Our Moment to Shine……………..

So, after months of waiting the day had finally arrived, The Olympic Torch was heading to Wakefield – would the day be all we hoped for……………Well, to be honest, for varying reasons, it was far more than that.

For those who don’t know, I was nominated to carry the flame as part of the Coca- Cola ‘Future Flame Campaign’ It was a real honour to be nominated and from that came the chance to run in the Olympic Stadium – so not getting selected wasn’t the massive disappointment it could have been. That’s not to say that when the torch-bearer ran past today, I didn’t feel like rugby tackling her and running off with the torch, I resisted – just – still it would have been one way to make the news!!!

If I’m honest, I do have reservations about the Olympics coming to London – mainly because funding has been pulled from grassroot sports and has been pumped into whats happening in our capital city. Great for kids in London but not for us in Yorkshire where new clubhouses can no longer be built because the fundings gone. However, on the other hand London is the one and only chance to get our kids off their PlayStation’s and X Boxes and out into fresh air, trying something new. In the last three months I’ve seen kids you’d never expect, dancing as part of the ‘Big Dance’ and an entire school running a mile. But we need to keep doing this once the Olympics is over if anything is to be gained and a generation inspired. Time will tell………………..

So who shone the most today, well the sun came out – definitely a plus. The crowds were great, the torchbearers fab but it was 200 school kids that stole the show today – for me anyway. They (Reception to year six) patiently waited the best part of two hours for the torch to come – all for a quick glimpse. They put the schools standing around us to shame and even made the local news  – briefly.

Well done Methodist J & I school – definitely gold medal winners today!

With the torch gone and work done, I finally got to do something I haven’t done for over a week – run. Granted, it was only a short one, but with my missing iron still missing and time been very limited at the moment, it’s the best I can do. It was nearly an even shorter run thanks to a German Shepherd ( a Dog  not a German Dude looking after sheep just in case you’re confused.) I’d only gone half a mile when the flaming mahoosive thing bounded towards me, I froze in terror, my life flashed before me and then the sodding thing dived in the hedge and came out with a cat, ‘don’t worry he’s as soft as owt’ the owner said. He looked soft with a cat hanging out of his gob – animals and running – bliss!

A great day

Sports Day Tomorrow

Bring it on

Olympic Irritations

So we now know the Olympics is almost upon us – why? Well the torch relay has started, a 70 day journey around the country, giving people a chance to see it pass by. A fantastic event – especially for those lucky enough to carry it. Sad thing is we’re only on Day 2 and I for one am totally disillusioned with the whole thing.

The relay is named ‘our moment to shine’, but just why have some people been chosen? Take Dan Lobb from ITV’s Daybreak, a failed proffesional tennis player, now a TV presenter ( a bad one!)  I’ve nothing against the guy, but just why is he having a chance, apparently quite a few people have got ‘media’ places – why. Nominations were meant to be for people who have gone that extra mile, overcome massive hurdles – real people. Then there’s the issue of overseas people getting a go. Where I live, two of the people carrying the torch are Norwegian – still living in Norway – why are they getting a chance??? Don’t tell me we ran out of British nominees!! Now some muppet who is due to carry the flame on Monday is selling it on Ebay – £100,500.00 at the minute – with an hour to go. I have asked if the money’s going to charity – but no reply yet!

On the plus side there are some genuine people who deserve their chance, so I’ll focus on them and pray that the one carrying the torch past the end of my road is a real one……………..

A bit annoyed

In a better mood tomorrow

Bring it on



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