Hathersage Holidays……




So here we are in sunny Hathersage, it’s amazing that such a short journey from where we live is such a fantastic place. It didn’t feel so fantastic when I was lugging the baggage a mile and a half uphill to the B&B – I’ve now got one bicep bigger Than the other, bet I can’t move in the morning!!

Still once we got here all the lugging was worth it- the views are amazing- I could sit here all day watching the world go by. We watched the uphill cycle club and the downhill club – know which I’d prefer!!!

Once unpacked we headed back down the hillside to the outdoor swimming pool. I wish Wakefield had one. Not sure how the budgie smugglers and flowery swim caps would go  down in Wakey though!

So the walking starts for real tomorrow- if there’s no blog tomorrow I’ve had the map upside down Wish me luck!!

Arrived safely in Harhersage

Walking in the Peak District Tomorrow

Bring it on



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