An Olympic Catch Up………………….

So with art hogging the blog last night (the blog hogged my night – bloody uploads!) it’s  time to get back to what’s important at the moment- the Olympics. The Olympics have for one reason or another been a huge part of my life this year from my nomination to carry the flame ( didn’t get picked but to be nominated was massive) to running in the Olympic Park -what a day that was. I can’t wait for the athletics to start then I can sit there knowing I ran on that track before anyone else (well apart from the other 5000 that did the run!) Then there’s all the work we’ve done at our school and all that Jack’s done at high school for his ‘Going for Gold’ award, the list goes on.

Now the time has come to sit back and watch all that’s going on. Trouble is once I sit and start watching I don’t move – it is so addictive and not just because team GB are competing – you name it – we’ve watched it!!  I’ve got to say it’s nice to see the GB medals rolling in now – if only to stop the press whining. Honestly, personal achievements just aren’t enough for the newspapers – the swim of their life only means something if it comes with a medal attached – it’s really starting to naff me off but that’s British Press for you – always on a downer.

The London Olympics is hoping to inspire a generation – judging by the amounts of people suddenly out cycling and running it is certainly inspiring some people. It’s definitely inspired Jack – his sudden interest in Beach Volleyball is amazing – can’t think why, thank god we don’t live near a beach!

Still despite watching the rowing,canoeing,cycling,double trap shooting (!),gymnastics, horse jumping type thing,judo,and the ever popular ‘show us your muff’ Beach Volleyball I have manged to paint the front wall, weed the patio (Jack’s question of the day – are these weeds that stuff you smoke!) clean the downstairs and most importantly – fit a run in – managed just over six miles today- wonder if I’ll be fit enough for the marathon – might be needed now Paula’s dropped out!

Still loving the Olympics 

loving having the running shoes back on too

Bring it on!

Rides,Rugby,Ramblers and Running……..

So after last nights ridiculously short blog – sorry but I was just a little bit too giddy. Well it’s not every day that Wakefield Trinity beat the supposedly mighty Leeds Rhinos and we didn’t just beat them – we stuffed em, shame I’m not a work to wind a few people up!

Anyway it was a busy day all round – Jack had his friend round for the day and we had a bike ride planned. The weather was doing it’s best to spoil our plans but we don’t give up easily in the Earnshaw household. We did however set off later than intended, mainly due to Hubby playing hide n seek with the shed keys – I mean come on, why didn’t I think to look in the peg bag for them, such an obvious place……………..

So eventually we set off, the rain lashed down and the wind blew – typical Summer Holiday Weather.Still the lads didn’t complain. Within 10 minutes we were down by the canal and they were in their element helping to work the lock to let two boats through. We carried on along the riverbank, sheltered under the motorway bridge to have lunch (summer!!) then they made a den in the woods and played rugby before heading back.We could have done without the ‘rambler rage’ on the way back – cos they really own the footpath – not!! Nearly four hours of fun all of the cost of a picnic – perfect day out, even got back in time to watch the gymnasts win a medal!

Yes the Olympics are going down well in our house, in fact I’m getting addicted, this red button thing is ace. Always something to watch. However it does have it’s downside -Jack knows how it works. It doesn’t matter what sport I’m watching Jack manages to find the women’s beach volleyball channel- and it’s not their sporting prowess he’s interested in – boys!!

So after a hectic day yesterday it’s been a much quieter day today(sneaked in a nearly 6 mile run though) -sleeping beauty slept until half ten and I managed to watch the equestrian thing (not sure what you call it) some diving, swimming and arrow firing before Jack found the sand strippers – sorry but the lack of clothing is really started to naff me off.

A great couple of days

More Olympics and an art gallery tomorrow

Bring it on


Clothes, Catapults and Cops

Day two of the Olympics and the favourite sport for the men in the Earnshaw household……Beach Volleyball (womens) Any guesses as to why??? Is there really any need to wear so little clothing – I’ve got bigger underwear and why do they need tape sticking on their arse to help their muscles – come on!!! What’s wrong with navy blue knickers and white vest -thats what we used to wear when playing volleyball at school, but then we had no beach………

So after surviving the never ending opening ceremony we are now suffering from Olympic overload – this red button thing is causing havoc with me trying to get things done – you can watch anything at anytime. Mind you I did spend 10 minutes chunttering at my brothers cos there was no sound on the gymnastics – I don’t suppose there will be when the tellys on mute – thanks bro – you could have told me!!

