It Asda be a Fail…………….

So the online ‘Asda Big Shop’, was a huge success…not!! More out of stock than in and what was delivered was either out of date or covered in Smartprice Bubble Bath  -fab. Then they tried to rip me off sending 1L bottles of liquid soap powder instead of the nearly 2L ones I paid for. But it’s all sorted now – the Nice Asda Lady from India (!) well she clearly wasn’t English, I could have  told her the entire shopping list was missing and she’d have refunded it, has refunded, the damaged,out of date and rip off stock.

Still the bike ride, my reason for not actually going to Asda in person was well worth it. Lots of mud and puddles and I even overtook 2 other cyclists – my competitive streak is kicking in again. Hubby clearly found the same mud and puddles as I did so now we’ve got two mud splattered bikes and have invested in a jet wash. I wonder if I could use it to spray Jack down when he gets home from rugby training……..

No food in

But I’ve logged another 6 miles

Bring it on



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