A little Cycle in the Sunshine………..

BE1cemZCEAA1J07At last it’s the weekend, though apart from not having to get up at six it doesn’t feel much different to a workday. It was gone 3 o clock before I finally got to sit down, and only then because I really wanted to crack on with some of my maths coursework. Whatever happened to the days of doing nothing on a weekend…..

Still it wasn’t all housework and boring stuff. Come 9:30 hubby and I were out on the bikes for a nearly 13 mile ride down by the canal – a slightly flatter and less muddy route than last week but it certainly wasn’t any easier. Never felt so much of a breath on my back on the way there, coming bike it was like cycling into a wind tunnel -still it cleared the sinuses out!!!


Thats nearly 30 miles of running and cycling logged this week, and theres still one day to go. Not sure whether to do a short run or bike ride tomorrow -any suggestions??

12 days done

Still feeling fit (to drop!)

Bring it on






Day Nine -lets all do the Dog-Shit-Shuffle……

It's really not that hard to do.....

It’s really not that hard to do…..

So my little leggies are shattered and I’m so grateful that day four of the 30 day ab challenge is a rest day ( I dread to think what tomorrow will be!) but the good news is I ran a whole 3.6 miles, that’s THREE POINT SIX MILES,  and yes  I really am shouting from the roof tops. It’s the furthest I’ve managed since knee surgery and probably my longest run since last January, to say I’m chuffed is an understatement. Granted it’s a long way from the regular ten miles I used to do and who knows if I’ll ever get back to that distance, but at least a 10k is looking more of a possibility. Yes my legs are aching but my knee is not twinging and for me that’s a huge step.

When I finished the run I have to confess I was a little disappointed with the time, even though I’d run and not walked up the hilliest bit,I was nearly 20 seconds a mile slower than my 2.5 mile run on Monday. But then again on Monday I didn’t have to do the ‘dog-shit-shuffle’  (bloody dog owners -pick the sodding stuff up) having spent half a mile wondering where that awful smell was coming from I realised it was my running shoe and had two goes at removing it – gross! Nor had I stopped to say hello to a friend at the bus stop. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad run after all.

3.6 miles in 34:10 minutes

Back on the bike tomorrow

Bring it on

A Walk a Run and Why is My iphone so Dumb?

So I’m sat here a little annoyed. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve run and walked today but my stupid iPhone died mid run (again) so now I’ve no idea how far I went (it wasn’t far!) or  how fast. I suppose it doesn’t matter on either count as for me it’s about getting back from injury, the distance and pace will come later -maybe Sunday!! (I’m joking -honest)

Anyway, I’ve decided my iPhone’s a man -it can’t multi-task to save its life. All I asked it to do was map my run, play some music and take the odd photo, half a mile, 3 photos and one Take That track later it had given up. Which kind of buggers up my plans for this years blog as I was going to take the occasional shot of where I was so you could share my route. When I’m walking taking the camera isn’t a problem, and I can probably put it in my rucksack when cycling ,don’t think hubby will be too chuffed with me stopping every two minutes though! But I can’t carry it when running -looks like me walking round all my running routes to take photos first -maybe you could just imagine where I am -I’m good at descriptive writing!!!

Still it did feel like a good run, and the walk wasn’t bad either. In complete contrast to yesterday we had sun and blue skies, the housework would have to wait the outdoors beckoned. Well it did once sleeping beauty a.k.a Jack had risen from his pit – he really is going to take some waking come school on Monday. So early afternoon ( yes he really did sleep that long) we hit the local nature park and had two hours of outdoor heaven -still not too sure whether the abandoned railway line we climbed up to again is actually abandoned but I haven’t seen a train yet!!!

A run, a walk

Might do the bike tomorrow

Bring it on

A Game of Hide and Seek With a Couple of Tits……..

Blue%20Tit%20%20for%20webSo the kids head back to school and summer finally arrives -typical that! On the plus side my schools not back until Wednesday, so not only have I got 2 child-free days but I also get to have fun in the sun -beats housework!!! Today was another gardening day (ok I admit to a sneaky bit of sunbathing as well -you’ve got to get the sun when you can!!), the agenda today was to re-pot my shrubs and bushes. Two hours it took, some of the roots were well and truly welded to the pots -it’s years since I last did them. Still they’re all done now, I’ve just my rockery at the front of the house to sort and my garden will nearly be back to something that Percy Thrower would be proud of -sort of!!

