hill, now I may have lost some of my fitness and speed (and my marbles) over the last few weeks but I clearly haven’t lost my competitive streak. That was that, there was no walking a 1/4 mile I just legged it -so much for easing myself back in gently!!

2.3 miles in 18ish minutes

The comebacks on (again)

Bring it on

Your shoulder Bones Connected to………Maybe Not

Mmmmm, Maybe the physio overdid the tape

Well Boris is back all shiny and new and straightened out, now I need to get straightened out and we can be reunited. Thankfully, due to my physio that reunion will be sooner rather than later. However had I chosen to stick to the hospital advice – well who knows. You see their advice -take pain-killers and rest was never going to cure my sore shoulder, not while by tendon was trapped in my shoulder joint. Make no wonder it was so flaming painful!

Still good old Physio’s saved the day…..well he’s made the pain bearable. After much tugging and stretching my tendon is free and I no longer feel like passing out when I move. It’s still sore mind but I’m sure this nice blue tape that’s now plastered all over me will do the trick (!?!?!) What with my shoulder and knee I’ve more tape on me than B & Q.

I’ve got to say this physio malarkey really makes you think about how you muscles and joints connect  and how if you press one area you can feel movement in others (a-hem) More to the point I now know I have an extremely strong core – I didnt even take an apple with me! A lazy arse, an out of line knee cap, I wouldn’t catch a pig in a ginnel,and I have massive shoulders – and I’m paying to get these compliments. But the best one was today seemingly my elbows are in the wrong place……..Yep – but thankfully so, cos if they had have been in the right place apparently I’d have smashed by elbow to smithereens when I flew off the bike. You see  every dodgy joint has a silver lining – or something like that!

At a bit of pain relief

Might Sleep tonight

Bring it on

Bloody Bored……………..



Well today I did something I rarely do – I gave in. I don’t like having time off work but there was no way I was in a fit state to make it  – I did get up to go but for once (not sure what came over me) common sense prevailed. If only I could be like Boris – he’s gone off for a service and a bit of straightening out and he’ll be all shiny and new tomorrow. If only!!

I’m bored, bored,bored, bored bored, booorrreeeddddd! I don’t do sitting still – and even though I kept myself busy with a bit of R.E, P.E and ICT planning (a-hem), it still feels like the longest day in, well in a long time. Still the only way I’m going to be back on the bike sooner rather than later is to rest and recover – but I’ve done 3 whole days. How much longer is it going to take? I wonder if my physio can leave my knee and straighten my shoulder and neck out ? Now there’s an idea…………………………………….

I’ve been good today

Even better tomorrow

Bring it on


Some Pain for a Gain

Well I did it – despite the extremely frosty conditions I overcame CBA syndrome – and at 5:45 this morning I sprinted for a whole 2 miles- wahoo it was nearly worth putting the running  gear on for!! But 2 miles is all I’m allowed to do at the minute (though physio didn’t say how many times a day I can do 2 miles!) Good thing is it was a pretty pain-free run as far as the knee goes.  The pain-free bit lasted until I saw the physio this afternoon.

Yep, my physio is clearly working on the ‘inflict pain and then you’ll gain’ philosophy. Trouble is the only thing I’m gaining at the minute is a bruised leg and sore gluteus maximus and I’m paying for the privlege!! Still the good news is my muscles are starting to work and srengthen and hopefully I might get to 2.1 miles sometime soon!!


2 miles done

Back on the bike tomorrow

Bring it on

No Resistance or the Hoover gets it………….

Well I certainly know my physio put me through it yesterday, I don’t know what hurts most today – well I do it’s my knee. But my butt, thigh and back aren’t in the happiest of moods either. To be fair to the physio it’s probably my fault my knee hurts. When he said no running for a couple of days he probably meant rest so I suppose last nights 4 mile power walk was a stupid idea. On the plus side I’m not back to crawling up the stairs- always a good sign, especially when you live in a house with 3 floors. So back to the ice packs and stretching – for tonight at least.

Another busy day of de-cluttering today but I’m currently wondering why the hell I started. I seem to be going round in circles. What I really need is a bigger house if only to give me room to sort stuff or would I just gain more stuff. To top it all off  mid cleaning up my Hoover died. Well to be honest I killed it. I did wonder what the smell was as I used the attachment to clean the skirting boards then I looked down, the Hoover had sucked up one of my resistance bands – great. The smell was the band rubbing on the Hoover belt. Now the Hoover belts  and the resistance band is now, well it’s not very resistant. It just hasn’t been my day. So I’ve given up for now. Tomorrow  -tomorrow I’ll be finished – maybe!!!

Run on hold till Saturday

At least I’ll get the housework finished (!)

Bring it on (not)

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