The Year of the Blog……


What a day…..

I think I’ve done quite a lot in the last year -I’ll give a full run down tomorrow. But in a nutshell, despite everything that’s come my way I’ve still made it to the end of the year smiling and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve done. I never thought at the beginning of 2012 that by the end of the year I would be cycling daily – the Olympics has a lot to answer for. But then again I didn’t expect to be dancing on the playground trying to break a world record (Olympics again) or Running ridiculous amounts of laps of the school field (sport relief) and then there was the cricket,Jack’s rugby (Yorkshire Champion again)  oh and a little race in the Olympic Stadium – what a day. So you can have my full review tomorrow.

In the meantime I hope I haven’t bored you all too much and that you have enjoyed some of my ramblings and rants – have a great new year see you in 2013.

What a year

Here come’s 2013

Bring it on

The things you see and the things you do……….

Well I’ve seen some  running sights in my time pounding the streets, camels,trees, rhinos, the lady in a sequined dress. (London Marathon) Runners in so many layers of clothing I don’t know how they move, barefoot runners, bare arse  runners (London again!) but todays sight was a new one on me. Now I know it was raining this morning, in fact it was more than raining – waders were definitely required – but running with an umbrella!!! No really, the lady runner I passed this morning (she was a real runner -tights, trainers, the whole lot!!) had her brolly up. Not only that but she was clinging on to it for dear life as it was also blowing a gale……..Er, new one on me – maybe she was hoping, well I don’t really know what she was hoping for – still by the time I’d done wondering I was back home again. Another 2 miles in the bag.

It’s been a bit of a sporty dayall round really, running before work, swimming after and then table tennis. But not any old table tennis Jack and I did it paralympic style -no really. But instead of wheelchairs we had bar stools – height adjustable bar stools no less. Hours  of endless fun trying to hit a ball while moving a stool up and down – a right workout. Just how the hell do the Paralympians do it!!!

2 miles run and a nice little swim

Back on the bike tomorrow

Bring it  on

Dark Mornings and Homework Warnings……………

So Monday morning dawned and it’s fair to say the dark mornings are on their way back – boo. It’s the last thing you want/need when you wake up in zombie mode. Still it’s my own fault for watching to the very end of the Paralympics (sob) , I did think I’d drop straight off due to my emotional state – come on it was pretty tear jerking stuff. But no chance, I’d just about dropped off when the clanking of the cemetery gates being opened (they’re locked now to keep the scummy druggies out!) woke me up – six o clock, joy of joys time to get up. Think I’d finished my ten minute ‘bingo wing workout ‘ before my eyes opened. Still by the time I’d cycled to work I was wide awake – good job really seen as I nearly got knocked over by a driving instructor, driving (not reversing) out of his drive. Maybe he hadn’t got round to opening his eyes either – knob!!

Another thing seemingly on the way back is Jack’s ridiculous amount of homework – leading the way is Queen of Homework – the R.E teacher. Don’t think she’ll be too chuffed about his front cover of ‘things we care about’ – he’s drawn a rugby ball, rugby sticks, golf clubs, our house and us with the title ‘What Matters’. Seems fine to me but not sure she’ll see it in the same light!  Take a hint Homework Queen!!!

Despite my original zombie state, things definitely improved as the day went on – so much so that not only did I cycle home (the scenic route) I then ran six miles straight after – well once I’d swapped my cycle shorts (padded in all the right places) for my running shorts (cling to all the wrong places)  pity there wasn’t somewhere decent to swim – you’ll not get me in some minging pond – I could have done my first triathlon, does a deep bath count as a swim!!

2 cycles and one run done

less of a zombie tomorrow

Bring it On


Honest,It Wheelie Looked Like Him…………………………

So I did it, despite nearly rolling over and hitting the snooze button, I managed a pre-work, 6 a.m run. All 2.7 miles of it. It’s been a while since I’ve been out so early, I’d forgotten just how hard it is getting out there.I’d also forgotten how blind I am running without my contact lenses. So blind I’m pretty sure I could qualify for this Paralympic blind football thing – some of them are partially sighted, in fact as I’m sat writing this the guided running is on Channel 4 – I think that’s what I need – a guide.

