Oh My Thigh Bone is Rubbing on My Shin Bone My Shin Bone is Rubbing on My……You get the idea!!

Well on the plus side I’m fit and healthy, I have a family I love, a job I really like and although things have been toughsore-knee at times, compared to some life’s pretty good. Come this time next year there’s every chance I’ll be back pounding the pavements, whether I get back out there this year remains to be seen.

Yep  -today was D-Day at the Doctors. It’s been marked on the calendar for weeks, by the time I got to the surgery I felt physically sick. You would have thought I was about to be told how long I had left to live,not what was up with my dodgy knee. It’s probably a runner thing and possibly a thing that only other runners will understand but the thought of never running again fills me with dread. I haven’t run now (well apart from the odd sneaky go on a treadmill) since the beginning of January and it has been like mental torture -I look longingly at runners as I drive by and despair when I see people moaning on social media about not getting PB’s -at least they can run. Thankfully I’ve had Boris my trusty bike to keep me almost sane -but a 14 mile cycle doesn’t give me the buzz of a run -well it’s going to have to do for now.

So just what was the outcome, well I didn’t lay down, stamp my feet and sob hysterically but it’s fair to say I wasn’t amused. Seemingly I have a tear in my articular cartilage, inflammation under my knee cap that is in the wrong place -, although I knew that bit anyway and due to an old injury my thigh bone is rubbing on my shin bone (isn’t that a song) hence the awful noise my knee makes -still it could have been worse……

Now I’ve got to go see the surgeon and see what he wants to do, Shave my thigh bone, trim my cartilage, wash my knee out or all three -another six week wait. The doctor has his head in his hands when I left -all I asked was can I run in the meantime -if it’s knackered anyway whats a few more miles going to do…………….

Looking on the Brightside

I’ll be back fitter and faster

Bring it on!!


So I’m sat here feeling drained exhausted and……… a bit like last night really except last night I could move my left shoulder, and didn’t have grazes and bruises forming on certain parts of my anatomy. And to think the day started so well .

Yes, I battled CBA Syndrome and was out running by quarter six, quite a good run despite not having the comfiest of running shoes – finding a replacement for my Nike Free Runners is not going to be easy- not a niggle to be felt in my knee and 2.2 miles done in 18 minutes -fab. Back in plenty of time for a shower and change before heading to work on Boris (my bike) I got there in near record time despite the wind trying to slow me down. Work went well, year 2 dance was great – we’re doing a stomp this half-term and they loved it. All was going great until we went swimming.

First we had the ‘how to squash 60 kids on one bus’ (the other forgot to come!) without having any H & S issues – good job 6 were off ill. Then we had ‘how to get through Wakefield in less than 5 minutes’  – things weren’t going well!! We arrived at the new all singing all dancing leisure centre with only 15 minutes of our lesson left, so it was ‘changed, in – out, changed’. Quickest swim ever – still the afternoon flew by. Bring on the weekend.

Alas the weekend hasn’t got off to the best of starts – with most of Wakefield getting gridlocked due to a serious road accident I was quite relieved to be on the bike knowing that when the queues started I could cycle by – well that was the plan. Shame some moron knocked me off before I got a chance to do that – nice that they thought to drive off and leave me there as well. Thankfully someone else came to my rescue and got Boris and I home in one piece – see there are nice people out there.  So a bit of TLC and Boris and I will be in full working order in no time at all and thank god for my cycling helmet – yes it makes me look a right wally but boy did it do its job today!!


Less ouch tomorrow

Bring it on!



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