Does Filing Count……………….

comp39_demoNo I don’t mean filing my nails, before you ask – I wish I had it would have been easier No, I seem to have spent the majority of the day running up and down stairs transferring files from one computer to another, I wish I’d never started. My computer, where I sort all my photos (don’t worry I’m buying an external hard drive very soon) is over run with ridiculous amounts of Junior Rugby League photos. Now I did think about sorting through them and keeping the best ones, but there are thousands of them. I was so busy the second half of last season that I never sorted them properly ( I’ll have loads of time this season – this season I really am going to be just a watching mum, there’s only so many times you can get dumped on and this time I’ve learned my lesson!) So I decided the best option was to stick them all onto discs (all 25GB of them) only problem was my computer upstairs didn’t want to play at putting them onto disc and for some reason (I’m blaming the rain) I couldn’t share them on the network. So the only option was to transfer them by memory stick from one computer to another – hence the many trips up and down stairs. Still it’s all done now – nearly!!

Stair climbing hasn’t been my only exercise though I did make it onto the cross trainer -I wish I hadn’t. My knee throbbed all the way through I only managed ten minutes – I’m blaming the snow walking yesterday, I’m sure it will be fine tomorrow. C’mon knee, only four more days to go!!

3km will have to do

Bike or swim tomorrow

Bring it on

Sofa the Sorting……(sorry!)

Well at last the antibiotics are kicking in and I’m starting to feel almost human again – not that I’m back to my normal ‘100 mile an hour ‘ self but its a start. Jack is definitley not back to his normal self – he turned down the chance of going out for ‘Fish n Chips’ with the old folks -unheard of. He’s defo not swinging the leg (faking it for those who don’t understand the lingo). Anyway it’s been another ‘share the sofa’ day, well some of it has. I must confess to doing a bit of tidying and cleaning – but not for long, honest!!! I’ve also made a start of wading through the 1000’s of photos on my computer – ever wish you’d never started something. It didn’t help that I took over a 1000 pics at this weekends final – I would have taken more but the proffesional photographer seemed to be doing his best to distract me.

Every cup final has a real photographer there taking photos, which we then get the chance to buy at ridiculous prices – last year I spent £50+ on 4 pictures (I didn’t have my camera then) . This year there were 2 photographers there – neither party seemed happy about this, they were even less happy when they were told they weren’t allowed at the ends of the pitch just the sides and me with my ‘ickle camera’ (you should have seen the size of one of their lenses – and as for his pole -ahem!) well I was given an orange vest and was allowed to go wherever I wanted. Hence much heckling from real photographer dude – until he realized I was a total novice and therefore no competition whatsoever (he might think a little bit diferently now he’s seen a couple of my shots)  Then he started offering me some hints and tips – most of them went completely over my head – I’m still a bit of an ‘aim and fire’ type of girl but I know now that I’m better sitting lower down and I need a tripod. He let me try his -can’t think why but everyone cracked up at the end of the game when I said I’d had the photographers ‘pole’ in my hand(!)

Time to start studying my camera more.

Sorting out more photos over the weekend

Bring it on

Details to follow…………….

It was awesome – you can have all the goss tomorrow – I’ve a few photos to sort – just for a change.

Year Six Prom Done

time to say goodbye

Please don’t bring it on

I Stand Corrected and a Cry Fest…………….

Ok, so I admit it I got it wrong. In  fact, I got two things wrong!

  • Firstly, the ready rolled pastry that I never even knew supermarkets sold, was actually extremely nice – I stand corrected!
  • Secondly, the e-mail from Asda about the photo’s was clearly a wapping mistake as when I called in at the local store to see what was going on. Not only were the photo’s there a whole day early, but they also seem to have printed a whole load of pictures I didn’t ask for. I thanked them for their help and pegged it before they realised I owed them another £7 – well come on, it’s not like the photos are any good for any one else. I’m still not sure how they managed to print them. Yes I uploaded them but I never,ever added them to my basket!!
  • So, we’ve eaten the Quiche (yum), and the photo’s are all sorted for tomorrow’s school gala. So all in all a better day – granted the ‘I’m going to keep you awake fairy’ (close relation to ‘hot sweat fairy’) kept me up half the night so I was still dog tired (why do we say that?) but it was definitely a better day.

Maybe me being so tired was the reason for me starting a ‘Cry Fest’ this afternoon. I didn’t mean to reduce half of year six ( slight exaggeration but it wasn’t far off!) to tears, but I just couldn’t help it. We are currently in full throe rehearsing for next weeks leavers production ‘Blast from the Past’ . It’s a fun look back at school days gone by – think Navy Blue Knickers and warm bottles of milk – most of it’s hilarious. Until that is, we get to the last song – a moving little number about growing and moving on. If I’m honest, the song gets me every time, but today one of the girls, with a voice of an angel, just blew me away and I lost it and sat there with tears rolling down my cheeks. Whoops, singing turned to wailing  and then loud sobbing and that was just the lads. Bless them, I think the reality of moving to High School is getting to us all.  There’s only one thing for it, next week I’ll just have to sit there with a paper bag on my head – that way we’ll all hold it together  – or I’ll suffocate. Either way at least we’ll make it to the end without crying!!! 

Photos sorted at last

School Gala Tomorrow

Bring it On



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