It’s an Open Air Gym…….so Why Don’t People Use It?

A Great Idea...

A Great Idea

So we were cycling along the canal path this morning (times are changing -hubby getting up on a Bank Holiday!) when I saw something that got me thinking -hard to believe I know!! Anyway, as we got to one of the locks a British Waterways van (except it’s not British Waterways anymore but you get the idea) was parked there and on the side it had the slogan, ‘It’s an open air Gym’ complete with photos of people running along side the canal. (See pic). What a brilliant idea and so true. In fact I’m surrounded by this ‘Open Air Gym’ idea. Woodland walks, canals, reservoirs, even the remains of a castle and before you ask I don’t live out in the sticks, I live in a city. A city that has currently got one of the fastest growing rates of obesity in the country -makes you think. (That’s twice in one day). In reality getting fit costs nothing, you just put one foot in front of the other and head out of the door -simple. No need for a gym membership, just a good pair of trainers. So why aren’t the NHS making the most of whats on offer and encouraging people to get out there and use it……..just saying!

Still, it was a great cycle ride, lots of sunshine and loads of boating enthusiasts splashing about on the water -anyone remember the corny song from the Hoseasons advert -it was just like that. The only downside was the ‘fanny path’, you know the kind I mean -up,down,up,down and no amount of padding does anything to save your lady bits -still no pain, no gain, though I’m not too sure what I’m gaining.

Another 13 miles cycled.

D-day tomorrow I’m off to see the surgeon.

Bring it on

An Olympic Occasion…………………..

So why I’m up at this time ( I started typing this at half eight!!)  when a; I didn’t get to bed until silly o clock  as I waited for the flame to be lit and b; I’ve hardly slept thanks to a drunken hubby snoring loudly all night – and he dares complain that I snore!!! So what did I think of the opening ceremony….. and by the way this is my blog and my personal opinion -which I’m entitled to!

For those of you that don’t know – I ran in the Olympic Stadium back in March – it was an awesome experience so every time I see the stadium I get goosebumps. I’ve also spent the year working in a school where we have celebrated all the values of the Olympics so it feels like we’ve been waiting for ever for this day to come.

Overall I thought last nights ceremony was amazing and I understood the concept of celebrating all that was good about our country but then in celebrating all that was good it clearly showed all that we had as a country that has now gone -killed off by various governments. The look at our amazing NHS was laughable really as the NHS is on its knees (the good old government strikes again – sad really when Doctors and nurses work so hard to try to keep it going.)  – there were more beds in that stadium than any hospital I know – and before anybody starts I know we are lucky to have a free health service but for those who are having to deal with closing of heart units, loss of services etc it is not something to celebrate.

Anyway, that was my only niggle really, that and the fact that some of it seemed a little rushed -it was hard at times to keep up.(maybe that was the glass of wine though!)  But that said some of it was classic. The Mr Bean bit was hilarious, even the Queen herself got involved the music was good (apart from Macca at the end – like his music, can’t stand him) and the fireworks, lights etc were fab, but more than that it was good that we celebrated real people not just plastic celebrities. I do wonder what people around the world thought of it and if they even got it – but compared to some other opening ceremonies I’ve watched it has to be up there as a good one.

One thing I didn’t realise is just how many countries there now are in the World – all these little republics etc created due to divided nations – the athletes parade was much quicker when everyone was friends – sad really. Trying to explain to Jack which republic used to be which country – big headache!!!  Talking of headaches,by this point hubby had siddled off to bed, too much red wine celebrating our wedding anniversary – last I heard from his was a huge crash as he fell in the wardrobe – I didn’t go check on him we were getting to a good bit.


At last Team GB were here – great in itself but even better as it meant we were finally getting to the lighting of the flame and nearer to being able to go to bed – well come on I’m usually asleep by ten!! So was I happy with the choice of who lit the flame – you bet. A very clever touch – a true legend bringing it into the stadium (Sir Steve)  and then handing it over to our future generation to light the flame – brilliant.

So highlights for me – well the Queen picking her nails just at the moment Team GB arrived (mind you poor Philip was asleep!!) Team GB arriving.  The British Armed forces -nothing needs adding to that. Tiger feet – Mudd – classic!!! And the Olympic Flame – inspiring a generation.

Just one question, just where was Boris – I was really looking forward to one of his legendary speeches – who can ever forget wiff waff’s coming home when we got the Olympic flag in Beijing!!

Anyway – best go check Hubby’s still breathing!!

Olympics opened

Time for medals

Bring it on



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