To be honest there was never going to be much chance of me doing anything this weekend – 2 late nights in a row has nearly killed me off – I’m rubbish at this partying lark!! Last night saw us at a friends BBQ and we had a great night. Unfortunately the more beer the host had the dafter he got, so come some ridiculous hour he had toddled outside with Jack – 5 minutes later they were catapulting left  over BBQ shit sausages (Sorry Mary) over the gargen hedge- he is such a good influence – guess what Jack now wants for christmas!!!

Half seven tonight saw me finally dragging myself out for a short run – however due to the cops stopping me from running down by the river it was a shorter run than anticipated. It’s not the first time a policeman has stopped me running, however the last time I didn’t realise it was a policeman behind me (well it was dark but to be fair the light shinning down from the police helicopter should have been a big clue!) Anyway, I thought the person behind me was another runner so my competitve streak kicked in and I flew off, it was only when I looked round to see if I’d managed to beat the runner did I realise that; A) it was a policeman and B) the policeman was struggling to breathe!! So I stopped and waited for the policeman to get his breath back. Ten minutes later the nice policeman told me I needed to get back on the main road as it wasn’t safe – he wouldn’t tell me why – I don’t think he had the energy! I thought coppers had to pass fitness tests.

Medals for Team GB

more to come tomorrow

Bring it on

Blog Back in the Morning……………..

So having sat through the entire Olympic ceremony – some of which was very good and some was absolute pants the blogs on hold till the morning – then you can have the full story. Night x

Jack the Gymnast and the Over-worked Camera

So whose turn was it to have a moment to shine today? Well…….no, I need to change the topic now, can’t  really do three days of the same thing – or can I. Come Friday it might be Jack’s moment to shine – yep my sport  loving son has been picked for the Schools Olympic football team Gymnastic Team. Well he was on the football team until the female P.E teacher asked for a boy volunteer to join the girls in the gymnastic team – now he didn’t exactly volunteer his services, more acted the goat doing his best hand stands – that was all it took – he was in. He’s not happy! I suppose it doesn’t help when I keep telling him he’ll get extra points if he pulls his leotard out of his bum – poor kid! God knows what he’ll be doing come Friday – I can’t wait, might have to turn up with my camera!!

Mind you, I think I’ve overdone the camera this week, over 1500 pictures already and we’re only on Wednesday. What with the Olympic Flame, Sports Day and Cricket, I’ve plenty to go at and if that’s not enough I came home and took some pictures of clouds – no really. They we’re interesting clouds and I wanted to play about with the white balance – I failed. More practise needed. Mmmm, wonder what I can photograph tomorrow……………………

Square Eyes from viewing all the photos

Finish cropping the tomorrow

Bring it on

Another Moment to Shine………………….

So who shone today? Well the sun did for a start (two days in a row – wahoo!) – not that you would have thought so at 6 this morning when thick  fog was lingering – still at least no-one could see me huffing n puffing on my first early morning run for ages.

 So with the sunshine came school sports day – a miracle that it happened the first time of asking, but it did. This year – with it being Olympic year, it was World Sports Day. Come 9:30 the whole school was lined up on the school yard, 15 different countries proudly carrying their flags. Bless em.

Now at our school we no longer follow the traditional running races type sports day and instead have 15 different events that a whole team(mixed ages) take part in, gaining points for how many times they complete a different event. The emphasis more on having fun and working as a team than the actual winning. Now there are those who totally disagree with the ‘it’s the taking part that counts’ approach (usually the pushy parents whose little darlings win everything) but there is a lot to be said for children having fun  while getting fit. Don’t get me wrong, I do think kids need to learn about winning and losing and more importantly how to deal with both. But if a child is constantly deflated by coming last ( I was always last – I know how it feels!) how are you supposed to get them to love taking part?

Today, the smiley faces were there for all to see, in fact I took over 1000 photos of smiley faces, and it was great to see some parents really getting behind the teams and encouraging all in that team not just their own child. Not one glum face, because they’d come last or not made the final. The only glum faces were the pp’s*

So who shone most today – apart from the sun. Hate to say it but for the second day in a row ,the kids, from year six for organising the events through to the reception kids for giving it there all  – it really is their year to shine.

* pushy parents

World Sports Day Done

Inspired me so much I ran twice today

Cricket tomorrow

Bring it on

A Dance, A Run, A Camouflage Duck and Vibration White Finger……………..

