Sorting the Drawers…………….

So first day of half term, a chance to relax and have a lie-in……By 7:30 I was stood ironing – great. Yep the clocks may have gone back an hour but my body clock hasn’t – I wouldn’t mind but I did my best to stay awake past 10:30 last night. Believe me it wasn’t easy I need my sleep. On the plus side by nine the ironing mountain was no more- not for long though I washed another 3 loads today.

As per usual I have a list of things I need to do in the holidays, will I complete it by the end of the week – I doubt it. I have failed in the last seven years of school holidays I really can’t see this one being any different. At least I’ve got off to a good start with 3 jobs crossed off already. Best of all the ‘kitchen drawer’ is tidy. You know the one I mean, the one where you shove everything that doesn’t have anywhere to go. It took some doing as one drawer has become two – serves me right for not doing it last holidays. Can’t believe the stuff I found. Just how many phone chargers does one house need, then there were suitcase keys – loads of them. Eight allen keys (just who is Allen?!), 17 pens, screws of various sizes,2 of Jack’s teeth and a patch for a paddling pool and that was just the first drawer!! Sadly I didn’t find a sports watch that actually works cos boy do I need one.

Yep, my amazing Nike+ sportswatch  (it never works) is playing at silly buggers again. Lat week it was way out with the mileage which is hilarious as I only ran 3 miles today it got to 2.4 mile and gave up measuring the distance. Apparently I’ve run 2.4 miles in 38 minutes. Now I know I’ve got a niggly knee but it’s not that bad. I thought the patch Nike uploaded last week was supposed to have improved it. I might have been better with the paddling pool patch!! I’ve chucked the watch in the ‘Kitchen drawer’ you know the one I mean…………

Another 4.5 miles logged

Hope the physio’s pleased tomorrow

Bring it on

The Foggiest Fun……………


So I was up and out by 5:45 this morning and just for a change – it was foggy. It’s bad enough being a blind runner(no contact lenses) without the fog hampering things – maybe that’s why I waved at a complete stranger that I thought was my husband – at least now I know why he didn’t wave back!! I’m quite good at mistaking my husband for other people/things. He still hasn’t forgiven me for getting him mixed up with the wheelie bin – the bin didn’t wave back either. I was quite naffed off when hubby didn’t wave back this morning and chuntered all the rest of the way home – then I opened the front door and he was still sat on the sofa- whoops. Glad I didn’t blow a kiss or the random stranger might have got the wrong idea!


It wasn’t just my eyesight that wasn’t working properly this morning. My amazing Nike+ sportswatch (it never works) was playing up too. I know I’m on a comeback from injury but I knew I wasn’t doing 11 minute miles, and I can’t blame the dodgy average pace on pressing the pause button because it had me going slow before I’d even dared to press the button- flaming thing – in the end I ran 2.4 miles in 20 minutes, not bad really.

My reason for pausing the watch was to stop and take a photograph – a strange thing to do when it’s dark but some views are worth sharing, so now I’m thinking where else I can run for more of the same. Maybe I better put my lenses in though or god knows what I’ll be photographing……..

Another run, another bike ride

Less fog tomorrow

                                                                         Bring it on



Eye Made It !!!

So for the second time in a week I’ve got conjunctivitis – the joys of working with kids!! I had it all last weekend and now its back – brill!! There was a time when kids were sent home from school with gooey eyes but alas they’re now allowed in, spreading their goo where ever they go. For the second time in 6 days I’ve had to throw my contact lenses away – I’m not happy or made of money!! My eyes started itching this afternoon – I knew what was coming, by hometime the green goo had started to appear.I managed to persevere with my lenses until I’d run, but I daren’t blink driving home for fear of my eyelids glueing together – nice!! Looks like a day in the glasses tomorrow.

Despite my dodgy eyes we  had a great run , up hill and down dale, well not exactly a dale but it was down, and so deep were we in conversation the uphills, and boy they were up, passed with relative ease (nearly). Non-stop chatter for the best part of half an hour before we even took a look at the ever reliable Nike+ Sportswatch – never works (except it’s not doing bad as long as I don’t press pause!) to see how we were doing. For the first time in weeks I finally feel like the fitness is returning. Mind you I’d be pretty p’d of if it wasn’t -I’ve worked bloody hard!!!

Another nearly 8 miles logged

Cycling with the gig-lamps on tomorrow – should be fun!

