Vocation, Vocation, Vocation

Today I finally decided what my vocation in life should have been – shame I reached that decision twenty five years too late. I don’t know why I’ve come to this decision now – maybe it’s the stuff I’ve been doing at work – swimming, wendy-ball, cricket and the Olympic Big Dance, or maybe it’s my love of running, walking, watching rugby at all levels, and generally being outside. But I think I should have been a PE teacher – if I had said this to my PE teacher all those years ago, she’d have probably cracked up in hysterical laughter – after all I was the chubby ‘class swot’ kid, always one of the last to be picked in games. But now the boots on the other foot, no longer a swot and defo not chubby. I suppose I’ll just have to make the best of what I do now – cos by the time I qualify as a teacher I’ll be teaching PE on a zimmerframe – why do you need a degree to teach kids – surely the school of life should count for something……….

Still PE teacher or not there was plenty of sport to get on with today. Good news is we’ve now completed learning the ‘Big Dance’ and some of year 6 now know it without watching the dodgy choreographer dude on the big screen – we’ll be perfection come ‘big Dance Day’ next week. Dancing out of the way it was time for wendy-ball and this week I managed to sneak on the pitch and play – technically I was meant to be refereeing  – I just kept getting in the way!!!!

Work over, Jack training, it was time  for a nice hilly seven miler with my running mate. Great run tonight, a nice steady pace, steadiest we’ve managed in a few weeks – held a conversation all the way round. We may run out of puff but we never run out of converation!!! A new(ish) route meant we came across a new killer dog, thankfully it’s stuck behind a fence ( for now) shame we didn’t realise that before we dived in front of an on-coming car – bet the poor fella wondered what was happening! Suicidal runners…………….Whoops!!!!!

7.5 miles in 1:13:07

Running tomorrow

Depends on Van Gogh!!!!!


So another day, another sport – cricket today – yaaaaaaawwwwn – or so I thought. Hate to say it but I really enjoyed it. Other than quick cricket, I’ve never really played it before and I find watching it an absolute bore. No matter how many times hubby explains it I just don’t get the rules – so many balls an over – what!!! But today was different – today we had some real life Sri-Lankan cricketers teaching us. It was ace – now I know how to catch a ball without chipping a nail!! I think I impressed the Sri Lankans to be honest – if only because I know how to do the Sprinkler (dodgy dance cricketers do when they win). I’m sure they’ll be marvelling at my cricket skills some time soon!!!  Can’t wait for next week.


Cricket over, time for a run through of the ‘Big Dance’ which is coming together very nicely – a few legs still to untangle but we’ve all stopped crashing into one another now, which has to be a good thing. Only two weeks to go now and despite my initial OMG we’ll never do that, we are going to do it. Kids are ace – they always prove you wrong!!!

All in all it’s been a very sporty day -jelly belly weights work out before work, cricket and dance during work and a sneaky five mile run after work- and now – now I’m doing a hubby impression and lounging on the sofa. In all honesty I can’t get up off the sofa – think I over did the weights…………….

5.15 miles in 42:56

Up off the sofa tomorrow

Bring it on.



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