 For those who read my blog back in January you’ll probably remembering me chasing an athlete that turned out to be a pelican crossing , tripping over a dog and falling flat out on a pavement while running blind. Today I took it to a whole new level, I confused my hubby with a wheelie bin!! I ran the last few metres up the street and saw what I thought was hubby sorting his bike out (yes he’s cycling to work too) so I waved to him and he didn’t wave back -‘ miserable git’, I thought, fancy ignoring me!! About four doors from home (yes my eyesight is that bad) realisation dawned – it wasn’t him it was next door but one’s flowery painted wheelie bin – whoops. Even before his weight loss he wasn’t wheelie bin shaped. Oh well at least I made it round without falling over.

Early morning run done

Running with eyesight tomorrow

Bring it on!

Fitting in Fitness and a Blind Referee……..

Strange really, but now I’m back at work its much easier to fit my runs etc in. You would think that having six weeks off would allow for loads of running but it just doesn’t work that way. I suppose I could have got up earlier to run before the start of everything else but then that’s not a holiday is it, and time with Jack is precious so I won’t put running before him either. But all in all I have clocked up a fair few miles running and we have walked swam and cycled nearly every week so its still exercise – it all must count towards the ‘getting my fitness back’ campaign.

So today I cycled to work – 1.5 miles, cycled home (the scenic route) – 4 miles and ran while Jack was at rugby training – 6.2 miles – not a bad day really. Now the real challenge – can I get up and run before work – I haven’t done that in a while – watch this space!

What with work and keeping fit there hasn’t been much time for paralympic watching today – however I did get a chance to watch the blind football – what a game. No rolling about feigning injury like some overpaid professionals I could mention, it’s fascinating to watch. Trouble is it led to another of Jack’s classic questions – ‘Is the referee blind as well?’ Mind you this is the kid who during the Paralympic opening ceremony asked ‘whats the point in signing  the songs’ – the blind people can’t see ……Er – she’s doing it for the deaf ones Jack. I think there’s more than one blonde in this house!!!

2 bike rides and a run logged

Early Morning Run – hopefully

Bring it on

Back to Reality, But What Fun We’ve Had…………………….

So that’s it, back to work, the holidays are over – well unless you’re Jack, he’s off until Wednesday. But what a fab holidays it has been and some of the best things we’ve done have been free (some have been mega expensive as well- still reeling from the cost of drinks at Shrek the Musical!) Building swings with rope and catapulting – free, Walking in the Peak District – free. Bike rides by the river – free. Building a den – free. Hepworth Gallery – free. Hyde Park Live – free, Olympic Marathon – free. Trains to and from London – not quite free but well worth it!!!

I don’t really know what the best bit was. The Olympics and Paralympics were fab, the atmosphere, athletes the whole thing – an experience I will never forget for so many reasons. Our traditional 4 days in London to watch the challenge cup was, as usual, great fun and we saw even more of  our capital city – still so much we haven’t done though, I’m sure we’ll be back again soon. Then there was our trip to Hathersage, the walking animals, caves, food – we’ll be going back there as well. In all honesty I can’t name a best bit, I’ve loved every minute of it art, play,family time – just what the doctor ordered.

Now reality bites, back to school and for the second time in 12 months into a class room that’s had a re-furb – brill. Still if you’d have seen the place this morning and then this afternoon, you wouldn’t have believed it was the same place. Looks like a busy few weeks ahead – good job I love my job, it’s great to be back .How many weeks to haf term……..

What a six weeks

Reality Bites

Bring it on

Junior Rugby is Back…………….Maybe Not.