Bring it on!!!

A Paralympic Day Out, Some Pacing Issues and more Killer Dogs……………….


So a three part blog(sort of) today as our late return last night didn’t give me much of a chance to tell you about our amazing day. Yesterday saw my Mum, Jack and I finally make it into the Olympic Park. I say finally but for Jack and I it’s our second visit – see link below. I’m happy to say that despite my worries back in March the Olympic Park well and truly exceeded all of my expectations.

One thing both of my visits to the Olympic Park had in common was the weather – it was freezing. Hence a very hasty visit to Primarni to buy some skinny jeans and a long sleeve top – well, a girl can never have too many skinny jeans! The shopping centre itself is amazing – newly built especially for the Olympics – all four floors of it. I don’t think my mum could believe what she was seeing.

Anyway after a bite to eat it was time to enter the Olympic Park, finally we were in and part of the Paralympics. The thing that gets you before anything else is the buzz about the place. The smiling faces (even in the cold and rain) the diverse range of people and cultures and due to it being the Paralympics the unbelievable range of  wheelchairs, false limbs etc being carried around by the soon to perform athletes and coaches. When I was young ( I know it’s a long time ago now!) my grandad had a false leg. The leg weighed more than he did and he rarely wore it as it made what was left of his leg sore. The leg spent more time behind the sofa than in actual use. So to see athletes with prosthetic limbs, carrying their sport limbs around kind of shows how far things have come – I wonder what my Grandad would have thought about blades!

The first venue  you come to when entering the park is the aquatics centre, now this has been the cause of much hilarity in the Earnshaw household as Jack thought  aquatic meant full of various fish (think sea world!) not aquatic as in swimming – bless him. So people probably thought we were stark raving mad as we stood there laughing hysterically as we explained to my mum what Jack had said. Next to the Aquatics Centre was the water polo…, er what do you call it pool, arena, place… not sure. Anyway after that it was the Olympic Stadium (did I mention I’ve run in there!) time for the now traditional pose – the Mobot, and a cheeky Usain as well – I think my mum got a bit confused with the second one – more Nazi Salute than Bolt – Oh well.

We spent the next couple of hours taking everything in, there is so much to see. Not just stadiums and arenas but gardens and art and…..the list goes on and on. My favourite place, apart from the gardens was the Velodrome – it’s huge and so, well mind blowing really. Cycling was also the first thing we watched albeit on the live screen. But you would have thought we were in the Velodrome, what with all the flag waving, cheering and the singing of the National Anthem. Yes we watched Team GB’s first gold of the Games – magic. The swimming was magic too – how can someone with no arms not only swim but win a gold – these paralympians are something else and it’s not disabled!! 

I could go on and on about all we saw and did but I don’t want to bore you.  I think you get the point that it was awesome, amazing and so on but more than anything in some ways it was pretty humbling to be there seeing the results of months and years of hard work and training. Even more humbling when you see some of the health issues and obstacles some of these athletes have to overcome and deal with day in day out.

Hopefully parts of the Olympic park will be there for years to come and will eventually be used by the generation it was meant to inspire – it will be a bloody shame if it’s not.

Tired when I woke this morning, just a bit. Asda Big Shop wasn’t really what I wanted to do but needs must, especially as today is officially the last day of the school holidays – where did the six weeks go!! It was a big ‘Asda Big Shop’ as well took me nearly all day to put it away – honest – well in between trying to watch the Paralympics on Channel 4. Trying being the operative word. What with the never-ending adverts and the relentless chatter in the studio there doesn’t seem to be much actual sport on!

In the end I gave up and went for a sneaky 8 mile run, I was pleased to up my mileage (at last) but not happy with my pace – I ran my first mile in just over 8 minutes and then died. I can’t blame my amazing ‘Nike+ Sports Watch’ – (it never works) because I’ve finally sussed it . If you don’t pause it when you have to wait to cross a road or get attacked by a killer dog(more on that in the next paragraph) then the mileage is accurate – means that it shows you’ve run slower than you actually have but you can’t have everything – well unless you’ve got a Garmin!!

So to the ‘Killer Dog’ , my worst nightmare. Bloody thing tried to trip me up and wouldn’t let go of my shoe lace I had a right job getting it off……Alright, alright it was a puppy – a Jack Russell. But it wasn’t giving up my lace  without a fight – bless it. Not a bad run really 8.3 miles in 1:19:50 – the fight to get my fitness back is on!!!


