An even quicker quickie!!

You’d think an inspirational speech by Rebecca Addlington would be enough to motivate me into exercise, actually it was, but a full day at a PE conference and then an evening at college means the only exercise I’ve done is walking to and from places – about a mile. Still it’s better than nothing – if only you could log talking about sport.
Back to the gym in the morning
Bring it on!!!


A Bit of a Stomp…………….Maybe Not!!!

jby0063lWell I’ve finally thawed out – I think it was about 3 this morning before the fluffy socks came off. Still I won’t be getting that cold again, I’ve got thermal socks and gloves for the next time I head out on the bike -I might even put them on when we play hockey next week. Thankfully it was indoor PE today, though I’ve got to say the dodgy heating in the hall meant it could have been a balaclava moment. In fact never mind the temperature I could have done with the balaclava to drown out the noise. Doing a stomp with year 2 seemed like such a good idea at the time…….

Actually, it’s been loads of fun. I got the idea from another school who were appearing at the ‘Royal Albert Hall’ for the Schools Prom at the same time as us (ahem) Yep I can’t sing for toffee but my claim to fame is singing live there- thankfully there was another 200 in the choir to drown me out  – I’ve appeared at Sheffield Arena as well and I was once in Hello Dolly…… Sorry I’m waffling – back to the stomp. So this school used things like bike wheels, pans, broom handles and their hands and feet to make music – it was amazing. So with part of this terms creative curriculum being about rhythm and beat I thought I’d give it a go. 

To anybody stood outside the school hall it probably sounds like an awful row but in reality – with the help of we will rock you – we are stomping. We may not have the bike tyres and broom handles but we’ve got home-made shakers, coffee tins and plastic bin lids and after only 3 weeks they are getting the hang of it. Not such a bad idea after all. The Methodist School Stomp – coming to a stage near you soon………………….

Stomping through to Saturday

Big weekend ahead

Bring it on

World War Three Under the Sea or 3 kids duffing one another up!!!

Well in the end  I didn’t cycle in my gig lamps, the howling wind put pay to that. I nearly did, but then hubby text to say he’d struggled to say on his bike-I wasn’t risking getting blown under the 110 bus just for the sake of my fitness!! Still I did plenty to improve my fitness today – I’m sure prancing round the school hall being a wave helps! Yep, I’m back to teaching Key stage one dance – wahoo!! I love it really. Thankfully due to this new creative curriculum malarkey I no longer have to do the stupid ‘Cat dance’, which is great news as for one thing I hate cats and for another I feel a right tit crawling round on my hands and knees with my imaginary tail in the air!! Takes me back to my own primary school when you had to be a leaf falling from a tree (!!) Mind You, and I may have mentioned this before, but I once did a P.E course where we had to run around with a chiffon scarf pretending to be washing on a line and then we had to be a giraffe who couldn’t dance (don’t ask) If I remember rightly it was also the same P.E course when I got sent off for flooring one of my opponents in ‘tag rugby’. I couldn’t help myself – my competitive side kicked in and I forget it wasn’t’ proper rugby’. I still passed the course though!!

Anyway, back to the dance – today we were ‘under the sea’, Little Mermaid style. Having watched a clip from the film  we thought about which of the little fishes we could be and danced along to the music. They/we  did really well, we had mermaids (they’re not being Ariel though – I’m having the lead role!!) puffa fish, seahorses, angel fish,eels,starfish and the ‘I’m going to twat my little playmate’ fish – I’m sure that one wasn’t in the film! That made me a very ‘angry fish’. I think they got the message. Can’t wait for next week.

So feeling all danced out maybe a trip to Ikea after work wasn’t the best of ideas. It took for ever to get there, all for the sake of a fat pillow for hubby( and a little look round) Thing was, there was a million and one pillows to choose from – when did pillows become so scientific. They now do pillows for side sleepers, back sleepers, tummy sleepers but no where was there a pillow for bed-hogging snoring starfish sleepers. Still after prodding loads of them hubby now has a new pillow, I only hope it’s the right one I can’t face prodding all those pillows again!

Friday at Last

Rugby Playoffs tomorrow

Bring it On



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