So with the gardening done it was time to sit back and admire my hard work, that’s when I noticed that the birds had finally (it’s only taken all bleeding weekend) noticed the feeder. Wahoo, time to get the camera out. Just my luck to attract a couple of camera-shy tits!!! Two hours (slight exaggeration but it felt like forever!)  I sat there waiting for the flaming things to stay in one place long enough for me to grab the shot of the day -they clearly thought it was a game. Then Jenny Wren joined in – I gave up. On the plus side the feeder has been found and hopefully more birds will be making use of it soon. Now all I need is for Ralph (the bird that next-door-but-ones cat has had a go at) to look up from his grass-seed eating and see that there’s better food on offer -here’s hoping!

Loving the sunshine

cycling tomorrow

Bring it on

Newland Discoveries……..

You can tell it’s the school holidays -it’s raining. I suppose it was too much to ask for, wall to wall sunshine all week. Still it hasn’t stopped us doing what we wanted, we’ve just had to get wet doing it. So with Jack off for a round of golf with his Grandma I took advantage of a bit of time for myself and headed out on Boris (I suppose most girls would head out for a bit of retail therapy -it’s really not my style!) It was probably the shortest ever cycle I’ve ever had, having failed to sort a dodgy tyre I was back home within 5 minutes – but needs must so I headed out on my other bike (which I hate) Morris or is it Mavis, I forgot what I called it now it’s that long since I last used it.

Still, despite it being harder work than usual, I really enjoyed it. I even braved the ‘funny fanny’ path (see Mondays blog) which was much easier as I didn’t have to worry about keeping up with hubby, who flies off at silly speed. Not having hubby also meant I got time to stop and look at some of the things I spot when we’re out and he has no interest in looking at. I just wish I’d taken my camera. First I saw a grouse (well I know it was now I’ve googled it -I’m crap at bird watching!!) then I went to look at what I was sure was the abandoned Newland Village, I’ve been trying to find it for sometime now and finally I have. I can’t believe I’ve been so close so many times. So I can go back with the camera now and have a proper look -watch this space.

Took  a few photos with my phone just to show you

Can’t wait to explore

Bring it on

It’s an Open Air Gym…….so Why Don’t People Use It?

A Great Idea...

A Great Idea

So we were cycling along the canal path this morning (times are changing -hubby getting up on a Bank Holiday!) when I saw something that got me thinking -hard to believe I know!! Anyway, as we got to one of the locks a British Waterways van (except it’s not British Waterways anymore but you get the idea) was parked there and on the side it had the slogan, ‘It’s an open air Gym’ complete with photos of people running along side the canal. (See pic). What a brilliant idea and so true. In fact I’m surrounded by this ‘Open Air Gym’ idea. Woodland walks, canals, reservoirs, even the remains of a castle and before you ask I don’t live out in the sticks, I live in a city. A city that has currently got one of the fastest growing rates of obesity in the country -makes you think. (That’s twice in one day). In reality getting fit costs nothing, you just put one foot in front of the other and head out of the door -simple. No need for a gym membership, just a good pair of trainers. So why aren’t the NHS making the most of whats on offer and encouraging people to get out there and use it……..just saying!

Still, it was a great cycle ride, lots of sunshine and loads of boating enthusiasts splashing about on the water -anyone remember the corny song from the Hoseasons advert -it was just like that. The only downside was the ‘fanny path’, you know the kind I mean -up,down,up,down and no amount of padding does anything to save your lady bits -still no pain, no gain, though I’m not too sure what I’m gaining.

Another 13 miles cycled.

D-day tomorrow I’m off to see the surgeon.

Bring it on

We’ve Only Gone and Found It……………

Well after nearly a week of searching we’ve found it, it’s taken some doing I can tell you. Yes after our adventures on Wednesday discovering abandoned railways and then the impromptu search on the internet to see whether it was or wasn’t (I know I’m a saddo!)We’ve been on the look out for a railway  – the Crigglestone Curve and Viaduct – that is 100% abandoned. But before we looked for that there was still the matter of Wednesdays discovery to look at. So was it an abandoned track -well your guess is as good as mine. If there are any railway relic enthusiasts out there who know -please get in touch. Anyway, abandoned or not we went for a look. There were two tracks up there and I would say one is certainly no longer in use -it had a big buffer at the end of the line but we didn’t walk any further along as the other track looked like it may have been used sometime recently -and the signal was on red -maybe that was a huge clue that it still worked. Still we had a great afternoon climbing here there and everywhere to see what else we could find.