Another great day out

On the bike tomorrow

Bring it on

Sun, Run and Camera Fun…………….Sort of

So day three of the holidays – day three of the sunshine- just what is going on? Are we really going to have a , dare I say it, Summer!  Well I’m not holding my breath ( I can’t – I’m asthmatic!) Anyway, another day of sunshine meant the garden fence and shed have all now been ronsealed – as has my hair, face, arms and legs – how do I mange to get more on me than the fence – come this afternoon I had more spots than a dalmatian. Thankfully it washes off – first time I’ve had to have a shower before a run!

Yes as promised I managed a run, it was only 3 miles and not very fast but considering the heat, warm wind and my aching legs after playing on the trampoline yesterday (top tip – don’t wear a boob-tube when trampolining!) it was a better effort than expected. Granted I was bright red when I finished and felt like I was going to die – but it was good to have the running shoes back on -even my amazing Nike+ sportswatch (it never works) was almost accurate.

So after another shower it was time to go to, wait for it………………Camera Club. Yep, I’ve turned into a total square but I’m at least hoping to be a square who knows how to use a camera. How did it go? Well, there were some very odd looking people, some very old people and ……………….Well it was ok! It was competition night so we had to look at various pictures and the judge talked us through what was right and wrong and then he picked a winner. A controversial winner judging by the mutterings from the very odd, old people! Anyway I’m going to give it another go as I’m sure I might pick some tips up. Next week we’re off to Newmillerdam to take pictures of wild flowers – we need to bring our ‘Macros’. I thought Macro was a shop – oh well I’ll give it my best shot!!

Running shoes back on

Run a bit further tomorrow

Bring it on

Reality,Running and Rotten Rats

So reality bites and after a day at work it’s like I’ve never been away. I was so tired this morning I felt dizzy and fuzzy- headed and stayed feeling that way for the rest of the day. Thankfully we didn’t do much (unless you’re a parent, in which case we’ve worked bloody hard all day long!) Hopefully I’ll feel less fuzzy headed tomorrow – can’t play cricket when you’re feeling off balance.Yep, the Sri-Lankan dudes are in again – wahoo!!! Must be learning something cos even Jack eas impressed with my ball throwing skills on holiday!

So it was back to rugby training and rugby after work. i just about managed to drag myself round a 4ish mile run – good old Nike + Sportswatch (never works) died again. Still a run’s a run, not bad to say I didn’t have my running mate to keep me going!

So to the rats who have multiplied over night. Thankfully the greedy sods have already scoffed one bowl of poison and started on the next. Rats – your time is nearly up! (PLEASE)

Back to work

Reality bites

Bring it on

Cr -arrrrgghhhh-amp…………….

Why is it when you need the perfect nights sleep, it just doesn’t happen. Last sleep before SAT’s week begins and I get a visit from the cramp fairy – not once – but three bleeding times. Crashing and banging round a bedroom at three in a morning does not make for good sleeping. So  it’s fair to say that come time to get up I was feeling a little grumpy, irritable and an all round ratty arse – great!!! To be honest I’m getting a bit p’d off with this cramp thing – it’s the third time in a week – not good when you have a real phobia  (think blind panic!) for it. Don’t think hubby’s too chuffed with me diving about at silly ‘o’ clock either. To make matters even worse I’ve googled night cramps – why, why, why do we self diagnose.  Now I don’t know whether I’ve got Idiopathic Cramp ( seems the obvious choice, what with me being a bit of an idiot at times) or secondary cramp – what’s a girl to do………………….. well a run might help!

Anyway, back to the SAT’s, day one is now in the bag – reading comprehension done – wahoo. Just the short and long writing, spelling, mental maths and maths paper A & B to go – easy, not- somebody remind me why we put 10 and 11 year old kids through this. Only three more days to go……………..

 So come home time I was ready for a run. Physically it probably wasn’t the best idea but mentally- boy did I need it. With no Nike+ sportswatch (never works) to time me – it died within a minute of setting off – it was just me and the windy open road, bliss. Just a short run, cleared the head and the crampy legs, now I just need the cramp fairy to bugger off and let me sleep and I’ll be ready for anything SAT’s can throw at us tomorrow…………….

