A Super Weekend and another Shock!!!!

Would you like a dessert!

Would you like a dessert!

So we’re back from our annual pilgrimage to London to watch the Challenge Cup final, it was like a home from home, an all  Yorkshire final. It was hard to decide who we wanted to win, both teams are huge rivals of our own team, Wakefield Trinity. In the end we opted for Castleford, it was the wrong choice – the Rhinos won. Still it was a great weekend, we saw some great sights and some not so great. Never have I seen so many over stretched rugby shirts in one place. Lets just say one team must only sell a one-size-fits-all-shirt and leave it at that.

To be fair the rugby fans weren’t the only ones poured into their clothing, the waitress in our hotel seemed to be suffering from the same fate, maybe that’s why she had the strangest of smiles plastered over her face, she was a dead ringer for Peter Kay’s ‘Geraldine’ and unfortunately, much to the amusement of Jack and I, she took a real shine to my hubby!! He got one of her ‘best’ smiles every time she passed and when she crouched (squatted) down at the side of him and scared him half to death to ask “would you like a dessert?” I failed at keeping a straight face. Needless to say we spent the rest of the weekend avoiding ‘Geraldine!’

Having finally come back down to earth after my maths results last week, today brought even more good news. You may remember me mentioning spending the best part of a week trying to write a personal statement  (more like four days gawping at a blank piece of paper and one day writing -but you get the idea!) Anyway, the whole point of the statement was to try to justify me being accepted onto a part-time degree course without any prior  higher-level education, it worked. I’m back in shock -again!! University, at my age!! Still,why not? I’ve spent years putting everything and everyone before me and my family. Now its time for me to do what’s right for us -I can’t wait!!

A great weekend

great news

Bring it on

Hey Good Looking……………

Looking Good!

Well it’s not every day you get a nice young doctor call you good-looking – alas he was talking about my knee-joint not me! Yep I finally bit the bullet (couldn’t stand the pain anymore to be honest) and headed to the local A & E department, ever hopeful that they wouldn’t utter the ‘no running’ words.

So I explained to Doc what had happened to my already niggly knee on Tuesday (something went twang when I was driving) and he seemed genuinely interested, they usually don’t want to know if there’s any chance it’s sport related. Anyway he prodded my knee this way and that and bar swinging me round by the ankles there wasn’t much more he could have done. He looked on in utter disbelief when in answer to his question ‘have you rested it since Tuesday?’ I replied ‘yes, apart from a 6 mile run and cycling to work and back’ Well I couldn’t drive – my knee hurts!! He didn’t have to laugh so loudly though when I explained the bruising on my other leg was from falling of my bike!!

So Doc explained that there was every chance I had a floater in my knee (surely not – oh wrong sort of floater!) often runners get bits of bones that chip off – nice. So off I went to X-ray. Trouble is when ever I go for an X-ray all I can think of is Peter Kay and his joke about the radiologists running out of the room. So the nice lady is telling me to keep my leg still and I’m trying to stop the hysterical laughter.

Back in A&E and Doc gave me the good news that I had no floaters (!) but a very good-looking knee-joint. Ooo does that mean I can start running again I asked – Doc’s turn for hysterical laughter and something about obsessive runners – don’t know what he means! Anyway to cut a long story short Doc thinks I’ve either runners knee (well you can’t run without em!) or a condition called chondromalacia or something so now I need a scan and need to avoid high impact exercise. Good news is I can cross -train. Anyone else think Doc may have uttered the wrong two words ………….

A complete day of rest (!)

Cross-training tomorrow

Bring it On



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