 Finally today was the day that Jack’s Rugby re-started.You know, this amazing new ‘Summer League’, that’s been a joke since the day it started.( I really need to bring my rugby blog up to date)  More stop than start – only you’re not allowed to criticize the powers that be or you face the firing squad at Dawn!!  Todays game was cancelled as the opposition didn’t have enough players for a team – which is understandable as technically it is still the school holidays. However maybe our recent 2 encounters had something to do with it, we’ve beaten them twice 60-0 in one game and we were winning 38 -0 in the other until their coach head butted the ref – game over!!! Cynical, me? Never!!!

So Hubby and I took full advantage of the free morning and headed out on our bikes, the campaign to get my fitness back continues. We headed to our usual route adding in another loop to take us to 8.5 miles of mainly off road tracks. The last few days rain made for some very muddy tracks – it was ace and unlike when we were kids and got told off for riding through puddles today we could ride through them as much as we wanted – no nasty grown-ups to tell us off – bliss! 

Once showered and mud free we headed out to Xscape for lunch and a quick look in the cycling shop – yep we’re turning into ‘cycle saddos’. The place was packed – didn’t realise there was a ‘Stars and their Cars’ exhibition on. Now I get the ‘having a car’ bit but I fail to see the need to dress up like Batman, Ghostbusters and even Delboy and Rodney to go with the car. Grown men wearing ‘Iron Man’ outfits………………….

Once home we watched some more of the Paralympics – I’m loving the events but sick to death of the crappy coverage. We just get to a good bit and the adverts come on – personally I think these athletes deserve better. You’re not going to inspire a generation with a load of adverts from the sponsors – come on Channel 4, get a grip!!

Anyway, Ellie Simmonds amazing swim(they managed to show the full 400m without any adverts) inspired me to squeeze a sneaky nearly four mile run in before the rugby came on – thankfully Super League teams don’t have ‘players on holiday’ issues. Big thanks to Hull FC for beating Bradford – We just need Wakey to beat Widnes tomorrow now and we could make the play-offs yet! C’mon Wakey.

Running and cycling done

Cycling and Super League tomorrow

Bring it on.




A Paralympic Day Out, Some Pacing Issues and more Killer Dogs……………….


So a three part blog(sort of) today as our late return last night didn’t give me much of a chance to tell you about our amazing day. Yesterday saw my Mum, Jack and I finally make it into the Olympic Park. I say finally but for Jack and I it’s our second visit – see link below. I’m happy to say that despite my worries back in March the Olympic Park well and truly exceeded all of my expectations.

One thing both of my visits to the Olympic Park had in common was the weather – it was freezing. Hence a very hasty visit to Primarni to buy some skinny jeans and a long sleeve top – well, a girl can never have too many skinny jeans! The shopping centre itself is amazing – newly built especially for the Olympics – all four floors of it. I don’t think my mum could believe what she was seeing.

Anyway after a bite to eat it was time to enter the Olympic Park, finally we were in and part of the Paralympics. The thing that gets you before anything else is the buzz about the place. The smiling faces (even in the cold and rain) the diverse range of people and cultures and due to it being the Paralympics the unbelievable range of  wheelchairs, false limbs etc being carried around by the soon to perform athletes and coaches. When I was young ( I know it’s a long time ago now!) my grandad had a false leg. The leg weighed more than he did and he rarely wore it as it made what was left of his leg sore. The leg spent more time behind the sofa than in actual use. So to see athletes with prosthetic limbs, carrying their sport limbs around kind of shows how far things have come – I wonder what my Grandad would have thought about blades!

The first venue  you come to when entering the park is the aquatics centre, now this has been the cause of much hilarity in the Earnshaw household as Jack thought  aquatic meant full of various fish (think sea world!) not aquatic as in swimming – bless him. So people probably thought we were stark raving mad as we stood there laughing hysterically as we explained to my mum what Jack had said. Next to the Aquatics Centre was the water polo…, er what do you call it pool, arena, place… not sure. Anyway after that it was the Olympic Stadium (did I mention I’ve run in there!) time for the now traditional pose – the Mobot, and a cheeky Usain as well – I think my mum got a bit confused with the second one – more Nazi Salute than Bolt – Oh well.