Since then I’ve crossed fields(thanks for your help Ryan) been through tunnels and crossed becks -all in the hunt for the Crigglestone Viaduct that has seemingly been blocked off to the public, today we struck gold, or we would have done except some Health and Safety Saddos spoilt our fun -I was all for climbing the steel gate they’d put up to stop – well I’m not sure what its to stop -why can’t we go look, until I put my hands on the fence -some miserable git has painted it with tar….I’ll be back and next time I’ll be prepared -has anyone got any ladders……………..

A great find

Can’t wait to see more

Bring it on

Horsing Around on the Railway Ruins………Maybe!

Ok so it’s not the warmest of Easter holidays but it’s dry and bright and in the Earnshaw household that’s all that’s needed. As long as we’re outside we’re happy – well Jack and I are – hubbys working! So today Jack and I headed down to Walton nature park for coffee and cake by the water’s edge (well a Kit Kat Chunky – but you get the idea) and a chance for a play about with my camera. That created another first for me -photographing horses. I didn’t realise horses do facial expressions -other than long ones -but they do, and just like humans if you shoot in black and white (is shoot the wrong thing to say when talking about horses) they look even better -really!!

With the camera work done, well I could have gone on but Jack was clearly getting bored, we headed off on another magical mystery tour -why do I do these things. Before I knew it we were sat under a railway bridge – a high bridge – looking out over Wakefield -bliss. to be honest once my legs had stopped shaking the views were amazing. Then we found a way up onto the bridge to find what we think is disused railway, but not knowing for sure I didn’t dare go onto it. We came home to see what information we could find. So like a true saddo, I’ve spent over an hour trawling through websites and forums dedicated to abandoned railways -yes people really do post on these forums, there are photos and everything!! Not that I’ve managed to find out whether it is disused or not but I’ve found some that definitely are. Guess where we’re going tomorrow?!?!

A lovely day out

Heading to the railway ruins tomorrow

Bring it on



One of those days……………….

Well in total contrast to yesterday morning, today we woke to glorious sunshine albeit with a sneaky wind (as my Mum would say!). The sun shinning didn’t stop it being one of those days though – putting my cycle helmet on back to front should have been a sign of what was to come. Took me forever to workout why the strap wouldn’t  fasten. Then I looked in the mirror and saw the knob to tighten it was at the front – a knob head in every sense of the word!!

Come lunchtime things were no better – I has mistakenly picked up giant cous-cous instead of the normal stuff. It tasted even worse than it looked -like spicy tapioca – bleurgh!!!I had made enough for two days – I won’t be eating the rest tomorrow. Then the rain started – full on chucking it down rain. It did ease off as I pedalled home, however that was the least of my worries. Why oh why did I take the shortcut by the river home. Muddy puddles – you’re not kidding. I was covered from head to toe. To be honest though it was quite exhilarating and I couldn’t resist a ‘wahoo’ as I flew down a slope and into the mud – now if Jack had come home in that state……………………

Another day on the bike done

Rest day tomorrow (from the bike)

Bring it On


Another Room Bites the Dust………………..

Well I got some housework done (how exciting my life is at times) but not really the amount I wanted to do. Various reasons, I couldn’t get in the kitchen as the ever persistent rain ( it never stopped) meant I had to turn it into a chinese laundry and I entered that fateful place ‘Jack’s Bedroom’. Needless to say I never made it to any other room. Don’t get me wrong he’s not a messy kid, it just that we are so busy at times that stuff tends to get shoved in his wardrobe etc until I have more time to sort it. Today was that day.

The fact I had to dismantle Lego Wembley (except it said Wembly on the stand – Jack spelt it wrong) didn’t help – that was nearly an hour and a half gone and I’m not really sure why I bothered – he’ll have built something else this time next week. Hopefully spelt right. But it’s all sorted – for now. Shame about the rest of the place – there’s always tomorrow – well not tomorrow – we’re busy.

Yep tomorrow, for the fourth time this holidays I’m London bound – this time the Paralympics beckons. Jack, my Mum and I have finally got tickets into the Olympic park. Excited – you’re not kidding. It’s going to be a great end to a great holiday.

Another room sorted and a quick sprint done

2.6 miles in 21:56 minutes

Paralympics tomorrow

Bring it on


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