The End is in Sight but it’s Time for New Beginnings

So it’s the last day of the holidays, just where did that six weeks go? Whoosh and there it was, gone. Still at least the last week saw us finally get to do a few things that hobbling round on crutches stopped us doing in the first couple of weeks.

To start with there was our annual pilgrimage to Wembley to watch the Challenge Cup final -sadly not a classic game this year, the torrential rain put pay to that but I still managed to get some good photos -you can see them when I’ve finished editing them – honest. We stayed in a different hotel this year, slap bang next to Wembley stadium, not quite the view we were promised but at least we got to wine and dine with a few rugby league celebs (ok it was a bag of crisps and half a lager in the hotel bar but you get the idea!!)

We’ve walked, cycled (still no running, but that story is for another day!) and I’ve taken hundreds of photographs – I could do with another week off to edit them all. I finally got to photograph the hidden treasure that is the Newland estate, and I’ve discovered a million and one things my camera does that I didn’t even know about -auto mode is still the easiest but I don’t seem to use that anymore, maybe I might get to be a real photographer after all! (Or a writer, or both! A girl can dream)

Maybe we should all follow our dreams, life really is too short, events last weekend proved that. When someone a year younger passes away it gets you thinking.

R.I.P Julian ‘chalky’ Charles, a true gentle giant and Wakefield Legend.

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