So another day another deluge of rain. Not what you want when you work in a school, kids with cabin fever are no fun, kids with cabin fever on a P.E day – aarrggghh! But credit to year six, this afternoon they excelled themselves. To be honest, I expected some strops when we had to do indoor P.E – well DANCE!! But no, they loved it, girls and boys. Even better they seem to be picking it up a whole lot quicker than me. But then again they had a huge hall to leap about in, I’ve had my kitchen. All we need is some leg warmers and it will be like ‘Kids from Fame’ all over again- well 30 kids n one old bird – maybe I could be Lydia Grant –  dance teacher in Fame for those too young to remember. (You’ve got big dreams? You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying in sweat- still remember it now!!)  Anyway, if they keep this up – come the ‘Big Dance’ on the 18th May they’ll be awesome – choreographer dude Winston or is it Wayne, he’ll be well chuffed – ya!

Work over, the sun came out – nearly- and the rain stopped, typical. Still it meant we could run without getting soaked. I didn’t feel like I had the best of runs to be honest, maybe it’s ‘first week back’ syndrome or I over did the dancing. I felt ok for the first 3 miles, then the energy levels dropped, still we managed another 3+ miles and surprisingly we ran exactly the same time as Tuesday, maybe I just expect too much sometimes. Can’t believe I was scared by a duck either – obviously not my night – flaming thing was camouflaged by the leaves, never saw it till it quacked…………….

So run done, quick chat and time to head home. By this time my vibration white finger had kicked in- anyone else get this after running? It used to be just one finger, now it’s spreading. Must be coming out in sympathy with my running mate, she gets it too.  I did look for a funny image for vibration white finger – you won’t believe the pictures that came up…………….

6.8 miles done

leg warmers out tomorrow

Bring it on

Big Roll, Big Hole, Big Dance

No running pre work today, but a workout session, weights bands and my new mega Hula -Hoop – best thing I’ve ever bought. I can definately feel it working. Ten minutes, every day rolling it round your stomach and five days later the results are showing – I think. I  seem to be  getting more of a pot than six pack shape but I’m sure it will level out (I hope) if I keep going.

A lousy weather day today, non-stop rain. Great- just what you want when you need to dig a hole in the garden. Yep today we buried Fluffy( family Guinea Pig) well I did- no one else was daft enough to go out and get p*** wet through. What should have been a sombre occasion turned inot hysterical laughter. Primak Ugg boots are obviously not the best thing to wear when digging a hole,one minute the spade was in the hole the next I slipped and it was inches from my head – whoops!!

As it was a rest day today, tonight saw me learning some more of the ‘Big Dance’ that not so easy contempary number we’re doing at school as part of the Olympic celebrations. Three minutes of it I can do now-only two to go. Unfortunately the last two minutes are the roll around the floor minutes – now I might get down but the chance of me getting back up anytime before the Olympics start………………………

Nearly a rest day

Running in the rain tomorrow

Bring it on

Queen of the Hula Hoop………………Ouch!!

So despite another child free day – I am so bored when I have nobody to play out with – I never made it out for a sneaky run. I have, however caught up with some of the mundane things like ‘Asda Big Shop and ‘Mega hoover session’, yaawwwnnn- can’t remember them been listed in my wedding vows, how did it come to be my job….. Oh aye, I remember, its cos I’m a girl. Pft!!!

Anyway, today hasn’t been a totally exercise free day. I’ve been up and down our 3 flights of stairs countless times with hoovers, swiffers, mops and cloths and pushing the trolley round Asda wasn’t exactly a walk in the park – wish I had of been walking in the park – that’s what we need – an outdoor supermarket!!I’ve also practised a bit more of this dodgy contemporary Olympic number for ‘Big Dance Day’ I’m looking quite good now if you close one eye and squint a bit!! But best of all I’ve treated myself. Clothes… No.   Shoes….. No  Make-up…. No. I’ve bought a hula hoop (not the crisps). Yep, having read some of my Facebook friends reviews I’ve taken the plunge – does it work. Well after a 10 minute workout it hurts to breathe, yep it works. Six pack in six weeks, well if today is anything to go by come my holidays I’ll have a figure like Jessica Ennis but with a wrinkly face and bingo wings- Can’t have everything I suppose!!

Early blog today as we’re taking advantage of being child free and going out- grown up going out, not an 11 year old in sight, can’t remeber the last time we did that!!!

On the way to a six pack

Maybe running tomorrow – depends how many wines I have !!

Bring it on

Ps link to my Olympic Park Movie

One Moment in Time – Tissues Required!

So despite the Wildcats best efforts to ruin my day by losing 36 – 0 at the stoop (and to think I carried their flag round for 5 miles so I could wave it in the Sadium – pft!) nothing was going to take the shine off what was a truly memorable day.The thing is, where do I start, so much to tell ……………….