4.2 miles done

A longer run tomorrow

Bring it on


Wendy-Ball and The Lost Village…………

So its fair to say an afternoon playing wendy-ball – yep me playing football on a full size astro- turf pitch – not bad for a oval-ball kinda girl – meant come running time I was a little puffed out. To be fair it wasn’t the football or the game of Bulldog (best game in the world) that wore me out, it was being the goalkeeper in the penalty shoot out that did it. I was tempted to dive all over trying to stop the ball – but to be honest I really didn’t want to make an absolute tit of myself. Plus, I didn’t fancy a broken arm  or two for Florida – but I almost gave it my best shot – even saved one or two.

To make the running situation even worse, I didn’t have my trusty partner (currently on hospital watch!) to drag me round and by the time I set of the sky was dull grey and somewhat misty -it’s May!!! So I dropped Jack at rugby and trudged out of the carpark telling myself I would be fine once I got going – two miles in I was sat at the side of the road giving myself a good talking to -I was running like a right drip – had my amazing Nike+ sportswatch ( never works) been doing it’s job properly  then I should have been telling myself that I’d just run uphill like a mad woman and needed to slow down – but it didn’t say that, it said I was running at snails pace- how many more days to my birthday so I can have a Garmin?! Anyway, the talking to worked and I ran steady away after that.

I had another nice route planned tonight- apart from the 2 mile uphill bit – I’d checked out where we’d gone wrong last week and had found the right road, or I thought I had…………….Some how I lost Woolley Village, It should have been there at the end of the windy country type road – it had gone, vanished, it was nowhere to be seen!!! God, I’d done it again – I was lost – these flaming roads all look the same. Strangely though they all seem to take you in the same direction – I plodded on, ten minutes later I was back in civilization and even better somewhere I knew. Only a mile and a half further than planned – not too bad really. Thursday it will be third time lucky as I try the route again – no blog means I’m lost – again!!!

7.46 miles in 1:05:53

I know which way I’m going tomorrow (!!)

Bring it on

More Facts and Figures…………….

No run today, decided to save myself for a run back from the rugby tomorrow, plus when I got home from work I was suffering from CBA syndrome – probably caused by ‘first week of half term’ syndrome. Still I have done loads of dancing (Olympic Big Dance) so not a totally exerciseless day.

So time to add up a few totals and see what else has happened since my last review back in March.

  • I have run 454 miles so far this year.
  • According to my amazing Nike+ sports watch (never works) I have run 430 miles.
  • I have already run 68% of the mileage I did last year
  • I have run on 90 occasions, cycled 10 times and walked 5+ miles seven times, a total of 490 miles.
  • I think its more likely that I will achieve 2012 km in 2012 than 2012 miles (1223km to go!!!)
  • I am now in my second pair ofNike+ running shoes.
  • I’ve worn out 2 more pairs of socks
  • I’ve taken to googling historic monuments, signs, bridges, breeds of sheep!! Anything I pass on a run.
  • I now know keeping a key in your running shorts is great till you fall and land on it – Yale tattoo anybody….
  • I’m still getting rained, hailed and snowed on.
  • I’m still getting lost when I try a new route.
  • I’m still getting chased by various animals.
  • I’m still getting new PB’s
  • I’ve managed to blog everyday.
  • I’m still addicted to running.
  • And best of all – Ive now run in the Olympic Stadium.


More running tomorow

Bring it on

New Shoe Syndrome and a Sodding Useless Sportswatch

So another run in the new Nike’s and its fair to say they need another few runs before they’re totally broken in. I have a love hate relationship with new running shoes. I love the fact they look all shiny and new and hate the fact they don’t feel instantly like my old ones when I put them on. To be fair my old Nike’s have done slightly more miles than they should of done, in fact a lot more, they’re like a pair of slippers but it’s time to send them to running shoe heaven. My amazing Nike+ sportswatch (never works) might well be joining them.

I had planned a quickish 4 miles tonight but as new shoe syndrome was causing a few niggles I decided to make it slightly shorter. To be honest I was starting to get fed-up, while I wasn’t absolutely clogging it, I felt like I was going a fair old pace yet my watch said I was doing 9 minute miles and I was sure I was going faster – I was – Try race pace faster!  Not only had I gone 0.4 miles further than the flaming thing said I’d run a minute a mile faster as well. Technology – great when it works. I wonder if I can get away with having my birthday 2 months early so I can get a Garmin!!

3.2 miles done in 25 minutes 26 seconds

breaking the new shoes in tomorrow

bring it on

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