We spent the next couple of hours taking everything in, there is so much to see. Not just stadiums and arenas but gardens and art and…..the list goes on and on. My favourite place, apart from the gardens was the Velodrome – it’s huge and so, well mind blowing really. Cycling was also the first thing we watched albeit on the live screen. But you would have thought we were in the Velodrome, what with all the flag waving, cheering and the singing of the National Anthem. Yes we watched Team GB’s first gold of the Games – magic. The swimming was magic too – how can someone with no arms not only swim but win a gold – these paralympians are something else and it’s not disabled!! 

I could go on and on about all we saw and did but I don’t want to bore you.  I think you get the point that it was awesome, amazing and so on but more than anything in some ways it was pretty humbling to be there seeing the results of months and years of hard work and training. Even more humbling when you see some of the health issues and obstacles some of these athletes have to overcome and deal with day in day out.

Hopefully parts of the Olympic park will be there for years to come and will eventually be used by the generation it was meant to inspire – it will be a bloody shame if it’s not.

Tired when I woke this morning, just a bit. Asda Big Shop wasn’t really what I wanted to do but needs must, especially as today is officially the last day of the school holidays – where did the six weeks go!! It was a big ‘Asda Big Shop’ as well took me nearly all day to put it away – honest – well in between trying to watch the Paralympics on Channel 4. Trying being the operative word. What with the never-ending adverts and the relentless chatter in the studio there doesn’t seem to be much actual sport on!

In the end I gave up and went for a sneaky 8 mile run, I was pleased to up my mileage (at last) but not happy with my pace – I ran my first mile in just over 8 minutes and then died. I can’t blame my amazing ‘Nike+ Sports Watch’ – (it never works) because I’ve finally sussed it . If you don’t pause it when you have to wait to cross a road or get attacked by a killer dog(more on that in the next paragraph) then the mileage is accurate – means that it shows you’ve run slower than you actually have but you can’t have everything – well unless you’ve got a Garmin!!

So to the ‘Killer Dog’ , my worst nightmare. Bloody thing tried to trip me up and wouldn’t let go of my shoe lace I had a right job getting it off……Alright, alright it was a puppy – a Jack Russell. But it wasn’t giving up my lace  without a fight – bless it. Not a bad run really 8.3 miles in 1:19:50 – the fight to get my fitness back is on!!!


Another great day out

On the bike tomorrow

Bring it on

Another Day in London……..

Another day in London done- this time for the Paralympics. It has been a fab day for many reasons- not least trying to teach a bunch of drunk Aussies the words to ‘On Ilkley Moor Bah Tat’. Full blog tomorrow as its late and I’m shattered.
Great Day out
Full Catch up tomorrow
Bring it on

Another Room Bites the Dust………………..

Well I got some housework done (how exciting my life is at times) but not really the amount I wanted to do. Various reasons, I couldn’t get in the kitchen as the ever persistent rain ( it never stopped) meant I had to turn it into a chinese laundry and I entered that fateful place ‘Jack’s Bedroom’. Needless to say I never made it to any other room. Don’t get me wrong he’s not a messy kid, it just that we are so busy at times that stuff tends to get shoved in his wardrobe etc until I have more time to sort it. Today was that day.

The fact I had to dismantle Lego Wembley (except it said Wembly on the stand – Jack spelt it wrong) didn’t help – that was nearly an hour and a half gone and I’m not really sure why I bothered – he’ll have built something else this time next week. Hopefully spelt right. But it’s all sorted – for now. Shame about the rest of the place – there’s always tomorrow – well not tomorrow – we’re busy.

Yep tomorrow, for the fourth time this holidays I’m London bound – this time the Paralympics beckons. Jack, my Mum and I have finally got tickets into the Olympic park. Excited – you’re not kidding. It’s going to be a great end to a great holiday.

Another room sorted and a quick sprint done

2.6 miles in 21:56 minutes

Paralympics tomorrow

Bring it on


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