Once upon a time there was a lady called Pat, she was one of the best people I ever knew, kind caring, hilariously funny and had a real fighting spirit. Sadly cancer took Pat from us before she ever got the  chance to put up a fight. Pat is the reason I run today. At the age of 34 I did something I hadn’t done since my teenage years, started running. That Race for Life  back in 2005 was the start of something I never expected, the start of me becoming a runner. The follwing year saw me line up for my first ever Marathon and with Pat looking down on me I’ve gone from strength to strength. Fast forward a few years and here I am about to race in the Olympic Stadium. To be honest I’d give all my medals back to have Pat here with us today sharing what she started. But as I ran into the stadium and the sun briefly came out I knew she was watching.

Right you can put your tissues away now, I just wanted you to understand why this run was more than a chance of a life time for me.

So race day dawned, and in a total contrast to the day before it was absolutely bloody freezing. Great for running – terrible for spectating.To say I was nervous was an understatement. It’s never taken me so long to eat a weetabix. Thank god I didn’t opt for the cooked breakfast like Ernie. Travelodge’s seemingly only cook in something that pings when its ready -hence the rubber food-  you should have seen the lasagne the night before, I’m still chewing the lasagne from the night before! Anyway, breakfast over we headed to the newly built (for the Olympics) Westside Shopping centre so I could buy another layer of clothes to keep me warm – honestly it was that cold!! The shopping centre ( it’s huge) was overflowing with Red-T-shirted runners all nodding excitedly at one another as they passed.

Shopping done it was time to queue to get into the Olympic Park, what a queue. Photographers and Celebs (allegedly – don’t get me going on the celeb thing!) got in early – amazing how many people thought Flawless were Diversity – then they realised they weren’t,  quote ‘where’s the big dude’ Bet poor Ashleys well chuffed!! So we waited and a guy in an orange high viz and a Walkie talkie kept saying won’t be long now – lying git!! To be fair they weren’t that slow, pretty organised for a first go. These huge tents opened and there inside was an airport – no really- scanning machines, carousels the lot ,only thing missing was Tie Rack and a WH Smiths. Poor Ernie,who’s shed a fair few pounds recently, had to take his belt off and then shuffle throught the scanner trying to hold his trousers up. I didn’t laugh!

We were in. The Olympic Park spread out before us in all its glory, well some of it did, some of it will when its finished! I’m sure come the opening ceremony it will all be finished but I did expect it to be completed, sort of …! Don’t get me wrong, its amazing, simple in parts but then that’s probably what’s so good about it and I’d love to see it again in July when all the flowers are in bloom and the Olympic flags are flying.

So, just what did I see.Well as you enter the park you see the Aquatics Centre, and Water Polo Arena – both pretty impressive and finished. Next up was the Orbit, which I think is finished, but it does still seem to have some scaffolding on it – or is that just part of it. Hard to tell really because I’m not that sure what its meant to be/represent. But it is an awesome bit of construction (art!!!) and even more fascinating there was a bloke stood at the top, is he stark raving mad?!?! Then we came to the Olympic Stadium. Now I’ve got to say when you first enter its no Wembley or Old Trafford for that matter but when you run onto the track and get a different view it definately takes your breath. Again, I can’t wait to see it come opening day.

The run took us further into the park, passing the Basketball Arena and The Velodrome – my favourite, you could see the BMX Track across the road, I’d love to have a go at that! On to the Riverbank Arena (Hockey) and the Copper Box (handball). I seem to recall lots of work still going on around here. On top of all that there are lots of waterways and greenery and you can definately imagine all of it been put to good use for years to come.

So to the run. Well there was definately a touch of excitement in the air – lots of giddy people, me included. Once in our starting areas, the warm up started. Now that was good, if you didn’t know the person either side of you before the warm up, you did after. Its fair to say we were standing very close together!! Warmed up and raring to go we then patiently waited for our start – by this point I was an emotional wreck and having some dude singing ‘You Raise Me Up’ didn’t help.

So Princess Beatrice waved us off and my moment had come, my Olympic Run. Highlights, all of it really. The workmen cheering us on, the drummers, the brass band, the sights, even the bloody big hill – I thought London was flat. But the best bit by far was the Stadium, running underneath was awesome, Chariots of fire played as we ran round and the huge roar as you entered the track is a sound I shall remember forever. So I ran my lap, my Wakefield flag held a loft for all to see (except for Ernie – who missed it). I ran the final straight as if I was going for gold and for me it was my gold medal and memories that will last a lifetime.

So stats for the day

5 miles (though many are claiming it was further) in 41:27

1975th out if 5707

266th out of 824 in age group and 68th out of 398 women in that age group

422nd out of 2700 Women

And I beat Princes Beatrice!

Not a bad day really

Best Day Ever


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